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Three Great Ideas for Nontraditional Groomsmen Outfits

Most couples get hitched in a traditional white wedding. The bride wears a white gown and tennis bracelet, while the groom complements her outfit with his black tux and sleek accessories. The entourage and the guests may conform to the theme, depending on the couple’s request.

Some may use a variation, like a peach or pink palette, but they still follow the traditional pattern. For most couples that is enough planning for a lifetime.

However, more people are finding the idea of nontraditional weddings attractive. Not only do they make weddings unique, but nontraditional themes may typically cost less than the usual white does, because the materials they use can sometimes be re-purposed from ordinary clothes.

If you want an exquisite yet one-of-a-kind wedding that you and your partner can fondly remember even when you’re well into old age, consider being creative in your themes. Explore some of these ideas for non-traditional groomsmen outfits.

White Casual

White isn’t just connected with traditional white. White signifies purity and perfection, so a plain white shirt can work in a wedding. Despite this being casual, you can pull this off if it’s consistently done throughout your entourage. That includes having matching pants and accessories.

The good thing is, it’s easy to do that with white. White, being a neutral color, suits anything, so any piece of clothing, even jeans, khakis, or slacks, can be paired with a white shirt to form a decent wedding outfit.

And if you’re planning to get personalized groomsmen gifts like custom-made caricatures or bobblehead dolls of your gang in white shirts, they’ll look really neat and stand out from the usual black tuxes.

Beach Palette

Maybe you also want to drift further away from tradition. Maybe you want to take your wedding out of the church and to somewhere calmer instead. Maybe you just want a relaxing ambience for your special day.

A wedding on a secluded beach can be a great idea, especially for outgoing couples. A beach wedding is both tranquil and adventurous. You may want outfits that will channel the mood.

White shirts coupled with light beige pants are the norm, but you can also be bold and pick shorts over pants. You can even go barefoot if the sand is fine enough.

BOHO outfits can be great too. They’re laid-back and can fit any beach function, even weddings.

Patterned Clothes

Most groomsmen wear plain jackets and shirts. However, clothes with patterns are acceptable too as long as they are stylish and not too kitsch. Patterns add personality to one’s overall appearance, but groomsmen should still be careful not to override their groom’s outfit.

Sticking to patterned ties can be a safe and moderate choice. For the grooms who want their entourage to go avant-garde, there are many stylish patterned suits for groomsmen to choose from.

Pick patterns wisely and be careful not to go overboard.

One Last Thing to Keep in Mind

Weddings always revolve around the united couple. However, a groom’s outfit usually functions as a supplement to the bride’s wedding dress and brings out the beauty of the dress and the bride. In turn, the groomsmen’s garments do the same to the groom.

Whatever outfit you choose for your groomsmen, remember to keep it suitable for the other parts of the wedding.

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5 Tips on What to Look for in a Wedding Makeup Artist

The process of booking a wedding makeup artist can be quite the exciting experience for some, while for others, it can be very daunting. Many of today’s brides aren’t very big makeup wearers and are worried about looking too overdone up. Therefore, it’s very important for the bride to do their homework before just booking any makeup artist.

New England Professional Makeup Artist, Nancy Gorman of Makeup by Nancy gives her thoughts on what she feels every bride should know while starting the process of booking a makeup artist. Photo Credit: Ebacher Photography

1. Do your research
Even if a makeup artist is referred to you by a friend and/or another wedding pro, you want to do your due diligence and make sure he/she is the right one for you. Be sure to read reviews, look at their website and portfolio. Make sure that their style is something you like and resonate with.

2. Book a consult
Make sure they offer a pre-wedding consult prior to booking as an option. The last thing you want to do is book an artist without trying them out first. Think about it, would you purchase a car without giving it a test drive?

One of our fabulous brides, Colleen getting even more gorgeous on her wedding day! Photo credit: Casey Durgin Photography

3. Personality Check
You will be spending the hours right before your wedding with your beauty team. You want to be sure you have a good relationship with your makeup artist. This doesn’t mean we need to become best friends, not that it hasn’t happened before, as I have become super good friends with many of my past brides and bridal parties. Having a sense of comfort with your beauty team during a nervous time right before your wedding is super helpful since they will help soothe your nerves and get you through them right up until you put your gown on.

