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Floral designs & tips for choosing the perfect wedding flowers

Flowers are an important part of the wedding ceremony and a thoughtful addition to the décor at the reception location. From boutonnieres and bouquets, to seasonal arrangements and petals down the aisles, flowers add color, mood and flair to your special day. How do you choose the floral elements that provide just the right mood, expression and style for your event? See below for tips when making your selections:

Establish a budget

The floral budget will surely influence the flowers used, and the arrangements created {in both size and quantity}, so establish your spending amount early on and share it with your florist. While it is not necessary to over-spend, its important to determine the number of arrangements needed and the types of flowers you wish to include. Often, the larger the budget the more elaborate the design can be. Adding greenery can be a beautiful alternative to pricier floral options.

Pay attention to the venue

Its likely that you have already considered the set-up and décor of the wedding venue when establishing your style, but re-visit it briefly prior to selecting your floral pieces especially if your chosen florist is unfamiliar with the space. Aside from the overall style and the colors that are permanent to the site, stop and review the options for tables, chairs and place settings, as well as any non-moveable decorative or architectural elements within the space. An historic mansion with burgundy and gold-leafed wall coverings may not play well with your dream of pale blue and lavender colored centerpieces. Consider the look and feel of the finished product before committing to a certain flower.

Consider the style of your wedding

Rustic. Traditional. Beachy. Glamorous. Modern. Elegant. What style are you aiming for with your wedding? Flower selections, and the displays used should complement the intended overall style of the wedding. For example, calla lilies provide an aura of time-honored elegance, while a bouquet of hand-tied daisies may reflect a more relaxed tone. If you are going for a “toes in the sand” & wind-swept feel, allow your flowers to reflect that. Your florist can be the best guide in selecting theme appropriate flowers while sticking to the budget.

Incorporate color scheme

Choosing a flower that comes in a variety of colors, such as roses, mums and tulips, means you are more likely to find just the right match for your color-scheme. Of course, your flowers do not have to be an exact color match, but they should complement the theme of the wedding. Consider bridesmaids dresses, table linens, and the internal decor of the wedding venue to avoid negatively contrasting elements.

Embrace the season

While some flowers such as roses and carnations are easily retrieved year-round, others are much more seasonal in nature. Though tulips, daffodils and hyacinths may be plentiful for a spring wedding, they can be nearly impossible to come by later in the year.  A late fall wedding may best utilize hydrangeas and dahlias, as they are plentiful during autumn. While your favorite spring bloom may be available in October, it’s likely that it will be harder to get, which in-turn raises the price tag. Meet with your florist to discuss in-season options that meet both your color requirements and your budget.

Floral traits and meanings

If you are sensitive to smells, do consider the fragrance of the bloom. For example, you may want to avoid lilacs, lilies, jasmine, and gardenias as they are some of the most perfumed flowers. When selecting items for both bouquets and centerpieces you might ask your florist if particular flowers have traditional meanings behind them that may have a significance to you or your fiancé.

25 popular flowers and the meaning they carry:

    1. Alstroemeria – Friendship and devotion
    2. Amaryllis – Splendid beauty
    3. Apple Blossom – Better things to come
    4. Aster – Love and Daintiness
    5. Carnation – Pure Deep Love
    6. Chrysanthemum – Fidelity, optimism, joy and long life
    7. Clematis – Love Vine
    8. Daffodil – Regard and chivalry
    9. Daisy – Innocence, purity and loyal love
    10. Freesia – Trust
    11. Gardenia – Purity and sweetness
    12. Hydrangea – Heartfelt emotions
    13. Iris – Wisdom and Hope
    14. Ivy – Marriage
    15. Jasmine – Amiability
    16. Lily – Purity
    17. Orchid – Exotic beauty
    18. Poppy – Imagination
    19. Rose –  Love
    20. Red Rose – Passionate Love
    21. White Rose – Innocence and Pure Love
    22. Red and White Rose – Unity
    23. Tulip – Perfect Lover
    24. Red Tulip – Declaration of Love
    25. Yellow Tulip – Hopeless Love

Whether or not you are a flower enthusiast, remember incorporating a few blooms into your event will not only soften the space, but also provide visual attraction to the important aspects of the day. For example, the bouquet and boutonniere will highlight the bride and groom, and an arrangement placed at the alter or near the ceremony allows for the “framing” of the honored couple. The bottom-line in choosing just the right options for you is – do your homework prior to engaging a florist, then rely on their expertise & guidance once you do.

