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New England Weddings – Steampunk Inspiration Styled Shoot

I always love to do styled shoots, it’s a way to tap into my creative mindset and get together with some of my favorite wedding vendor peeps. I’ve wanted to do a Steampunk shoot for quite some time now and it’s been on my back burner for the last few years. Now, I know why, I had to meet the ‘right’ people in order to create just the right look.

This year was the time to do it and I had the pleasure of bringing together a team of incredibly, talented New England wedding professionals to create it. I had a blast designing it and allowing the others to tap into their creativity as well to help give you ideas that bring in authentic steampunk elements with an elegant twist into your wedding. This shoot has been under wraps for months {sad to say, it wasn’t picked up to be published}, so I’m quite happy to finally be able to share the stunning images from EAS Photography and the creative awesomeness of the whole team! I hope you enjoy….

A Tale of Two Dreams: How you envision your wedding and how your parents do are completely different!  Written by Kelly Belt

Lets face it, Steampunk is becoming more mainstream, but when you tell your parents you want a “Steampunk Wedding”, they look at you like you’re crazy. As much as you try to explain your ideas, they just don’t understand it and may revert to Google. You know that may not be the best place for them to look since we all know what pops up. Images of people in leather arm pieces adorned with brass and crotch revealing skirts. Who knows, they may even come across the man pictured from this photo shoot breathing fire.


Truth be told, you can still have a steampunk inspired wedding that you love and your parents are willing to invite their friends to. Your wedding theme, colors, location and décor does not need to be all black and brown, set in an abandoned mill and dimly lit with a bunch of Edison bulbs to feel authentic.

There are not many true Steampunk venue locations where you can have a wedding besides the occasional bar or diner. There are other great options to have your wedding such as barns, rustic themed restaurants and your very own backyard where a tent can be pitched. The photo shoot featured here was done at the Nevins Memorial Library on a lovely Sunday afternoon. The architecture of the library fit with the appearance we were trying to create, but how your wedding style comes to life falls in how you decorate the venue and what elements you bring in.



In the steampunk world, almost nothing is used for its original intended purpose. For example, antique couch springs can be used to hold the flowers. Centerpieces can be made out of tea lights and thrift store finds of old large medicinal and tonic bottles can be used to hold loose flowers. Antique keys and price tags can be used as the escort cards and favors.



It’s a wedding, so there is bound to be cards and gifts and what better way than using old luggage to hold the cards. Another great idea to use for a card box is an antique birdcage from a thrift store that can add a Victorian feel. For the flatware and glasses, you can bring in the key steampunk elements that have character too add a vintage feel or incorporate types of metals that your guests will see that will tie into the décor.



This is a great way to keep things whimsical by using daisies and other types of flowers. If flowers aren’t your cup of tea, you can make a bouquet of buttons and paper flowers. As you can see below, color was used to bring in a different aspect to the overall look and feel. Rich tones and petals that remind you of velvet will bring back a feeling of yesteryear and Victorian luxury.




Truthfully, it’s usually all about the dress! Using colors of ivory and oyster can add an antique feel to your wedding. The dress featured here is made of fabrics from ivory to golden pink brown. Yes, it is 100% acceptable for you to wear a corset. The key when you’re shopping for a dress is to keep an open mind. If you are a smaller dress size and short in height, you may find a great vintage dress at an antique shop. Also, don’t forget this could be a good excuse to have something custom made that you can use over again.




You also want your beloved to be looking spectacular as well, so having them in a corset is a good option to keep them “looking their best”.




Your wedding is about whatever you choose it to be and should reflect your personality. Above all, make your wedding day; a day you will remember and others will talk it about fondly.


We all had a blast creating this shoot for you and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Want to see what else I’ve done? Check out our gallery to see the weddings we’ve been part of.


Vendor Love:

Planner/Designer: Inked Events
Florist/Designer: OUTBloom Floral Design
Photography: EAS Photography
Hair: J. Scott Salon
Makeup: Katherine Macdonald Beauty
Dress: Kelly Belt of Voltaire Design Studio
Suit and Corset: Jane’s Corset
Rentals: Peterson Party Center
Venue: Nevins Memorial Library
Model: Sarah Maillet
Model: Charlie Hayes

{Guest Blog Post} Wedding Flower Ideas with a Difference

Happy Spring Eve!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and what better way than to talk about flowers! I do love it when someone contacts me to write a blog post! 🙂

Our Guest Blog Post today was written by Natasha Loman. Natasha is a lovely bride-to-be from South Wales, UK, who loves all things related to weddings. She also works at company called Hen Stuff, which provides accessories for your hen night & for us here in the US, we call it a “bachelorette party”. 

