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The difference between a Wedding Planner & Venue Coordinator

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You’re planning for the biggest day of your life, your wedding. Imagine all the details it will take to execute the event that you have always dreamed of. You may be considering engaging someone to help with all planning, coordination and execution. Will the venue coordinator at your reception site be suitable for this role? Maybe. Let’s consider the differences between a wedding planner and venue coordinator to help make the decision easier.

Venue Coordinators (VC) can certainly be a valuable connection when scheduling items related to your reception, such as selecting the tables, chairs and linens kept on-site, as well as, meal selections and food counts. Their job, after all, is to act on behalf of the venue to make your affair run seamlessly while on premise. Note – if special colors or styles for linens or décor items are needed, the couple may need to order them separately through a party rental company and arrange for delivery to venue.

A Wedding Planner (WP) will be by your side long before the wedding day and stays tuned-in to your needs throughout the ceremony and reception. They are with you until the last guest has departed and all of your décor, personal belongings and gifts have been packed. Count on your wedding planner to be your right-hand for everything important in the flawless execution of your entire day. Not only will a WP collaborate with a VC to ensure correct placement of guests, gifts, entertainers and receiving lines, she is also available to help out if anything unexpected happens during the day.

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As you might expect, VCs handle items having to do with the venue. Tables, chairs, linens, food. If the venue is handling the catering, the VC will manage the staff, servers and timing of meal, as well as the set-up and breakdown of the tables & chairs. A VC will typically stay on-site until the event has kicked off, or sometimes through the meal, leaving for the day early into the event.

In addition to handling all the items at the venue (either with support of the VC or without), the WP will also handle all coordination of pre-wedding tasks, event flow and scheduling. Managing each element ensures that all details are accounted for and scheduled. Additionally, reviewing needed items periodically to be sure they are correct in number, and in line with event style and theme is also part of the service. Most importantly for day-of flow, WPs will also direct vendors on where and when to arrive, keep them informed of event time-frame and advise on logistical changes, as well as performance execution.


A VC will likely provide a list of preferred vendors but typically do not manage any of the coordination with them. Meeting with, selecting and managing the vendors, in addition to coordinating their performance throughout the wedding will fall on the shoulders of the couple and/or the other vendors.

With a WP, the couple can rest assured that every aspect of the entire day will be accounted for and managed providing them with peace of mind. WPs also help select vendors, attend planning meetings leading up to the wedding, assist in reviewing the contracts and become the point of contact for the entire day of the wedding until the last guest departs. Best of all, they move your plan forward assuring that every detail falls into place perfectly the day of the wedding. If the DJ or any other vendor is running late, the WP will devise a plan to cover the gap. If your caterer falls ill and is short staffed for delivery and service, the WP will call in a team to assist.


A VC will provide time-frames for doors opening, food service, clean-up and breakdown of tables and chairs. They have been hired by the venue to manage all the logistics required to move events through the site, and they are great at managing these items. They are not, however, fully responsible for your other wedding day plans and special elements or timelines outside of food service. It is not a VCs job to coordinate with outside vendors, inform of any logistical changes (outside of food and beverage) or manage your wedding party. If you are unsure about what your venue will assist with – just ask for an itemized list of services.

When you hire a WP, they work for you – not the venue. So, they will work with the couple prior to the event to map out the happenings of the day creating a smooth event. During the wedding day the WP will coordinate vendor arrivals and drop-offs, devise a detailed plan for and with the photographer, all formal dances, cake cutting, etc.

Direct Access

While you may have worked with one specific VC throughout your pre-wedding preparations, it is possible that you may have someone completely different running the day of events. It’s true the venue will have staff to assist in items included in the contracted agreement, but it might be someone unfamiliar with you and your wedding details.

Reversely, WPs get to know your desires, preferences and expectations prior to the wedding day, and will take control of the details to manage a flawless experience for you and your guests. This includes handing out their cell phone numbers to vendors and the wedding party and answering calls and texts on the fly and executing the detailed timeline they created with your vendor team. They are knowledgeable of the wedding plans and can put out any last-minute fires.


VCs are not equipped for, nor are they compensated by the venue to, help design your perfect wedding. The VCs are overseers of the reception location and may be limited in their knowledge of outside suppliers and opportunities for the couple.

In contrast, WPs assist with the planning and design of your entire wedding. From invitations and floral design, to color schemes and music selections, they act as trusted advisors and hands-on assistants so that the happy couple can enjoy their big day. Beyond the planning, WPs also assist in decorating the ceremony and reception area, cueing the DJ and coordinating all the vendors including any make-up touch-ups for the bridal party prior to the ceremony.

The Bottom-Line

Both a venue coordinator and a wedding planner can be valuable assets to a couple on their wedding day. When they are working together, and fulfilling all their responsibilities as outlined, it produces a smooth and effortless event.