4. Written Agreement
Never book a wedding vendor based on a verbal agreement. Be sure there is a contract in place and you read all the small print. You want to have a full understanding of all the terms and conditions, as well as if there are any hidden fees.

5. Quality Check
Find out what products are used, have an awareness ahead of time of any sensitivities you may have to something. This is also why it’s good to have a pre-wedding consult, so that you will know ahead of time if something irritates your skin or eyes. You certainly don’t want to be itchy on your wedding day! If the artist uses professional grade makeup, most irritations can be avoided.

Always get proof of education! Nowadays, anyone can learn to be a makeup artist just by watching YouTube, but there’s SO much more to learn than what you see in a video. For example, what makeup is suitable for wedding photography and how to correctly apply makeup for black and white photography. There is so much to consider, hopefully, this is a helpful step in the right direction for you.

Happy Wedding Planning!

{Guest Blog Post} Wedding Flower Ideas with a Difference

Happy Spring Eve!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and what better way than to talk about flowers! I do love it when someone contacts me to write a blog post! 🙂

Our Guest Blog Post today was written by Natasha Loman. Natasha is a lovely bride-to-be from South Wales, UK, who loves all things related to weddings. She also works at company called Hen Stuff, which provides accessories for your hen night & for us here in the US, we call it a “bachelorette party”. 

Thank you Natasha for your post! Check out her ideas….
Whether it’s your bridal bouquet, your bridesmaid flowers, your buttonholes or your table centrepieces, you want your wedding flowers to make a statement without looking out of place. But what options are there other than the traditional blooms?

Well, if you’re looking for something a bit unusual then you might want to consider some of the ideas below. Numerous brides from the UK have already incorporated them into they’re wedding, and they truly made their day unique.

Paper flowers

You might not think that paper flowers can look that nice but if you find someone who is an expert in origami or paper quilling they can create flower arrangements worth talking about. A lot of brides like to have smaller flowers made for their hen party bags and their invitations at the same time as their main arrangements, just to give a taster of what is to come.

Bead flowers

Bead flowers add sparkle to your wedding day whilst also creating a beautiful focal point on your tables and around the function room. A popular choice when it comes to bead flowers incorporates crystal beads on the end of springy gold or silver wire. The wire stems are secured into a table setting so that the crystal beads move and shimmer in the subdued light of the evening. Bridal bouquets made in the same way make a stunning alternative to the traditional flower bouquet and can be kept forever. 

This beauty is from Etsy.

Button arrangements

Buttons? Yes, it seems that button bouquets and posies are becoming a popular choice for wedding day flowers. If you can find someone to make professional button flower pieces for you, you can easily and inexpensively give your wedding day a vintage feel. Table centre pieces composed of buttons look extremely pretty and provide a talking point; and if you have your buttons specially made for your big day – maybe with your names and the date on – your guests can take a button home with them as a keepsake.

Check out these beauties from Ditsy Bride

Material flowers

Why not have your wedding flowers made from the same material as your wedding dress? Material flowers look very soft and feminine and if you incorporate lace, silk, voile or satin into your flower arrangements you can create something unique that never dies. Material flowers are perfect for including in hen party bags as well, just to get your hens thinking!

Thanks to Etsy for this one.

Feather bouquets

If you want real flowers for your wedding then you can make them completely unique by weaving in feathers, vines and similar natural materials. The feathers from a feather boa are perfect for this use and you can often choose a colour to go with the theme of your wedding. A lot of brides add white feathers to their bridal bouquet in order to make it look more ethereal, giving them the look of an angel as they walk down the aisle.

Thanks to San Diego Style Weddings for the above image!

Vintage jewelry flowers

It is possible to produce a unique bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers with the help of old, vintage costume jewellery. Combining beads, silver charms, old broaches, crystals and even watch faces, with the aid of silver wire, can produce a stunning effect. Unless you can find a lot of similar style jewellery, each of your table centrepieces will be slightly different from the rest, but this just adds to the sense of amazement and uniqueness they create. 

Thanks to Wedzu for this image.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional blooms on you’re wedding day, but if you fancy something a bit more unusual, then the alternatives above are worth considering. You can probably create some of the ideas yourself, but you may need professional help for others. Either way, you’re sure to create wedding day flowers that will be remembered for years to come.  