Thank you Natasha for your post! Check out her ideas….
Whether it’s your bridal bouquet, your bridesmaid flowers, your buttonholes or your table centrepieces, you want your wedding flowers to make a statement without looking out of place. But what options are there other than the traditional blooms?

Well, if you’re looking for something a bit unusual then you might want to consider some of the ideas below. Numerous brides from the UK have already incorporated them into they’re wedding, and they truly made their day unique.

Paper flowers

You might not think that paper flowers can look that nice but if you find someone who is an expert in origami or paper quilling they can create flower arrangements worth talking about. A lot of brides like to have smaller flowers made for their hen party bags and their invitations at the same time as their main arrangements, just to give a taster of what is to come.

Bead flowers

Bead flowers add sparkle to your wedding day whilst also creating a beautiful focal point on your tables and around the function room. A popular choice when it comes to bead flowers incorporates crystal beads on the end of springy gold or silver wire. The wire stems are secured into a table setting so that the crystal beads move and shimmer in the subdued light of the evening. Bridal bouquets made in the same way make a stunning alternative to the traditional flower bouquet and can be kept forever. 

This beauty is from Etsy.

Button arrangements

Buttons? Yes, it seems that button bouquets and posies are becoming a popular choice for wedding day flowers. If you can find someone to make professional button flower pieces for you, you can easily and inexpensively give your wedding day a vintage feel. Table centre pieces composed of buttons look extremely pretty and provide a talking point; and if you have your buttons specially made for your big day – maybe with your names and the date on – your guests can take a button home with them as a keepsake.

Check out these beauties from Ditsy Bride

Material flowers

Why not have your wedding flowers made from the same material as your wedding dress? Material flowers look very soft and feminine and if you incorporate lace, silk, voile or satin into your flower arrangements you can create something unique that never dies. Material flowers are perfect for including in hen party bags as well, just to get your hens thinking!

Thanks to Etsy for this one.

Feather bouquets

If you want real flowers for your wedding then you can make them completely unique by weaving in feathers, vines and similar natural materials. The feathers from a feather boa are perfect for this use and you can often choose a colour to go with the theme of your wedding. A lot of brides add white feathers to their bridal bouquet in order to make it look more ethereal, giving them the look of an angel as they walk down the aisle.

Thanks to San Diego Style Weddings for the above image!

Vintage jewelry flowers

It is possible to produce a unique bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers with the help of old, vintage costume jewellery. Combining beads, silver charms, old broaches, crystals and even watch faces, with the aid of silver wire, can produce a stunning effect. Unless you can find a lot of similar style jewellery, each of your table centrepieces will be slightly different from the rest, but this just adds to the sense of amazement and uniqueness they create. 

Thanks to Wedzu for this image.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional blooms on you’re wedding day, but if you fancy something a bit more unusual, then the alternatives above are worth considering. You can probably create some of the ideas yourself, but you may need professional help for others. Either way, you’re sure to create wedding day flowers that will be remembered for years to come.  

Wow…these are just some stunning & different ideas that Natasha shared with us. I hope they gave you a little inspiration for something a bit out of the box for your bouquet!

Thanks Natasha for a wonderful post! 

We love unique and different things at weddings and would love to see what unique ideas you have for you’re wedding. Check out our the Services we offer.


Sneak Peak–Styled Photo Shoot

Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday to me!! What better way for me than to give you a sneak peak of the photo shoot I did in December that I’ve been dying to show off!

I collaborated with a “dream team”of vendors and honestly, I couldn’t have done it without any of them.…. the amazingly talented photographer, Brendan of Brendan Coughlin Productions, my gorgeous & super sweet models, Sarah Maillet & Dan Haggerty, the out of the box floral designer, Jason of Outbloom Floral, stationery genius, Celeste of Impress Me Designs, the linen extraordinaire, Jennifer at Perfect Party Linens, the stunning chivari chairs rentals provided by Ashley at Exeter Events & Tents , Scott at Entertainment by Scott Sica, who is the uplight guru that adds that little extra something to any event, and I especially couldn’t have done it without meeting Patty at Seaglass Events, who is the Functions Director at the exquisitely, unique venue of the Blue Ocean Music Hall located at The Pavilion in Salisbury, MA.