The most important factor influencing your decision to hire an outside wedding planner should be your expectations. If it is important to you that your wedding and the planning process be stress-free and the wedding day is professionally managed by someone who has your best interest in mind, then you may favor a WP, as they will act on your behalf, providing an extra set of eyes, ears and hands throughout the entire process. Essentially, their job includes anything the couple needs, and does not end until the event is over.

As professional wedding planners, we love to work with great venue coordinators. With both a strong VC and a professional WP, it ensures the best experience for our clients.

5 Ways to Eliminate the Stress of Planning a Wedding

From the moment a date is set for your wedding, it’s easy to get wrapped up in every detail that comes with your big day. Sometimes, that excitement can even turn into stress and you may find that, during your short time being engaged, you felt anxious due to all of the things on your to-do list. First, take a deep breath…..

planning a stress free wedding

Now, check out five ways to get rid of stress when planning for your big day.

Organize Your Goals

There are tons of wedding organizational tools at your disposal that help you break down what to plan for and when for your wedding day. The key is to break down your goals into more manageable monthly and weekly goals. Even if your goals overlap, breaking them up into bite-sized tasks will help take the stress away from the larger event.

Delegate to Your Tribe

Just because you have a specific vision for your wedding doesn’t mean you should take on each task by yourself. Your parents, future spouse, in-laws, and even your wedding party, are all ready and waiting to help you when you need it. In fact, they may even feel a little left out if you forget to ask them for help with all of the wedding planning duties. Let your friends, family, and professionals help you when you’re getting too overwhelmed. When you need someone to babysit your dog, you call a friend. When your dishwasher breaks, you call a professional repairman. So why wouldn’t you call upon your tribe when planning your wedding? Most importantly, don’t try to do everything on your own.

Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

From finding the venue and creating the invitations to choosing a dinner menu and a color scheme for a whole wedding, it will get a little hard to manage everything on your own. This is especially true if you, your family or friends don’t have any experience with planning a wedding. Some tasks are best left to the professionals. Even if your chosen venue has an event coordinator and an in-house catering team, investing in a professional wedding planner to be by your side throughout the entire process will help elevate the stress. You will be amazed at how much weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

Don’t Get Bogged Down on the Details

The amount of detail that goes into planning a wedding can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you want to customize every detail. Keep in mind that at the end of the event, the most important part of the day is that you married the love of your life, the details are secondary. Try to prioritize the most important details that you want to focus on. For the details, consider either the minimalistic approach or the “standard route”. Some of the less important details may include the music the DJ plays during the off periods, what types of chairs for the ceremony and reception, what the tablescapes look like, and what type of beverages you serve.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is important and even more so during planning a wedding. Try to take some time each day, or at least each week, to focus on your mental clarity and physical health. Pamper yourself with getting a massage or spending the day at a spa, getting your hair done, connecting with your friends to discuss non-wedding things, do something fun, eat healthy, be outside and take time for physical fitness. It’s more than wanting to “look” your best on your wedding day, you want to make sure you feel your best too.

12 of the Best New England Lake Venues

Selecting the perfect lake setting for your wedding

Looking for an idyllic setting for your wedding, but trying to stay local? Consider the beauty and elegance that can be captured at one of New England’s lakeside wedding venues. No matter the intended size of your event, New England is home to a variety of venues that may suit your needs, from the massive Lake Champlain (Vermont) to the petite Lake Duncan (Lakes Region, New Hampshire).  Before touring the countless lakes located throughout the region decide on the mood of your weeding. If you are looking for upscale and elegant, you may consider one of the vast number of well-established venues offering numerous amenities along side the picturesque landscape. Perhaps you seek a more rustic and charming location that is more about you and your beloved vowing before family, friends and nature, there are numerous sites that offer quaint New England hospitality just right for nuptials.

6 of New England’s Spacious Lake Venues

The Woodbound Inn – Lake Contoocook

Rindge NH
 – This venue has been an Inn serving travelers to New Hampshire since the late 1800’s, finally adding the Edgewood Banquet Hall in the 1980’s. This venue offers extensive grounds on the shores of Lake Contoocook and overlooking Mt. Monadnock. Weddings can be held in a variety of areas throughout the property using tents (weather dependent) and out buildings, or in the main facility using the banquet hall. Guest rooms, restaurant, pub and recreational activities are available for all during their stay.

Mountain Top Inn & Resort – Lake Sherburne

Photo courtesy of Tree Life Photography

Chittenden, VT
 – This incredible mountain venue affords multiple ceremony sites, 700 private acres, meadows, woods, gardens, and mountain views that change with the seasons. With mountain themed lodgings, guests can choose from rooms, cabins or guest houses, all overlooking Lake Sherburne, one of the largest in the area. You may choose the rustic barn, lakefront beach pavilion or one of many outdoor options for the ceremony and reception.

