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How to Obtain a Marriage License in Massachusetts & New Hampshire

Check out what we found out about How to obtain a Marriage License in both Massachusetts & New Hampshire.


All couples who wish to be married in Massachusetts must have a marriage license issued within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and you do not need to be a residence of the state to get married here. If a person is in the military, a marriage license may be filed by either party, providing one is a Massachusetts resident.

Massachusetts recognizes same sex marriages, however, with legal challenges to the Massachusetts state law, some local jurisdictions may have residency requirements and/or not issue marriage licenses to gay couples. Check with the local authorities to see how they are handling this issue. Both the Bride{s} and Groom{s} must be present a valid drivers license, social security card and possibly a birth certificate when applying. There is a 3 day waiting period before you are issued a marriage license and  is valid for 60 days. Check with the town clerk to determine whether you must pick it up in person, or if it can be mailed to you. The fee can range from $25.00 – $100.00, depending on the town.

New Hampshire:

To obtain a marriage license in New Hampshire is slightly different then Massachusetts. Same sex marriages are also legal in New Hampshire and the requirements are the same.The Bride{s} and Groom{s} do not have to be residence of New Hampshire, but must appear at the City or Town Clerk office together. Exceptions may be made for individuals enlisted in the United States military. However, if both the bride{s} and groom{s} are not residents of the City or Town they plan to be married in, their marriage license must be filed with the appropriate clerk in the same town or city the marriage is to take place. If one of the applicants is a resident of New Hampshire, the marriage license must be filed in the same town or city he or she resides in. If both applicants reside in New Hampshire, but in different towns or cities, the marriage license can be filed in either location.

The fee for a marriage license is $45-60 and be prepared to pay for with cash. You may use a drivers license, military card, original/certified birth certificate or a valid passport for identification. However, unlike Massachusetts there is no waiting period for your license, you will receive it immediately but it will not become valid until after 3 days receiving it. A marriage license is only good for three months {90 days} after the issue date.

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5 Traditional Wedding Venues in MA

Happy Wednesday!

Spring is in the air & a great motivator to check out some more of our local venues. Are you enjoying our Venue Tour of some of the popular places located in our area?! I hope so, my newest intern, Taylor has been a busy little bee writing & researching these amazing places for you.


Check out where Taylor’s taking you now….

Are you planning you’re wedding and having a hard time deciding on a venue? Be sure to check out these few places! You will love them all! Here are a few of the best wedding venues in the area.

1. Merrimack Valley Golf Club

The Merrimack Valley Golf Club is conveniently located in Methuen, Massachusetts. Just 30 minutes from Boston. The club offers four event rooms each with their own patio, beautifully polished hardwood floors and cathedral ceilings. It overlooks 150 acres perfect for evening pictures with an amazing sunset background.

When looking into planning my own wedding the Merrimack Valley Golf Club was one of the first places I looked into. When I saw all of the outdoor pictures I was amazed! The award winning cuisine is something that makes them stand apart from other event centers in the area.

Simply Elegant Catering caters each event and they are the winners of the Merrimack Valley Best Caterer award for 10 years. Book you’re wedding with the Merrimack Valley Golf Club and wow your guest with an unforgettable day.

Images courtesy of Google Search.

Image Courtesy of Wedding Bee

Image courtesy of Ron Kolias Studios

2. Renaissance Golf Club

If you’re planning a traditional, elegant wedding, you should check out this golf club. The Renaissance Golf Club has so much to offer. They have a beautiful ballroom that can hold up to 230 guests. Their ballrooms overlook their award winning golf course. Great for someone looking for more of a private wedding, the club is tucked away next to the Merrimack River.

If I were to plan a day time wedding, I would definitely be booking it here! The ballroom is so bright, perfect for natural sunlight to shine into. The Renaissance Golf Club has unique architecture which makes them different from the other local clubs. The 30,000 square foot property will make for beautiful wedding pictures and memories to last a lifetime.

Images courtesy of Google Search.

3. Tewksbury Country Club

The Tewksbury Country Club, my personal favorite in the area, is located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. This venue is perfect for a “rustic” themed wedding. It has 1 Grand Ballroom and 2 other rooms for smaller functions. The Grand Ballroom has beam architecture all over the room, huge windows, and a stunning stone fireplace.

Another thing that really makes the country club stand out is their grounds. They have a beautiful golf course for pictures and an adorable stone bridge over a waterway. If a “rustic” themed wedding is you’re thing, check this place out!

Image courtesy of the Tewksbury Country Club

Image courtesy of Leah Haydock Photography

4. Haverhill Country Club

If you’re looking to have a vintage charm themed wedding the Haverhill Country Club is the place for you. Located in Haverhill, Massachusetts the club is perfect for any size functions whether it be small or large it can hold up to 300 guests. They have 2 spaces for events, the Redwood Lounge which has a beautiful deck attached with tables outside covered by umbrellas perfect for a summer day time wedding. They also have the Colley Court Room which is great for small functions such as bridal showers or rehearsal dinners.

What I love about the Haverhill Country Club is their beautiful spiral staircase as you walk into the lobby. I’m planning my Cinderella, dream wedding and when I saw the spiral staircase…I fell in love all over again!  Be sure to look here to create that magical moment!

Images courtesy of Google Search.


5. Vesper Country Club

If you’re really looking to impress your guests this is the place for your wedding. Since 1875 The Vesper Country club has been one of the most popular venues in the Tyngsboro, MA area. The property is surrounded by a peaceful country setting and is located near the Merrimack River. Their ballroom is what stands out most about them. It has a beautiful, large, hardwood dance floor, chandeliers, stone fireplace and what makes it most appealing, is the second floor balcony that wraps around the room.

They are one of the most affordable venues around and have such a wide variety for the wedding menus and packages. You will truly be amazed with how much the Vesper Country Club has to offer for your wedding.

Images courtesy of Vesper Country Club & the Knot.

All of these venues are incredible and capable of making all of your fairytale wedding dreams come true! If you’re recently engaged and planning your wedding check out these few places to see if any of them fit what you’re looking for. ☺

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Handpainted Glasses by Danni

Happy Monday!

I hope all the Dad’s out there had a wonderful Father’s Day yesterday, I know I sure did with my dad & awesome father in law!

Anyway, on to some of the exciting things I want to share with you. Who doesn’t love something handmade or hand painted? I certainly do, since I can’t draw or paint to save my life! I have no problem admitting that I’m envious of the people who can do either.

So, when my friend/old job contact, Jocelyn told me about her sister in law, Danielle, I knew I had to meet her. After the virtual intro, I set up a meeting with Danielle to discuss how we can work together to get her talents into the wedding world. We met at my favorite Massachusetts/New Hampshire Starbucks to chat. After chatting & enjoying a yummy Double Chocolate Chip frappuccino, I decided to have her make me a few different types of glasses. That way, when my clients are looking for unique, personalized gifts, so I can immediately show these beauties to them.

What I forgot was, I had her make me a wine glass with my logo on it….

She literally captured all the details of my logo! I was beyond excited when I saw it and I can’t wait to have my first glass of wine in it! 🙂

Sorry, was so excited about it, that I couldn’t wait to share it! Now, check out the others she created…

Of course, I had to have her create one for my other favorite kind of cocktail…

And, I couldn’t forget about those handsome guys & beer drinkers….

Isn’t her talent amazing! Want her to create something beautiful for you’re wedding? Send her an email here to get something unique made! Just don’t forget to tell her I sent you!