That day, when I saw it all come together, the vision in my head catapulted to exceed my expectations. The energy in the room was electrifying! I felt without even seeing any of the photos, they were going to be unbelievable…. I wasn’t wrong, if I do say so myself.

I designed this shoot with Sarah specifically in mind and I hadn’t even met her yet! I was lucky she said yes when I reached out to her on Facebook about doing it. She’s such a peach, one of my biggest cheerleaders, not to mention STUNNING and now, I’m blessed to call her a friend.

I was attending a bridal conference in Baltimore when I was sitting at the hotel restaurant bar having lunch & of course, a glass of wine when the ideas came flowing out. I couldn’t write them down fast enough.

I knew I wanted her in a red dress and showing off her gorgeous tattoos. I wanted to show that a bride can wear something other than white on they’re wedding day and still have a classy, edgy look to it.

I can’t thank my friend Tasha over at Deja Veil enough for keeping her eyes out for the perfect dress. I think she thought I was nuts when I first approached her about the idea of dying a white one red {of course, didn’t tell me that, she just said, sure why not!}. Thank god we didn’t have to go that route because this beauty came strolling into her shop. It was exactly what I wanted!

I’m still flying high every time I see these pictures & we’re already in the works to do another one!

Want to see more of my work? Head over to our Gallery here.


Reflecting 2013 {Personal}

Happy Monday! And, what some may consider New Year’s Eve Eve….

I’m actually going to take a few days “off” this week to enjoy some time with my hubby & my family since without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

This blog is definitely a bit different for me since I’m not one who likes to talk about myself, but I also wanted share a little bit about my journey in the past year.

So, here goes….

What an exceptional year 2013 has been for me in many ways! After taking a leap of faith in 2012 {yes, I know that’s a little further back, but that’s where it all begin} by leaving what I call my “corporate” job to go to work for another wedding planning company, only to get laid off two months later, was heart-wrenching. It really took a toll on me emotionally & of course, financially, but instead of it letting it get me down, I embraced the opportunity. After some serious soul searching & the amazing support I have from friends & family, I looked at it as the Universe taking away, what were my two biggest fears; my stable, but boring corporate job & my need to think I had work for someone else in the wedding industry. It sure was a wake up call that I didn’t think would have a happy ending. To keep myself occupied as I searched for another job, I decided to jump into having my own business with both feet & not a care in the world.

The name Inked Events came to me in a dream {I know, crazy cliche!} and it really resonate with me, on so many levels because it really is true to who I am. I absolutely love tattoos and the beauty & story they represent. All mine {yep, have quite a few} reflect the story of my life, so what better way than to name my business that reflects me & truly makes it unique to me. It truly reflects my brand, that’s for sure. It has a classic, edgy look & feel to it.

I felt that 2013 was going to be MY year and boy, it sure has been. I have been building a solid name & reputation for myself as Inked Events and meeting some amazing people along the way. I’ve been so humbled by the experiences that I’ve gone through, in order to get to where I am today, that at this moment, I can’t even begin to describe it. I have learned from both the good & bad ones about who am I, what I want to achieve & especially, who is part of a very small circle of trusted friends. I am a strong believer that there are some people that will be there through thick & thin, while others, will only be there for a short time. I won’t lie and say that it’s all been a bed of roses since at one point, I felt like throwing in the towel. But, instead, on a hot July day sitting on the beach with one of those trusted friends, I felt re-energized by our conversation and set out to continue on building a kick ass business! I will be forever in debt to her for really, truly being there that day & many other days since then.

From that moment, I’ve been so focused on building a fun, solid & exciting business that my clients & vendor friends will be excited right along side me. I learn something from every person that I meet & I’m truly forging the path I am meant to be on. I couldn’t be happier with where it’s leading me.

One of my biggest achievements this year is being a mentor to my assistant, Natalie, who wanted to follow her passion for designing, but didn’t know where to start. The email she sent to me has changed us both for the better. She brings out my creative side even more while I’m teaching her the industry ropes. Exciting things are on the horizon for us!

On top of building a business from the ground up, I am ambitious enough that I wanted to give back to my fellow colleagues, so what do I do…. I launched a networking group {Vendors 4 Vendors} in March for them. It allows us to learn, network, relax and of course, have fun among our peers. With every event, the positive feedback about the group & what it stands for is so energizing that it’ll only continue to grow.

I will continue to learn my craft & be passionate about bringing my clients the fun, easy-going, positive, professional dedication that I stand for. I have a lot to be thankful from my journey in 2013 & I can’t wait to take on 2014 at high speed!