Spring House – Spring Lake

Block Island, RI
 – While most of Rhode Island relies on the ocean for water front activities, there are a variety of lakes and ponds located within the state as well. Most of these are for recreational purposes only, not housing formal buildings or offering events calendars. Spring House, with Spring Lake on its properties offers the best of coastal views and seaside charm, from lake to ocean.

Interlaken – Lake Wononscopomuc

Lakeville, CT
 – This venue provides exclusive weddings, with a “one wedding per day” policy to ensure each party is the focus on their special day. Making up the Inn and grounds is 30 acres of English cottage-style gardens, lake views, and seasonally inspired farm to table menus. Spa services, and special “romance” packages are also available.

Lake Pearl Wrentham – Lake Pearl

Wrentham, MA
 – Overlooking an immaculate 128-acre lake, Lake Pearl Wrentham includes 15,000 square feet of flexible event spaces, many with water views, and 25 acres of expansive lawn and private beach that create a unique New England destination event and wedding venue. Each wedding experiences a unique, private entryway, separate indoor/outdoor cocktail spaces, personal bridal suites, dedicated bridal attendants and access to romantic grounds, gazebos and beaches for inspired wedding pictures.

Bear Mountain Inn & The Barn – Bear Lake

Waterford, ME
 – Boasting plenty of rustic charm, this facility is hip and modern while providing the natural charm inherent to the setting. Located at the base of Maine’s White Mountains, this venue can accommodate up to 150 guests, and offers a tented outdoor option May through November for up to 250 guests.

6 of New England’s Cozier Lake Venues

Chocorua (Church) Island Chapel – Chocorua Island, Squam Lake

Holderness, NH
 – A truly unique site for weddings, this island once housed the country’s first resident boys camp. Since 1928 this island has been under the management of the Chocorua Island Chapel Association and offers regular Sunday morning worship services from June through September. The association allows limited use of the island for wedding ceremonies and other religious uses. No alcohol is allowed on site.

Lake Morey Resort – Lake Morey

Fairlee, VT
 – Feature packed, and amenity rich, this resort sits on pristine Lake Morey and is surrounded by the green mountains of Vermont. From intimate affairs, to large scale events, there are options for all, both indoors and outdoors. Offering 130 guest rooms this location can be the site for a wedding weekend, as water sports, on-site dining and an 18-hole golf course are available to guests.

Monponsett Inn – Lake Monponsett

Halifax, MA
 – Located minutes from Boston’s South Shore, this waterfront wedding venue provides an idyllic scene for wedding celebrations. Offering both indoor and outdoor options, the venue features an outdoor gazebo, lakeside dock and indoor meeting and ballroom spaces to accommodate parties up to 220 guests. Wedding packages are available and offer flexibility in planning.

The Pavilion on Crystal Lake – Crystal Lake

Middletown, CT 
– The Pavilion on Crystal Lake offers beautiful indoor and outdoor areas for your wedding day, accommodating up to 200 guests. Use of the wedding suite is included in the event fees. There is also a Lake Cottage that is also available for rent providing all the comforts of home including a full bathroom, full kitchen, and plenty of space for getting ready.

The Lodge at Moosehead Lake – Moosehead Lake

Greenville, ME
 – Located in the North Woods of Maine, this Private Inn is surrounded by woods, fields, and stunning lake and mountain views. Specializing in small weddings and elopements, this location has a handful of lodge rooms, and carriage house suites.

Blithewold – Narragansett Bay

Bristol, RI
 –Providing the perfect backdrop for summer weddings, this beautiful mansion and garden venue provides sunset views of the Narragansett Bay from one of many terraces or covered porches. The venue includes a forty-five-room mansion, rebuilt in 1908 in the English Manor style. Lush flower gardens, water gardens and rock gardens dot the landscape making this a luxurious and exquisite site for your “I Do’s”.

A Beautiful Location Awaits You

New England is riddled with picturesque scenes, from mountain views, secluded woodland and lush farmlands, to breezy oceanside sands and relaxing lake front cottages. You cannot go wrong with any of the options, but when a relaxing lake shore wedding is what you seek, it’s nice to know that you can find just the right option here in New England. Not all lakeside venues are the same, coming in a wide range of sizes, locations and amenities. Visit some of these unique treasures to get a better feel for your style and vibe.




12 of New England’s Best Small Wedding Venues

Cheers to a more intimate wedding!

Whether you have already committed to an intimate wedding or are just considering moving away from the large “event of the year” type celebration, there are many positives to consider. Besides being more budget-friendly, smaller weddings can provide a more relaxed atmosphere allowing for greater opportunity to engage with guests, sharing private moments and special memories. In addition, scheduling tends to be more flexible and customized allowing the happy couple to have exactly what they dreamed of for their big day.

Of course, cost savings also translate to less food, more fun and festivities for those that are in attendance. So, if you’re sold on the intimate wedding option, consider some of our favorite small wedding venues across New England.