{Guest Blog Post} Wedding Flower Ideas with a Difference

Happy Spring Eve!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and what better way than to talk about flowers! I do love it when someone contacts me to write a blog post! 🙂

Our Guest Blog Post today was written by Natasha Loman. Natasha is a lovely bride-to-be from South Wales, UK, who loves all things related to weddings. She also works at company called Hen Stuff, which provides accessories for your hen night & for us here in the US, we call it a “bachelorette party”. 

Thank you Natasha for your post! Check out her ideas….
Whether it’s your bridal bouquet, your bridesmaid flowers, your buttonholes or your table centrepieces, you want your wedding flowers to make a statement without looking out of place. But what options are there other than the traditional blooms?

Well, if you’re looking for something a bit unusual then you might want to consider some of the ideas below. Numerous brides from the UK have already incorporated them into they’re wedding, and they truly made their day unique.

Paper flowers

You might not think that paper flowers can look that nice but if you find someone who is an expert in origami or paper quilling they can create flower arrangements worth talking about. A lot of brides like to have smaller flowers made for their hen party bags and their invitations at the same time as their main arrangements, just to give a taster of what is to come.

Bead flowers

Bead flowers add sparkle to your wedding day whilst also creating a beautiful focal point on your tables and around the function room. A popular choice when it comes to bead flowers incorporates crystal beads on the end of springy gold or silver wire. The wire stems are secured into a table setting so that the crystal beads move and shimmer in the subdued light of the evening. Bridal bouquets made in the same way make a stunning alternative to the traditional flower bouquet and can be kept forever. 

This beauty is from Etsy.

Button arrangements

Buttons? Yes, it seems that button bouquets and posies are becoming a popular choice for wedding day flowers. If you can find someone to make professional button flower pieces for you, you can easily and inexpensively give your wedding day a vintage feel. Table centre pieces composed of buttons look extremely pretty and provide a talking point; and if you have your buttons specially made for your big day – maybe with your names and the date on – your guests can take a button home with them as a keepsake.

Check out these beauties from Ditsy Bride

Material flowers

Why not have your wedding flowers made from the same material as your wedding dress? Material flowers look very soft and feminine and if you incorporate lace, silk, voile or satin into your flower arrangements you can create something unique that never dies. Material flowers are perfect for including in hen party bags as well, just to get your hens thinking!

Thanks to Etsy for this one.

Feather bouquets

If you want real flowers for your wedding then you can make them completely unique by weaving in feathers, vines and similar natural materials. The feathers from a feather boa are perfect for this use and you can often choose a colour to go with the theme of your wedding. A lot of brides add white feathers to their bridal bouquet in order to make it look more ethereal, giving them the look of an angel as they walk down the aisle.

Thanks to San Diego Style Weddings for the above image!

Vintage jewelry flowers

It is possible to produce a unique bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers with the help of old, vintage costume jewellery. Combining beads, silver charms, old broaches, crystals and even watch faces, with the aid of silver wire, can produce a stunning effect. Unless you can find a lot of similar style jewellery, each of your table centrepieces will be slightly different from the rest, but this just adds to the sense of amazement and uniqueness they create. 

Thanks to Wedzu for this image.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with traditional blooms on you’re wedding day, but if you fancy something a bit more unusual, then the alternatives above are worth considering. You can probably create some of the ideas yourself, but you may need professional help for others. Either way, you’re sure to create wedding day flowers that will be remembered for years to come.  

Wow…these are just some stunning & different ideas that Natasha shared with us. I hope they gave you a little inspiration for something a bit out of the box for your bouquet!

Thanks Natasha for a wonderful post! 

We love unique and different things at weddings and would love to see what unique ideas you have for you’re wedding. Check out our the Services we offer.