So, here’s to an amazing 2014….

…. because I’m taking it by storm!!! I hope you’ll come along for the ride with me by sticking around on all my social media platforms… click away to follow me…. Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!

May you have a Safe & Happy New Year!


Styled Shoot Happening Monday!

Happy Friday!

Wow, where the heck did the time go! Thanksgiving has come & gone and I definitely took the time to be thankful for the amazing year I’ve been having! Christmas is coming fast & furious and yelp, I haven’t event started my shopping yet! Thank goodness there’s not much to do that I can bang most of it out in a few hours!
Anyhoo, I’m so excited that my styled shoot with the amazing Famous Inked Model, Sarah Maillet, is happening on MONDAY {December 9th}! 
Thank you Russ Mezinkofsky for the amazing pictures of her!!
To give you a little teaser about what its all about …I styled the shoot with her specifically in mind {thank god she said yes!} and it will be edgy, unique & classically romantic with the colors red, black, silver & purple being involved.  
I’m working with a fabulous team of vendors who are just as excited about it happening as me! What more could a girl ask for than to be surrounded by all that positive energy!
Stay tuned for pictures….
Have a fabulous weekend!

Styled Shoots in the works!

Happy Monday!!

It’s pretty exciting over here since two styled shoots are in the works with the models that I wanted for them! I’ve pretty much been designing them with these exact models in mind & I’m SO excited they said yes since I’m not sure what I would’ve done if they didn’t! 🙂

The first one is schedule for July at the Pine Manor College with Leise Jones Photography. I’m thrilled to give you a sneak peek at my model, Danyelle Gibbs.  The details are still in the works, but I’ll give you a little tidbit…the 2013 Pantone Color of the Year Emerald will be involved!  Thanks to Kaitlyn Marie for taking these stunning shots of her!

Isn’t she just simply STUNNING!!  I can’t wait to work with her!! OH, and did I forget to mention that she’s also an extremely talented makeup artist too!! Check out her Facebook page Makeup by Danyelle to see more of her work!

The other one is going to be some time in the fall. Some of the elements are jotted down, but like the other one, I pretty much designed everything about it with Sarah Maillet in mind! Except with that one, I’m going to be REALLY going out of the box! The details will be under lock & key because I totally want the WOW factor to be there.  But, I couldn’t not show you how gorgeous & perfect Sarah will be for it!

Thanks to my friends over at Black Thumb Studio for taking this FABULOUS shot!

Thanks to Philbrick Photography for trekking up the ice in North Conway, NH to get these stunning beauties!!

Last, but certainly not least, the quiet beauty I see when I look at this photo by Focusure Studios!

Keep your eyes out for these fabulous shoots! They will be worth the wait!

Looking for a planner who’s fun, edgy & not afraid to go outside the box, call or email me for your wedding needs!


Vendor Love — Harrington Flowers, LLC

I had the pleasure of meeting Brad Harrington of Harrington Flowers, LLC a few weeks ago at his shop for a little chat. Than, got to know him better when he attended our Vendors 4 Vendors Networking Launch Party last month. I was completely blown away by the creativity that Brad possess and I’m counting down the time until I can work with him on an event!

I was in awe when he told me he created a shoe out of flowers(did I mention I LOVE shoes?!)….and, YES, it can be worn too!!!

Pretty amazing, isn’t it??!!

Brad was kind enough to take time out of his very busy schedule to have a little interview with me, so you can get to know this amazing talent yourselves.

Here’s what he had to say…and a small teaser of the magic he creates…

1. How did you get into the floral business?

I started in the floral industry delivering flowers when I was 19. It was love at first sight for me, I just loved the way flowers made people feel.
2. Tell me about yourself & your business?

I would go in on my days off to learn from the designers and slowly worked my way into a full time floral designer position. I have worked many events over the past twenty years from weddings to ring ceremonies plus other high end events. My passion is for weddings, as this is where my clients allow me to be the most creative and romantic. I would define my designs as romantic.
3. Where you located?
Harrington Flowers, LLC is located at 16 East Broadway in Derry, NH.
4. Your work is completely different from other designers, where do you get your inspirations to create such beautiful pieces?

I started HF to have the freedom to express myself thru my design work. I love to help people create unique romantic designs, using there ideas, colors and style. There is a language to flowers, they can express emotion and set a mood. That is the difference between a floral design and floral art. 