16 Bay View – Camden, Maine

inked events nh wedding planner new england wedding planner maine wedding planner

Guests with 40 to 50 guests can make use of The View, the venue’s intimate rooftop terrace which offer breathtaking views of Camden Harbor and the Camden Hills. A banquet room option is also available for larger group up to 100 guests. This venue is a one-of-a-kind 21-room boutique hotel located in downtown Camden amongst galleries, fine restaurants and boutiques, and is the only Luxury Boutique Hotel in the area.

Inn at Mystic – Mystic, Connecticut

inked events nh wedding planner ct wedding planner

The saltwater breezes abound, with views of the Mystic Harbor and Fishers Island Sound. In addition to the several wedding options from tent to patio, the venue also offers up the Haley Mansion for vows to overnight stays for your small group. An Intimate Wedding Package is available for a ceremony fee and per person cost.

Woodstock Inn & Resort – Woodstock, Vermont

nh wedding planner new england wedding planner vt wedding plannerImage courtesy of Sabin Gratz Photography

One of Vermont’s most scenic, romantic and luxurious destinations, the Woodstock Inn is located at the heart of the town and offers indoor and outdoor event options. Its charming historic appeal compliments the inspiring view of the Green Mountains, making it perfect for intimate ceremonies, with a spectacular setting for wedding photos.

Inn at Ellis River – Jackson, New Hampshire

nh wedding planner

A great spot for your group of 20-25 guests. This setting provides a scenic backdrop in New Hampshire’s white mountains, with several options for the ceremony. Whether you want your vows to take place in front of a blazing fireplace on a winter day, or in the garden hugging the gazebo in the late days of spring, the Inn at Ellis River can accommodate. Packages starting at less than $2,000.

Harbor Light Inn – Marblehead, Massachusetts

nh wedding planner new england wedding planner ma wedding planner

This quaint locale is perfect for elopements or weddings with up to 30 guests. Situated on the coast in the seacoast town of Marblehead (in Massachusetts Bay’s North Shore,) the venue provides classic 18th century architecture, along with period finishes and handcrafted furnishings. The Inn offers packaged enhancements, for guests in their 20 guest chambers.

Ocean House Resort – Rhode Island

nh wedding planner new england wedding planner ri weddingplanner

This large, Victorian-style waterfront hotel was first erected in 1868 on Bluff Avenue in an historic district of Westerly, Rhode Island. Perched atop Watch Hill, this venue provides stunning ocean views, and lends itself perfectly to both indoor and outdoor weddings. In keeping with the cuisine of the shore guest may decide to include an authentic clambake or lobster boil. The wedding party and guests can choose their amenities from offered rooms, suites and cottages.

Sebasco Harbor Resort – Sebasco, Maine

nh wedding planner new england wedding planner maine wedding planner

This larger seaside resort offers couples a choice in venue. From formal and upscale to laid back and breezy, there is a spot just right for most. Most options can accommodate 75 to 100 guests. The resort offers many activities to keep your guests busy, including waterfront restaurants, golf and tennis, boating and of course a waterfront spa.

The Goodwin – Hartford, Connecticut

nh wedding planner new england wedding ct wedding planner

According to, the Goodwin is a one of a kind boutique hotel providing urban style, while retaining elements of its history, heritage and tradition. From a very small gathering to larger scale weddings, this venue has rooms that can accommodate. If you are looking for upscale or formal setting, but still want to keep the event intimate, this is a must see.

Basin Harbor – Vergennes, Vermont

nh wedding planner new england wedding planner vt wedding planner

Nestled on the shores of Lake Champlain, the Basin Harbor offers several unique rooms and gathering spaces for parties ranging from intimate to bountiful. Whether looking for an outdoor wedding with a beautiful Adirondack Mountain view or a quiet and cozy ceremony by the blazing fireplace, Basin Harbor gets it right. For those couples looking to make a whole weekend affair, they also have all sorts of events such as bonfires, hayrides, golf outings, croquet tournaments, and cocktail cruises.

Ashworth by the Sea – Hampton, New Hampshire

nh wedding planner new england wedding planner

For your intimate wedding up to 100 guests, the elegant Rose Room should be on your list to visit. From unique and gourmet menus to customized wedding packages, the options are almost unlimited. The hotel sits on the beach and offers guests a variety of rooms overlooking the water, with and without balconies.

Publick House Historic Inn – Sturbridge, Massachusetts

nh wedding planner new england wedding planner ma wedding plannerImage courtesy of Debbie Segreve Photography

If you are looking for rustic colonial charm, this site will fit the bill. From the barrel-vaulted ceilings to the wall of window seats, you’ll be transported back in time. More modern and unique options are also available when you choose the Garden Gazebo or the Hillside Arbor for your vows. An onsite catering team can work with your wedding planner to create just the right menu for your guests.