Wow…these are just some stunning & different ideas that Natasha shared with us. I hope they gave you a little inspiration for something a bit out of the box for your bouquet!

Thanks Natasha for a wonderful post! 

We love unique and different things at weddings and would love to see what unique ideas you have for you’re wedding. Check out our the Services we offer.


{Guest Blog Post} 8 Traditions on Indian Weddings!

Happy Wednesday!

I’m excited to share another Guest Blog Post from Prerita Puri, who contacted me with a great topic about Indian Weddings & apparently has made me “international”!

Prerita Puri is a Marketing Specialist with, it is a marketplace for event and venue planning in the Mumbai area. LocalOye specializes in wedding and reception venues and so much more. She is a digital geek and social media expert. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

All photos provided by Prerita and were taken by Karin Studios, Mumbai.

Check out what she had to say…..

Anyone who has ever attended an Indian wedding knows what a grand and awe-inspiring event it can be. The moniker ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ didn’t just come from a random thought, since weddings in India tend to be among the most lavish and complex that you will ever see!

The intricacies of an Indian wedding can take a long time to explain, especially since every region of the country has its own customs and traditions. Still, there are a number of rituals and aspects of traditional Indian weddings that can be a lot of fun to incorporate in your own ceremony. Let’s take a quick look at some of these:

1. Sangeet Ceremony – The wedding sangeet is one of the most fun-filled pre-wedding events in an Indian wedding, with Garba/Raas dancing or other regional styles. Originally meant just for the bride and her female relatives, today the sangeet includes male and female friends and family members of both the bride and the groom. It’s a good idea to plan a party like the Indian wedding sangeet before your big day, where everyone sings songs, feasts on delicious food and dances their hearts out with joy!

2. Mehendi Ceremony – Other than the fact that any woman feels extra-pretty with beautiful mehendi (henna designs) on her hands and feet, this ritual is believed to be powerful in many ways. Indian brides are adorned with intricate henna designs to invite grace and good fortune into their lives and their marriage. In fact, there is a charming tradition where the groom’s name is hidden in her henna, and he has to find it on the wedding night. Mehendi or henna has already become quite popular globally, so adding this ceremony to your nuptial celebrations is sure to be a hit!

3. Feeding Sweets – At any Indian party, special occasion or prayer meeting, sweets are passed around to everyone present. This is not just to ‘sweeten their mouth’, but is believed to bring good fortune and happiness into their lives. At an event as important as a wedding, the bride and groom feed each other sweets, symbolizing the sweetness of the union and joy in their new life. Of course, everyone else gets in the act too, feeding them a few bites or presenting them with a package of ‘mithai’ (sweetmeats)!

4. Groom Arriving in Style – Who doesn’t want to arrive at their wedding sitting on a horse or elephant, anyway? At any wedding in India, the bride and groom are treated like royalty, so while the bride steals the show in her finery and jewels, the groom is not left out either. Most wedding processions feature either a gorgeous white mare or an elephant adorned with fancy trappings, with the groom sitting on the animal’s back. If you want an Indian-inspired wedding or just create a splash with your arrival at the wedding venue, this is one way to do it!

5. Stealing the Groom’s Shoes – There is a wedding tradition in India that says the groom should leave the venue in the same shoes he arrived in. This belief lends itself to an unusual and hilarious custom, where the bride’s sisters and young female relatives steal the groom’s shoes and hide them. He then has to hand out money or gifts to these mischievous girls, so he can buy them back. The groom expects this to happen and doesn’t try very hard to prevent it, since the mirth and hilarity that ensues sets a nice emotional tone for the marriage!

6. Touching of Hearts – This is a beautiful tradition at Indian weddings, called the ‘Haridaya Sparsha’. While reciting their vows to each other, the bride and groom touch each other’s hearts to symbolize the depth and emotion behind their commitment. This ritual is normally accompanied by Vedic chants, but you could include the powerful effect at your wedding, by touching your partner’s heart during the wedding vows or after the ceremony. Including this symbolism in your wedding toast is sure to bring tears and smiles to everyone’s eyes!

