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Sun, Sand and Shoreline – Nuptials Worth Planning For…

Whether local ocean side or island destination wedding, beach nuptials are increasingly popular for a variety of reasons.

“Dress” the Part

Keep it simple. If you have your heart set on a ballgown or other ornate dress, a beach wedding may not be the best choice for you. Simple lines, with a hemline high enough to avoid dragging in the sand is the preferred dress style for this type of wedding. Ruffles and lace can pick up sand and other debris that are part of the beach backdrop.

Skip the Veil & Opt for an “Up Do”

While getting married on the beach can provide stunning views and tranquil sounds of nature, it is typically breezy. To keep your guests (and the photographer) from struggling to capture a full view of you, avoid a veil which may be blowing into your face, or your groom’s. For these same reasons, it is typically better to have an updo that will stay put in the wind.

Toes in the Sand

No heels for sure, unless you want to fight your way through the sand. The best choices for your feet during a beach wedding are flat sandals or going bare foot. Depending on where you are getting married, the temperature of the sand may be a factor. It can get quite hot! Once you decide on sandals or bare feet, have your dress hemmed accordingly.

Keep the Guys Casual

While tuxedos or suits work very well in many indoor venues, the beach calls for something less formal. Depending on your specific taste, linen suit or lightweight slacks and shirt can be less formal but still “dressy,” or you might even consider going for a completely casual look with a pair of Bermuda shorts and bare feet.

Public or Private

Unless you want to invite the general public to witness your vows, you may want to consider the level of beach access the public will have to your wedding spot. There are private beaches that may be available for such an event. Another great alternative is to secure a waterfront rental property, which will also serve as a relaxing refuge in the days and hours before the wedding.

Protect your guests

The sunshine and sea breezes are the reason so many people choose to have their wedding on the beach. Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming or sometimes even harmful. Remember, the elements can be brutal, so prepare welcome bags or stations for guests to pick up the essentials in sun protection. You can include items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, personal misters or mini-fans, and tropical themed hats or visors. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water! You may also consider setting up a water station for guests to grab a cold beverage before and/or after the ceremony.

Maximize Local Resources
This is especially important when planning a destination wedding. Research the local businesses and community to find out what resources are available to you: the local entertainment and accommodations, traditions, customs and holidays (as they may impact availability of certain items, including staff) and the native cuisine. As much as possible, plan your wedding around what will be available and will not require you to import or over-pack. Local caterers, musicians and more may be just the right elements for an authentic island wedding.

Plan for the unexpected

Since outdoor weddings of any kind are always at risk of weather fluctuations, it is important to plan for the worst. It is impossible to predict “Mother Nature” and even the sunniest of beaches and warmest islands can experience unseasonable weather. Unplanned rain storms, hurricanes, wild fires, and even flooding could severely impact your ceremony. Work with your event planner and the venue to come up with an alternate plan should anything unexpected occur.

The biggest thing to remember is that traditional wedding and reception techniques may not be appropriate for the beach. In addition, being one with nature often means that anything can happen, and therefore probably will. For the best tips, ideas and cautionary tales, it is best to consult with a wedding planner or coordinator to avoid mishaps and eliminate the worry of the unknown.

3 Fabulous Gift Ideas for your Bridal Party

Wondering what to get the lovely ladies that will be standing by your side on your wedding day? I want to share & introduce you to one of my new vendor friends, Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique that can help you find the perfect gift for your gals.

Here are a couple of ideas to start the search:

Dazzling Duo

As I mentioned, they are new friend as I always love meeting new vendors & sharing them with our clients, so when they graciously asked me to pick a sample of my very own to have my name & initials on it, I of course said yes, please!

nh wedding planner inked events

I was very impressed with the packaging box. It had my name beautifully scripted on the front then when I opened it to see the sparkly tumbler {who doesn’t love a little sparkle with their favorite beverage} and comfy floral robe both initialed with the first letter of my name. I was in heaven with all the prettiness!

Being that purple & silver are my favorite colors, I chose those for both the robe & vinyl colors. You can choose from an array of colors they have to offer that fits your style & personality. I love using the tumbler with my morning to-go ice coffee & the lovely box is sitting pretty in my office. I’m waiting for the warmer weather to sport my robe!

Now, onto a few others that I thought would be great ideas.

Vintage Leather Journal

This would be the perfect gift for the writer in your life. What’s impressive about this journal is that it can be personalized on both sides with the specific details of your bridesmaid {or anyone else for that matter} and comes in a beautifully crafted wooden box.

nh wedding planner inked events

nh wedding planner inked events

Precious Pearl

Want something simple to go with their dress and that they can have forever to remember the day? This necklace just may be your answer!