Newport Vineyards – Newport, Rhode Island

nh wedding planner new england wedding planner ri wedding plannerImage courtesy of Blueflash Photography

Newport Vineyards offers distinctive spaces, all surrounded by a historic vineyard built by the sea. Couples may choose to say “I Do” amidst the grape vines, overlooking the ocean from the Porch room or taking in the aroma of recently uncorked wine from the wine cellar. A variety of nooks and cranny’s which make up this venue make it the prefect options for most any group. There is also an option to include custom wine labels featuring photos of the couple, and personalized notes to the guests.

Certainly, New England provides a picturesque backdrop for your wedding no matter the season. Because weather can be a factor for your big day, be sure you see the venue of interest during the time of year in which you plan to get married. While the seaside mist may be just what you had in mind when visiting in July, it may not provide the right environment for your October wedding. Ask each venue how they adjust for rain, snow or extreme wind. Be sure you are comfortable with their Plan “B” before committing to it. Now go and tour New England!



4 Wedding Favor Ideas

Favors are making a comeback!!

You read that correctly, they made it onto the list of what’s trending in 2019! I know, you think I’m lying and yes, some still consider it an expense that can be eliminated. If you do decide to give your guests a little something to remember your wedding, make a statement.

Your guests will appreciate taking something home that they can use within their daily lives.

We’ve got you covered

Our friends over at Forever Wedding Favors have an array of different items that you can choose from. Here are some of my favorites {that I would be excited to get} to help you get started:

Wine Bottle Stopper

wine bottle stopper

Who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine? We sure do! This elegant, sleek, durable wine stopper will capture the hearts of your guests with your practicality and thoughtfulness. It’s beautifully packaged in a clear and black box wrapped in a pretty white bow. It will remind them of the love they witnessed and shared with you on your wedding day.

Bottle Openers

unicorn bottle opener

I know, unicorns don’t scream bottle openers, but it just may to your female guests/friends who love beer… you know the ones!

These adorable, well crafted bottle openers are small enough to carry on a keychain or in a handbag for quick access. They may just make your girlfriends smile and be giddy with laughter every time they see it. This could be an ideal gift idea for your bridal party, bridal shower or bachelorette party.



One can never have too many coasters.

So, if you’re feeling generous with your budget or having an intimate wedding where you want to give your guests a really special gift, these unique, stunning glass celestial coasters would fit the bill. The beautifully painted constellations will leave your guests feeling over the moon and “under the stars” from your wedding.

Candle Holders

blue mercury candle holders

Looking for some eye catching mercury colored glass candle holders to add some romantic ambience to the room/tent?

These beauties in blue and gold {yes, there is a color pattern going on here} will take your breath away and make an impact with your guests. They would be perfect spread around your wedding decor to add a bit of flair and elegance.

There are so many items to choose from! All of the above items come in other design and color options to fit your theme, personality or decor. Check them out!

7 Ways to Decorate Your Ceremony Aisle

aisle florals

Walking down the aisle in your wedding dress should be one the most momentous and heartfelt parts of your special day. Although other aspects of the ceremony, like the chairs where guests will be seated, the flower arrangements in the altar, and the kind of service to be conducted, take precedence when couples envision their ceremony, however, the ceremony aisle is just as important and deserves thorough consideration. After all, as a bride, you will be walking down it twice.

It is hard to choose what look will better suit your wedding mood and/or vision. How would you want to decorate your ceremony aisle? Will it be in classic white, flower-filled, or serene?

Knowing the vibe of your wedding can help you decide on your ceremony aisle design easier. Make your ceremony aisle worthy of your grand entrance with these inspiring and gorgeous ideas.

Flower Petals

Image courtesy of Belle the Magazine

flower petals

Create a dreamy look by doing something different from the usual petal-lined aisle. Channel your inner creativity by giving this classic decoration a fresh twist.

Think of an eye-candy swirl that will draw the eyes or a mesmerizing pattern or monogram in the color scheme of your choice. Make the scattered petals look extraordinary by adding fall leaves, feathers, and fabric to give a dynamic accent to the setting. This idea will give you the whimsical atmosphere you may have always wanted.

Dazzling Lanterns

Image Courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs

ceremony lanterns
If you want something romantic, then a garden wedding in the evening can be transformed into something magical with the addition of dazzling lanterns. The trend nowadays is to dress up mismatched lanterns with burlap and lace. The result is a rustic vibe to your wedding, setting the perfect mood for the ceremony.

Beach weddings can make use of wooden lanterns and shells lining up the aisle. There is no better way to bring a fairy tale to life than these.

Flower Clusters

Image courtesy of Style Me Pretty

ceremony chair flowers

When you are blessed with a stunning view at your wedding venue, then it does not take a lot to decorate the outdoor space. A pop of color here and there can achieve the sweet and charming look.

In every other inner aisle chair, fix a cluster of large flowers like dahlias and roses for a sweet springtime vibe. You can also add satin sashes to achieve a quiet, elegant look. Of course, you can be as creative and as experimental as you’d like to be on your flower clusters. The important thing is to make sure they blend well with your theme.