7. Tying the Knot – Like many other cultures across the globe, there is a literal knot, which is part of the Indian wedding ceremony. During an Indian wedding, the priest ties the couple together with a length of fabric loosely draped over their shoulders. This wedding knot is symbolic of the commitment and permanent union of the twosome, and can be incorporated in your wedding ceremony as a sweet reminder of the original idea behind marriage in this age of separation and divorces.

8. Planting New Life – In a religious ritual called the ‘Ghari Puja’, prayers are offered at the homes of the bride and groom on the day before the wedding. After the prayers (which ask for blessings), the mother and female members plant a stalk in the ground. Even if you are non-religious, the idea of starting a new life by planting a seed or plant in the ground is a lovely ritual. The symbolism of new life and nurturing the plant together is a deeply spiritual connection to the Earth and is believed to bring blessings, good fortune and joy into your life together.

As an ancient culture, India’s wedding rituals and traditions are older than most of us realize. The religious and cultural differences in the country combine to make it one giant melting pot of magic, history and tradition. In modern times, Indian weddings may have become large and grand-scale affairs, but the original intent remains the same.

At the heart of all the pomp and grandeur, any wedding is meant to celebrate a couple’s love and commitment to each other!

Thanks Prerita for a great article! It was so informative and interesting that I can’t wait to be part of an Indian Wedding!

Want to know how we can be your coordinator? Check out our Services here to see.


{Guest Blog Post} How to Concoct Ideas for Unique Wedding Cakes

Happy Tuesday!

I’m pleased to bring you a Guest Blog Post from Sofia Angeli, who is a PR & communications consultant for companies in various industries. She brings her writing skills and passion for travel, culture, arts and lifestyle, including wedding planning and engagement rings, to the online world.

Check out what she has to offer about choosing a unique wedding cake…..

The wedding cake is more than just a sweet treat for the guests. It’s a symbol of unity, fertility, and good fortune for the couple. And, in terms of event design, it can be that centerpiece to wow your guests.

But, how can you come up with a cake creation that can be a conversation piece on your big day? As a couple, you’ve got to reach an agreement on the look that you want. You might be overwhelmed at the countless extraordinary wedding cake designs you’ll find online and in actual bake shops. If you’re having trouble deciding on the design, below are some ideas that can make all the planning a lot easier.

1. Get amazing ideas online

If you’re looking for unique inspirations for your wedding cake design, browse the Internet for some great ideas. If you find just too many options, narrow it down by focusing on the theme of your wedding. Type in the Google Search box all the keywords describing your event, press the Enter key, and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Are you having a garden wedding? You can key in “unique garden themed wedding cakes” on the search engine bar for cake ideas that will give you the sweetest ending to your party. Browse through the creative concepts, pick some items that stand out in your view, and go from there.

Thanks to for this image.

Check out this one from Plan your Perfect Wedding:

2. Consider non-traditional colors, patterns, and shapes

A wedding cake usually appears extraordinary if the basic aspects of its design already veer away from tradition. If you really want to have a something really unique, it’s best to venture beyond safe hues or styles completely. Try novel shapes, patterns, and colors, but don’t forget to make it match your theme.

Thanks for this gorgeous idea!

If you’ve set your event like your back in the Roaring 20s, ask your baker to make you an Art Deco cake complete with geometric shapes and metallic finish. Or, if you’ve got deep red and snowy white for your color motif and a strictly formal occasion, a towering black-and-white concoction would be a fitting surprise.

Thanks to for that inspirational 1920’s cake!

Thanks to The Wedding House for that gorgeous inspiration!

3. Choose a unique wedding cake topper

Perhaps the easiest way to make your wedding cake different from other couples’ is to choose a personalized topper that’s not the bride-and-groom dolls that you’ve seen on your grandparents’ cake. Be more playful by choosing a topper that represents who you are as a couple.

Consider rainbow-colored lovebirds, kissing koalas, or your favorite animal pair done in an unexpected color. If you’re fans of some TV show, movie, or cartoon, maybe you’d want a fondant version of a famous couple from it.

Here are some ideas:

Found these cuties on Etsy

You can also simply place your initials, but have them studded with Swarovski crystals, and the cake design will surely be a stunner.

There are a lot of inspirational ideas that you can grab from magazines and the Internet when it comes to wedding cakes. Just make sure that you put in touches of you’re wedding theme or your personality, and it will surely be a cake you can call your own.

Thanks Sofia for a great guest post!