5. Do you have a favorite type of flower? If so, why?

My favorite flower would be the hydrangea and that goes back to the many summers I have spent on Cape Cod.
6. Is it better to work with seasonal flowers?

There are many myths about using seasonal flowers to keep your flower budget down. I think, the person that came up with that, may be the same person that suggests booking your florist three months before you’re wedding. The truth is, products are grown all over the world and can vary in cost, due to shipping costs and of course, labor costs. Local products are great, but may be more expensive, as it is grown in a greenhouse… like anything in life, if you want quality, it costs more.
7. What should brides look for when searching for a florist?

When looking for a florist start with their online reviews and presence. Is their work online their own? Or is it a Tele-flora or FTD site. You want creativity from you’re wedding floral designer. Never book your florist on price, since price is something that can be adjusted or negotiated in most cases. Book the designer you felt most comfortable with, the one that helped you envision your floral designs for you’re wedding
8. What are your price points for wedding flowers?

Flowers have different prices and everyone has different likes and dislikes. It is hard to give a price for a wedding because we do not know what flowers the bride will choose until after a consultation. However, most of our weddings average around $2,000-$4,000 dollars.
9. Tell me about your favorite piece you created?
My all time favorite design was a floral vanity I created for a beach shoot. Check out the video here
10. Do you have a favorite wedding design? Tell me about it.
All my wedding work is very personal, it is impossible to pick or single out any of them as my favorite.

Thanks Brad for taking the time to chat with me & allow my readers to get to know you better!

Here’s more of his amazing creations:

And, my personal favorite…

I hope you enjoyed my little chat with Harrington Flowers, LLC. Be sure to check out his site & other amazing creations here.  Than after you call him, call or email ME, so I can help you create your vision right along side him!

Now, I leave you with a quote from Brad…

“Let me design something for you!”


Got Ink?!

Back in the day, having a tattoo was taboo and if you were a woman with a tattoo, you were a …well, a not so pleasant word, we’re classy enough to not mention here.  Well, times have certainly changed!  

This day in age having a tattoo is more common and just a little more accepted than it once was.  Don’t get me wrong; there are still people who view people with tattoos with distaste and judgment. Sad really, because you really should “never judge a book by its cover”. Because, you just never know who you’re going to be talking to. Under their clothes they could be covered in tattoos; you just don’t see them. It doesn’t change who that person is, but there are people that will see the tattoos before the person.

When it comes to weddings, some couples will show them off proudly because each tattoo tells a story and is part of who they are, while others will cover them up. Either way, it’s a personal choice, whether it’s to respect your parents, family members or your church.  It’s all up to the individual.

Here’s a gorgeous shot from Allebach Photography that showcases a bride showing off her tattoo!

What would you do?  Call or email us to tell us.

TGIF Signature Cocktail

Happy Spring!

For some of us, it’s been a long time coming!  We’ve just experienced yet another snowstorm here in the Northeast a few days ago, and while I’m perfectly fine with the white stuff, some are definitely not. It’s New England, after all.

Anyway, I was thinking “spring” when I searched out a signature cocktail idea.  So, as I typed in “spring cocktails” into my search engine a few different ideas came up. The others I’ll be sure to feature and definitely try, but….

…This one, however, stuck out the most to me….

English Rose Martini

…why you might ask?…after reading the description, I couldn’t wait for spring to arrive!

“Enjoy this fruity variation of the martini as your roses come into bloom. Apricot brandy is perfect for the spring cocktails and in the English Rose it is accented with sweet lemon and pomegranate flavors.”

“An English Rose is a delightful variation of the classic martini. It’s sweeter, using apricot brandy, grenadine and lemon for flavor but it is still a great before dinner drink.”

Thanks to Colleen Graham at for providing this fabulous idea, recipe and opinion for a spring cocktail!

  • 2 oz gin
  • 1 oz dry vermouth
  • 1 oz brandy
  • 1/2 oz lemon juice
  • 1 tsp grenadine
  • maraschino cherry
  • Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes
  • Shake well
  • Strain into a chilled glass
  • Garnish with the maraschino cherry
I do see one in my future! Want to join me to taste it for you’re wedding signature cocktail, call or email me to set up an appointment!

Vendor Love–Cava Muses Face & Body Salon

Happy first day of Spring!!

What better way to highlight a vendor that specializes in pedicures?!

I have the pleasure of having two jobs I love! I love planning weddings & events, but I also love having my nails done!  About 10 years ago, I decided to go to school to become a licensed manicurist in Massachusetts, so that I could do my own nails (at the time) and to always have a “backup plan” if I should ever lose my job.  Who’d ever thought it would happen!  Last year, I had left my “corporate” job to make the career change into wedding planning, when I went to work for another planning company, but then got laid off two months later.  