Wonders of Mason Jars

Image courtesy of Ruffled 

mason jars
Mason jars are a thing these days and they are not going away any time soon. Beautifully decorated mason jars with flowers and ribbons can be the needed accent on the side of the chairs if you do not want to clutter the aisle. You can fill the jars with colorful bouquets or petal cones.

Big-petal flowers like peonies are also a good choice. You can also go for a rustic look with mason jars accented in burlap instead of ribbons and filled with lovely bouquets of flowers.

Elegant in White

Image courtesy of Strictly Weddings

white ceremony arbor

Who does not like an all-white wedding? Nothing screams formal and vintage wedding more than the color of white everywhere does. This classic theme has been around for ages and does not seem to show signs of disappearing.

So, if you want to showcase a timeless look, go no further than white blooms like delphiniums and roses accented by wild ferns to line your aisle. White rose petals can do the trick as well. However, if a clean, fresh finish is what you are looking for, a white lace runner can transform your aisle into a breath-taking sight.

Personalized Aisle Runner

Image courtesy of Mod Wedding

aisle runner
A custom aisle runner is just the perfect touch you need to make your wedding truly your own. Personalize your runner with elegant emblems featuring your names, or choose artful designs that run the length of your chosen fabric.

Others may take this to the next level by incorporating their love story within the runner. But if you are feeling less candid, go instead for a large monogram, references to a favorite literary piece, or a significant quote to embellish your aisle runner. For outdoor weddings, a custom-built wooden aisle surrounded lush greenery, verbena, and sedums makes a powerful statement.

Flower Lined Aisle

Image courtesy of Bijou Weddings

floral aisle runner

Flowers are a staple in every wedding. There is nothing more whimsical than walking down the aisle lined with colorful blooms. While fresh flowers are always a good idea, there are other ways to capture this certain dreamy look as well.

Think of pastel-colored paper blooms for a cute and creative way to line your aisle. Or go the extra mile by choosing flowers made of silk to decorate your aisle. Elegant silk flowers are glamorous, less expensive, and easy to set up without worrying if they will wilt quickly.

Make It Perfect

Making your wedding ceremony memorable can depend on a lot of factors, from the music to the decorations. But once your guests have taken their seats and the wedding march starts, the center of attention turns to your ceremony aisle, setting the overall mood for the heartfelt ceremony. It is where you take the steps to forever, so you may as well make it truly unforgettable—something you both will remember with a smile many years down the road.

While the aisle matters a lot, it is also important to match your and your future spouse’s personalities and also jive with the atmosphere you want to set. Coordinate with your wedding planner to achieve the look you are aiming to save on time, money, and effort. This is your wedding day, so you deserve nothing but the best.

Reflecting on 2018 and saying Hello to 2019

Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019

Ringing in the New Year and early January is always a good time to take a moment to look back at the previous year and see what we’ve done. We had an amazing year and looking forward to what 2019 brings. Let’s go back in time and reflect ….

January kicked off the year getting word that we won Wedding Wire’s Couple Choice Award for the 3rd year in a row!

2018 Wedding Wire Couple Choice Award

It continued when we had one of our 2017 weddings featured in NH’s The Hippo Wedding Edition. Heather & Sam had a backyard October wedding, however what makes their wedding so unique and to the surprise of their guests, is that Heather and her dad, Brian came down the aisle on their racing sidecar motorcycle. See, Heather and her dad are semi-professional sidecar motorcycle racers & her husband, Sam is a motor-cross racer …. that’s how they originally met!

NH wedding

We also had another one of 2017 weddings featured in Rent My Wedding Magazine Spring Edition. Francesca & Bernard’s May wedding was held at the stunning Omni Mount Washington Resort and we transformed the ballroom into a stunning, elegant enchanted garden. Guests were treated to a carefully selected five course meal, starry night, gorgeous up-lighting, unique florals and french-inspired decor.

The winter months tend to be quieter around here which is the perfect time for education and setting goals, as well as, welcoming new couples to the IE family! I had the pleasure of taking a trip to North Carolina to visit another ABC {Association of Bridal Consultants} Chapter to attend their annual state weekend retreat. It was the most inspiring, soul searching, creative event that I had ever attended. It allowed me to focus on what I wanted for myself both professionally and personally plus it gave me the opportunity to meet/connect with other planners. I came back beyond inspired, refreshed and ready to take on the world!

As Spring approached and before the kick-off of wedding season began, I had the pleasure of being a Guest Speaker at Manchester Community College’s Career Day. It allowed me to speak to high school seniors about being a business owner and what it takes to work in the event industry.

