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Game On!

Happy Thursday!

If you don’t know, Bostonians are HUGE sports fans and if you know me at all, you’ll know, that I am NOT.  But, I do have to say, that I do love a good hockey game and the Bruins are truly giving us just that!

That being said, the game last night was a NAIL BITER!  Yes, I watched it, when I caught Game 3 during the middle of the 2nd period (did I mention I wasn’t a sports fan?!) and, quickly got sucked into it. The Bruins were leading the series against the Penguins 2-0 going into this game. Let me tell you, I was on the edge of my couch for the reminder of the game and than it went into overtime since the score was still tied at 1-1!

I watched intently the first overtime period and again, was on the edge of my couch, hoping they’d scored, but I just couldn’t take the suspense anymore, so off to bed I went, not knowing the final outcome…. Music to my ears when I heard on the radio that the….

…in the second overtime period! 
I know, I know, what does this have to do with weddings, you might be asking yourself.  As I mentioned, Bostonians are huge sports fans & what a great way to showcase that part of yourselves at you’re wedding.
Check out how some fans showcased their love for the Bruins at their wedding…
Our neighbors at Dessertworks, located in Westwood, MA, created these two beautiful Bruins cakes….
And, Montilios Baking Company, located in Brockton, MA, made this masterpiece, in honor of the Bruins winning the Stanley Cup back in 2011.
But, going that “big” into declaring your hockey love isn’t your thing…how about some cute cake toppers instead?
And, because as you know, I am a SHOE LOVER, I just had to show you these…
Game 4 is tomorrow night….Believe me, when I say, I’ll be watching that game during our Friday night cocktail hour! 🙂
GO B’S!!
Are you a sports fan? How would you show your “love” for you team? Leave a comment to tell us!




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