The universe had other plans for me and wanted to make sure I heard it LOUD & CLEAR this time around!  So, I decided to start my own business and Inked Events was born. Reality set in that I realized I also had to have some steady income coming in while I build my dream.  A letter came in the mail one day stating Cava Muses (a local nail salon) was looking for a nail technician to expand their nail department and to call if I was interested.  I immediately did!  I was honest and said I wasn’t licensed in New Hampshire & never actually “worked” in a salon before, but they wanted me to come in for an interview anyway. I met with Jenn & Lisa (my fabulous bosses!) with nothing but my resume & personality in hand. I felt so comfortable talking with them & really liked the salon….did I mention that I had services there many years before?! 

So, when they called me back to say that I’d make a good fit to their staff and offered me the job!  I can’t begin to tell you how EXCITED I was!  

So, in order to transfer my license to NH, I have the pleasure of being an apprentice to Jenn, where I get hands on training, do the required book work and get paid for making people feel pampered! 
It’s a pleasure to work with these fabulous women, so I’m a little biased with this interview since I want everyone to come experience what I get to do every day.

Enough of my babbling, here’s a little about the great salon I can call “home”….. 

Interview with Cava Muses Face & Body Spa
1.    What inspired you to open a Face & Body Spa?

After working in human services and the corporate arena for many years, we decided it was time for a change. My business partner, Jenn had an interest in massage therapy and after completing the required coursework and licensing, we felt opening our own business would be an exciting and fulfilling venture!
2.    How long have you been business?

We are so grateful that in June 2013, we will mark 10 years in business.  
3.    What type of services do you offer?

We offer luxury, clinical face & body services: massage therapy, facials, advanced skin treatments, waxing services, body treatments, nail services, electrology and airbrush tanning.

4.    Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in the Breckenridge Plaza on North Broadway (Route 28) in Salem, NH.
5.    Do you offer any bridal packages?

Absolutely! We can customize packages of essential services for a bride to be to prepare for the big day.  We also offer private spa parties for bridal parties and other special events.
6.    Tell us about your salon?

Cava Muses offers quality spa services in a warm, comfortable and friendly environment. We have an amazing staff of experienced licensed professionals, who love what they do and are committed to offering all our guests a great spa experience.
7.    What should a bride look for in a salon?

Start by determining what your service needs are and the size of your group, than look for a salon or spa that can accommodate those needs and most importantly, that it is reputable. Make an appointment to tour the facility and speak with a spa coordinator to learn more about them to determine whether you and/or your bridal party will be “comfortable” there.
8.    Is there a service you specialize in?

Our spa menu was carefully designed to offer a comprehensive selection of spa services that reflect our treatment philosophy and technical expertise.
9.    What are your price points for some of your popular services?

Each of our services areas offer a variety of options to accommodate individual needs.  
10.    Do you have promotions you want to share?
Here’s what’s happening for our March promotions: 
Collagen Boosting 
Ultrasonic Facial Treatment

Are you seeing the effects of these cold winter months on your skin?   
This Collagen boosting facial treatment was designed for those who exhibit
fatigued, dehydrated, aging or environmentally stressed skin.  Ideal this time of year because it provides a superior exfoliation to remove dry, dead skin cells then “feeds” the skin with a plumping and hydrating Swiss Collagen blend.  Microcurrent therapy then rejuvenates the skin by increasing oxygen and blood circulation to the underlying tissue and stimulates your own collagen production. The results are immediate and your skin is left revitalized and glowing! 

Swedish Massage

75 minutes of pure massage bliss
Full Set of Nail Enhancements 

50% OFF 
20% OFF two (2) fills

Our nail apprentice Tracy Dapp has been working hard to refine her skills for nail enhancements and gel overlays. She is excited to provide these services to our guests and is offering an introductory promotion of 50% OFF a full set of nail enhancements and 20% OFF the next two (2) follow-up fills*.
Call today to schedule an appointment with Tracy and get a beautiful set of nails!    
Tutti Frutti Pedicure

Airbrush Tan  
Full Body

These services are always a great value and each month we highlight several different spa services at special promotional rates through our VIP newsletter. You can sign up for it through our website at

Call for an appointment with me for your nails or with any of the other fabulous women there to make your pre-wedding day relaxing! Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletters to get the monthly promotions!