“I befriend most of my clients, and I like to go out with them. I like to socialize with them: They’re interesting.” ~ David Kirsch

I always tell potential couples during our initial call that I’m going to be more than just their wedding planner, I’m going to become a friend. I take a personal approach to each client, it’s more than just the wedding day to me, I want to know what’s going on personally too. That was no different with Darci & Kyle.

Here’s us on their wedding day … which doesn’t happen often that I have a picture with my couples!

Image courtesy of William Tangorra Photography

It’s been a few years after the wedding & I’ve been saying “I’m going to visit them in Chicago”, I got word {on my birthday, to be exact!} that they were expecting TWINS, so NOW was definitely the time to go …which I most certainly did …. !!

It was a great long weekend & we had such a blast … there was lots of catching up to do, we attended a play, played tourist around downtown Chicago {the architecture of the buildings was amazing!}, had fabulous dinners, lots of laughs & adult beverages for Kyle & I! They were the best tour guides & hosts! The Twins arrived safe & adorably in July! 🙂

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” ~ Colin Powell

To cap off our “off season”,  I was excited to receive word that we won the Best of Salem Award for Event Planner for the 3rd year in a row. It truly is an honor to receive this one as it shows that my community recognizes the hard work we do in our field.

Wedding season fast approached and we literally go “wedding MIA” as we have the honor of seeing more pretty awesome couples say I Do! Those will be outlined separately in their own blogs! Stay tuned for those …. 🙂

In the midst of all the craziness of wedding season, I brought on two more assistant planners to complete my teams. They have both proven to be great additions & I’m excited to teach them the ropes of the industry.

While we mainly focus on weddings, we are planners and if it’s any type of party, we can plan it! We expanded our services this year to include planning social and corporate events. We had the honor of planning a Celebration of Life for a family as they said goodbye to their loved one and designed a Holiday Open House for a local NH company.

“Event Planning is passion – Embrace It!” ~ David Tutera

After another successful wedding season & the start of our “off season” … I began my 2-week conference binge by first jetting off to Las Vegas to attend my first Wedding MBA conference. I connected with some of my local vendor friends, hung out with two of my close planner friends, attended breakout sessions to learn about invitations, trends, business, lighting & design. I also had the pleasure to be inspired by one of the most famous planners, David Tutera. His passion for the industry just radiates from him when he talks about it. It was amazing experience to literally be in the front row to hear him!

After Vegas, I headed back to the east coast to attend the ABC Annual Conference in Tampa, FL. I continued to learn about business strategies, legal stuff and design. It’s like a family reunion as I was able to reconnect with my some of planner friends that I’ve met over the years and met some new ones! As education is very important to me, I made the decision to shoot for the stars within the ABC organization and will strive to become a “Master Wedding Planner”. A designation that is held by only 65 people worldwide.

I was also excited to be able to experience this conference with one of my assistants and close planner friend, it was their first time attending & we definitely had a blast all around! This is a conference I attend every year & am continually inspired by the people I meet & education I learn. Next year we’re headed to the Bahamas!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.”  ~ Confucius

That quote is a daily reminder that I am very fortunate to do something I love & call it work.  I’m also grateful every day that I have the ability to work for myself & for the couples who trust me with one of the most important days of their lives. It’s not easy being a business owner & it certainly comes with it’s challenges, but as I like to say, it’s all worth the blood, sweat, tears & wine!

I’ve had bumps in the road over the course of the year, but this past year has taught me to continue to believe in myself, surround myself with positive & supportive people, take time for self-care, that my ideal clients will find me and trust that the universe works in mysterious ways.

I’m excited for the upcoming weddings we already have on the books and looking forward to chatting with potential couples who like our vibe & want to be part of our family! There are a few business opportunities up my sleeve that are brewing & I look forward to bringing them to life in 2019.

Cheers to an amazing 2019!

Sun, Sand and Shoreline – Nuptials Worth Planning For…

Whether local ocean side or island destination wedding, beach nuptials are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons.

“Dress” the Part

Keep it simple. If you have your heart set on a ballgown or other ornate dress, a beach wedding may not be the best choice for you. Simple lines, with a hemline high enough to avoid dragging in the sand is the preferred dress style for this type of wedding. Ruffles and lace can pick up sand and other debris that are part of the beach backdrop.

Skip the Veil & Opt for an “Up Do”

While getting married on the beach can provide stunning views and tranquil sounds of nature, it is typically breezy. To keep your guests (and the photographer) from struggling to capture a full view of you, avoid a veil which may be blowing into your face, or your groom’s. For these same reasons, it is typically better to have an updo that will stay put in the wind.

Toes in the Sand

No heels for sure, unless you want to fight your way through the sand. The best choices for your feet during a beach wedding are flat sandals or going bare foot. Depending on where you are getting married, the temperature of the sand may be a factor. It can get quite hot! Once you decide on sandals or bare feet, have your dress hemmed accordingly.

