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Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2014

Trends are part of every fashion & wedding season and are bound to be incorporated into you’re wedding day. I found a few in my research {to save you some time} that I wanted to share for the upcoming 2014 wedding season.

1. Unplugged Weddings
“Many couples don’t like the idea of guests attached to their phones throughout the ceremony and reception and are opting for unplugged weddings, a la Michael Jordan’s recent wedding in Palm Beach, Florida. From providing a phone check at the door to adding a note in their wedding websites or ceremony programs asking guests to refrain from taking photos or video, couples are stepping away from social media at their weddings.” ~Courtesy of

I think this one is my all time favorite. I’ve noticed a lot of people being always connected with their social media & phones, that they are missing the celebration and the “moment”. I’ve made an effort at weddings, events & even sometime vacations to put my phone down and really take in the moments.

2. #SuperCharged Guests
“This is literally the opposite of the unplugged wedding. If brides want their guests capturing the entire wedding day via a custom hashtag, they’ll ensure their phones stay charged all night with charging stations at the reception. These chic charging stations don’t have to look like an airport kiosk; brides are dressing up tall cocktail tables with pretty linens and having florists create small flatbeds of roses or wheatgrass with little flowers and cords popping up.” ~Courtesy of

Now, this one is a good idea if you or your guests really can’t put it away. Why not give them a place where they can recharge!

3. Patterns
“Pattern is making a new play but throw out the hard-edged looks. “Chevron was big last year,” says Tara, “but now I’m seeing trellis-patterns, bold stripes and florals.” ~Courtesy of Huffington Post

Yes, I love adding a little pattern or texture to an event to give it some dimension. I look forward to the stripes & trellis patterns! I’m definitely all done with the Chevron pattern.

4. Bright Colors
Besides Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid, there are other colors to choose from!
Color, color & more color! I love bright & dazzling colors that add a little something to your wedding colors.

Courtesy of CK Paper Designs for this lovely cheat sheet.

5. Dresses
Lace, plunging back line, romantic pink shades, classic style looks are definitely in. Images courtesy of Pinterest

I just love the classic look of this one. A little lace & some sparkle all rolled into one!

Definitely a plunging back line on this one!

Looking for a little color in this one if you really want to be different!

Simple, clean, very Audrey Hepburn look for this one.

I hope this gave you some ideas of whats trending this wedding season!

Want a fun, laid back, neurotically organized kind of gal to be ‘Your Coordinator Extraordinaire’? Email me here to see if your date is available. I look forward to hearing from you!


Vendor Love — Tara Lynn Bridal

Happy Wednesday!

I just love it when a vendor reaches out to me and they tell me they love what I’m all about & how different I am! Always puts a smile on my face & I’ll be honest, I never get tired of hearing it. Anyway, enough of me being on my soapbox, I wanted to tell you about one of those vendors who did just that.

The fabulously talented Tara Lynn Bridal! Tara Lynn is a custom, handmade, eco-friendly wedding dress designer. Her philosophy is she “creates natural fiber wedding gowns because she cares just as much about the women who wear the dresses as she does about her creation. Every one of Tara Lynn’s brides is exalted in a natural-fiber, wearable-art gown that is as sublime as the bride herself.” 

OK, so let me show you some of my favorites….

Isn’t the red in that dress just so unique & stunning!

I just love how that one is just so fun & dainty at the same time!

That one just reminds of me a Greek goddess & who doesn’t want to embrace THAT on they’re wedding day!

I’m always in awe of talents like this, especially since I can only do the bare minimum when it comes to sewing! 
So, if you’re looking for a unique wedding dress that you design yourself, Tara Lynn Bridal is right up your alley! And, as Tara Lynn states right on her home page, “The woman who chooses Tara Lynn Bridal does so because, surrounded by the elements and people she loves most, she wants to enrobe herself in a gown that asserts her intrinsic spirit and compliments her best features.”

Tara Lynn Bridal is located in Sutton, Vermont, but ships throughout the US, Canada & Internationally. Check out her full site here for more information & other fabulous dresses! Than call me for you’re Coordinating needs, so I can see your one of a kind dress too!