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Wedding Shower Notes – 5 Hacks for Prompt Effortless Thank-You’s

Between showers with family and friends, pre-nuptial gifts from co-workers and wedding presents sent from afar, it can be a challenge to remember who gave what. With the big day approaching, the last thing any bride-to-be needs to worry about is making a mistake in thanking her well-wishers.

Keeping track of the gift givers and their offerings can be hard to do. It is not always effective or reasonable to rely on the matron/maid of honor for keeping notes. Planning strategies for tracking items ahead of time, means more opportunity to enjoy the festivities of the day without the post event P.I. work. Here are some strategies for making it happen.


Use smartphones or tablets to capture audio dictation of gifts. This allows you (or someone close to you) to create an itemized list by simply speaking into the device. This method cuts out the deciphering of typos and poor penmanship.


Capture each present as it’s being opened using your photo or video option in your smartphone. This is also a great time to snap a picture with the guest presenting the gift. This make a very nice addition to a handwritten thank you.


Whether you are a last-minute task maker, or a check-it off the list type of person, sending thank-you notes should be a priority. Instead of procrastinating on a response, answering each person’s offering with a short, but personalized, handwritten note is much easier to carry out when the event (and the gifts) are fresh in your mind. Purchasing thank you cards prior to wedding showers and other events makes this task effortless to begin.


Just as you do not enter into marriage alone, so should you not respond to well-wishers unaided. Recruit your partner to help in the process, making light work of the task. If your future mother-in-law wants to be part of the wedding planning, this is a perfect task to engage her participation.


Prepare “make ahead” labels with guest names and addresses are an easy way to quickly track items opened at your bridal shower. Recruit a member of your wedding party to locate the correct label and stick it safely to the gift given by that person. An extra set of labels also means you can quickly address the thank you note envelope simplifying the process of thanking your guests even more.

While sending out notes of gratitude to shower guests and other gift-givers should be done within three months of receiving a gift, it is most important to remember that it is necessary to do it. Sending a note of thanks not only conveys your appreciation for the gifts, it also sends a message to the giver that their efforts were appreciated and added to the specialness of the day. This simple act of sending a thank you elevates your reputation with all of those who took part in your celebration. Don’t tarnish it!

5 Wedding Inspiration Sites

Happy Chilly Wednesday!

If you figured out by reading some of my posts, I’m a lover of the winter, so when I saw there were a few flakes flying this morning, I was happy girl! Spring is around the corner and like everyone else, I’m looking forward to that season too.

I’m excited to share the first blog post written by one of my crew members, Natalie. She did a great job with her first one! 🙂

Below are some of the most popular wedding websites that she found out there.


With the world at our finger tips, wedding planning has become an entirely new experience. Finding inspiration for your dream wedding can come from many sources, including magazines, blogs, websites, and more! The virtual age has truly made it so the possibilities are endless when bringing your vision of the Big Day to life. Let’s dive into some of the most popular places to go for inspiration and information!

1. Pinterest

And before we go any further, yes, I am addicted to Pinterest. If you still haven’t joined the Pinterest craze, you could be missing out. There are so many areas to explore on it that allow you to build most, if not all, aspects of you’re wedding. Inspiration can be found just about anywhere on site, not just in the “Weddings” section. Check out the “Food & Drink” section for ideas for hors d’oeuvres or your Signature Drink, the “Travel” section is perfect for finding that ideal honeymoon locale, or even if you’re planning destination wedding, “Holidays and Events” can give you seasonal décor ideas for you’re wedding. These are just a few of the sections to explore, but I promise, there is so much more!
2. Etsy

If you like unique DIY styles, but simply don’t have the time to do-it-yourself, Etsy is the perfect place to go to achieve this vision. It’s a virtual marketplace where people from all corners of the globe buy and sell one-of-a-kind goods. Goods such as distinctive rings, favors, guest books, and you can even buy you’re wedding dress there too!   

3. Brides  

I found this resource to be geared more towards the traditional bride, so if you’re looking for a truly traditional wedding, this is your guide!  

Not only do they have the magazine, but they also have a website too. One of the many great things about their website is the checklists they offer. They help to keep you organized when registering for gifts and for planning nearly every detail of you’re wedding. They are essential to staying organized.

Check out their blog or their dress search tool, you will have endless resources and inspiration for planning a traditional wedding. 

4. Style Me Pretty 

This magazine and website truly has something for every type of bride, which I absolutely love.

From the rustic to the culturally diverse weddings, you will find inspiration to suit your unique day. One thing I love about this website is their “Vendor Guide” section. While many websites showcase the design aspects necessary for you’re wedding, this one also links you to vendors within your specific region, such as caterers, party rentals, and cinematographers. The “DIY Projects” section is pretty fabulous as well, since they go into making the items step-by-step.  

5. The Knot 

We certainly cannot end this post without touching upon one of the biggest go-to websites for brides, The Knot has nearly every type of resource a bride needs to bring her dream wedding to life.

Their “Tools” section is the perfect way to organize every detail of you’re wedding, from the guest list to the oh-so crucial budget. Check out the “Community” section to engage with other bride-to-be’s because you never know what advice another bride may be able to lend to you for your big day!  Having the opportunity to exchange ideas with other women can certainly be a great source of inspiration. What’s more powerful than women inspiring one another!
I hope these resources will help you to capture the picture you have envisioned for your wedding day! 

Want to learn more about how we can help you with your wedding? Check out our Services.

Happy Planning!