Keep the Guys Casual

While tuxedos or suits work very well in many indoor venues, the beach calls for something less formal. Depending on your specific taste, linen suit or lightweight slacks and shirt can be less formal but still “dressy,” or you might even consider going for a completely casual look with a pair of Bermuda shorts and bare feet.

Public or Private

Unless you want to invite the general public to witness your vows, you may want to consider the level of beach access the public will have to your wedding spot. There are private beaches that may be available for such an event. Another great alternative is to secure a waterfront rental property, which will also serve as a relaxing refuge in the days and hours before the wedding.

Protect your guests

The sunshine and sea breezes are the reason so many people choose to have their wedding on the beach. Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming or sometimes even harmful. Remember, the elements can be brutal, so prepare welcome bags or stations for guests to pick up the essentials in sun protection. You can include items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, personal misters or mini-fans, and tropical themed hats or visors. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water! You may also consider setting up a water station for guests to grab a cold beverage before and/or after the ceremony.

Maximize Local Resources
This is especially important when planning a destination wedding. Research the local businesses and community to find out what resources are available to you: the local entertainment and accommodations, traditions, customs and holidays (as they may impact availability of certain items, including staff) and the native cuisine. As much as possible, plan your wedding around what will be available and will not require you to import or over-pack. Local caterers, musicians and more may be just the right elements for an authentic island wedding.

Plan for the unexpected

Since outdoor weddings of any kind are always at risk of weather fluctuations, it is important to plan for the worst. It is impossible to predict “Mother Nature” and even the sunniest of beaches and warmest islands can experience unseasonable weather. Unplanned rain storms, hurricanes, wild fires, and even flooding could severely impact your ceremony. Work with your event planner and the venue to come up with an alternate plan should anything unexpected occur.

The biggest thing to remember is that traditional wedding and reception techniques may not be appropriate for the beach. In addition, being one with nature often means that anything can happen, and therefore probably will. For the best tips, ideas and cautionary tales, it is best to consult with a wedding planner or coordinator to avoid mishaps and eliminate the worry of the unknown.

Inspired to bring your BIG IDEAS to Life!

Wedding services, event design and detail coordination

The ring is on your finger, the date has been chosen and the venue booked. Now on to the details. What if someone else could handle those details so that you could enjoy being the “guest of honor” at your own wedding? Inked Events provides more than just “Day of Wedding” coordination services. From full wedding planning and execution, to the planning and deployment of your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and wedding party gift bags. Our expertise can be your peace of mind.

Full Planning

From booking venues and caterers following your spectacular engagement to delivering payment to the final vendors as they pack up after an amazing reception (and everything in between) our full planning service leaves you free to dream and enjoy. We bring our ideas and experiences to help you to make the best selections for your big day. Th day is all about YOU, but the work of planning doesn’t have to be!

Partial Planning

You’ve booked the venue and met with a few vendors. The big stuff is out of the way – but wow, it’s way too much work to do alone! We assist with selecting the final vendors and making suggestions for detailed items, based on your preferences and vision for your special day.

Wedding “Day of Coordination” Management

The hard work of planning the wedding is taken care of, but all those pieces need to be pulled together on event day. Every couple should be able to enjoy the guests and activities, but coordinating vendor arrivals, last minute set-ups and the handful of snafus that are bound to occur can take away from the fun. Let us handle those headaches so you can be stress free.

Social Events & Celebrations

Maybe you are too focused on the wedding day to let the other tasks like engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, post wedding brunch, guest activities, welcome bags, or showers slow you down. Luckily, our willing and able staff can help with all of that. We’ll meet to share your vision then, based on your direction, create the perfect pairings to your wedding celebration.

Decorations, Décor and Giveaways

Looking for that special centerpiece or magical element to highlight your theme? We can help. Our vendor partners never let us down, and can make even the most unique bloom request a reality.  Tying it all together, our linen rental program will provide the perfect match.

That’s why you need us

Our mission is to provide you with a worry-free and enjoyable experience – from beginning to end. We get to know you personally, understand your vision and your needs, providing the wedding you dreamed up yourself, without all the work and preparation it takes to execute it alone. No two weddings are ever alike, and we pride ourselves on customizing our services to fit your needs.  Contact us to see if your wedding date is available.

This 18th century Barn is nestled in Jackson NH and provides accommodations for 85 to 200 person weddings.

Selecting your wedding venue is one of the first things you will do in planning your big day. Many couples are looking for something unique and memorable. Whether rustic charm, vintage elegance or modern chic, the location of your wedding will need to align with your vision of decor, budget, number of attendees, food styling and service, etc.

Beginning to plan a wedding is exciting and can be very emotional. Often a couple might feel the need to choose a wedding site on the spot without considering all of the other details of the wedding. While you might love what you see at each venue be cautious of jumping in without considering how all of your other plans might fit into that space and the flow of the event.

We have assembled the Top 25 unique NH venues to assist in your decision-making process. Of course, we are also available to answer other questions for you regarding planning and day-of management.