The delicate pearl necklace comes with an engraved initial pendant that they will treasure for years to come.

nh wedding planner inked events

They have so many other options that you can choose from based on the personalities of your gals! Hope this helps in giving you some inspiration for your gals!


Highly Rated Local Wedding Events Company Aligns with Southern Based Corporate/Non-Profit Event Planner

For Immediate Release

Salem, NH ~ Inked Events, a Salem (NH) based full service wedding & event planning company is joining forces with DYV (Dream Your Vision) Events, a corporate and non-profit event planning company currently based out of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Working as “sister” companies, the duo will continue to provide high-quality wedding services, while incorporating a strong corporate and non-profit event planning component. Under the partnership, they will cover events all over the east coast, with specific focus on Boston, New Hampshire and other New England regions.

“Our goal is to reach clients that we have not been able to focus on for the past four years. By partnering with DYV Events, we are able to use their six years of industry experience to do that and still be able to continue to provide specialized Wedding Day Management (aka Day-of Coordination) services along with design, full and partial wedding planning,” says Inked Events owner, Tracy Dapp.

“Inked Events is well established in the New England region and we are really excited about the opportunity to bring what we have done in the south with our corporate and non-profit clients such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Arkansas and Pinnacle Pointe Hospital to New England, ” says DYV Events owner, Michelle Stewart.

Inked Events and DYV Events are both award winning wedding and event companies. Inked Events has won several awards NH A-List Best Wedding Planner Award from 2015-2017, Wedding Wire’s Couple Choice Awards 2016 & 2017 and commands a 5-star rating on, and DYV Events has also won AR A-List Best Wedding Planner Award in both 2014 & 2017, Wedding Wire’s Couple Choice Awards from 2015-2017, and the Bronze 2017 Best Planner Vendor Award from Borrowed & Blue.

To learn more about booking a private social event or wedding please visit, or contact Tracy at or 603-401-9938. To learn more about booking a corporate, conference or non-profit event please visit or contact Michelle at or 617-863-2398.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue…

Today, modern couples planning a wedding are focused on adding unique elements to the event and keeping their guests entertained. Over the past decade many NEW traditions have been introduced to weddings, including the use of live performers, engaging guests through social media and paring down the size of the bridal party for a more intimate affair. Along with some of the new traditions, are the age-old rituals which remain staples of even the most modern weddings.


Below see our Top 5 wedding traditions that never go out of style.

Ring Exchange & Vows

Throughout history the rings have symbolized the unending circle of love and are usually exchanged immediately following the recitation of the vows. The ring serves also as the promise that the couple makes to each other for a lifetime of fidelity, love and partnership.

Modern twist: While spoken vows may be untraditional the exchange of the rings remains true to tradition.

First Dance

This tradition dates to royalty, when the ball or special event was opened with a “first dance” to be completed by the guest of honor. This evolved into the newlyweds sharing their first dance (which also symbolizes their first act as a married couple) to officially start the wedding reception.

Modern twist: Many couples are now investing in ballroom dance lessons to ensure the dance goes off without error and will wow their guests with their dancing abilities.

Cutting the Wedding Cake

There are many historical rites with cake, including smashing it over the bride’s head. Thank goodness that tradition did not stick, but the cutting of the cake is still an important part of the modern reception. Couples cut the cake together to symbolize their commitment to provide for each other and signify the continuity in their relationship, but rarely is it fed to one another anymore.

Modern twist: The cutting of the cake at many modern weddings is seen strictly as a photo opportunity for the newlyweds. Frequently this activity is not highlighted to reception goers, but rather a low-key “ceremonial” act for the photo albums.

Carrying Flowers

Traditional bouquets were made up of wildflowers, grasses and strong-smelling herbs. The flowers were thought to denote fertility, while strong smelling herbs, such as garlic, were used to ward off evil spirits and bad fortune. Today, brides select bouquets made up of favorite flowers, seasonal accents or those that complement the look and feel of the ceremony (casual, beachy, formal, etc.)

Modern twist: Some couples have opted for “floral” bouquets made of paper, origami, burlap and felt flowers. Notice – the clear majority still carry bouquets whether live flowers or other.


This tradition began as a holiday that newlyweds would take following the wedding to learn about each other and become intimate while in seclusion. The traditional honeymoon began in Britain during the 1800’s as a post-wedding voyage of the newlyweds, frequently accompanied by family or friends, for the purpose of visiting relatives who were unable to attend the wedding. Today the honeymoon is typically a dream vacation which serves as a rest following the hustle and bustle of the wedding planning and celebratory events.

Modern twist: Many couple are opting for post-wedding vacations with friends. Honeymooning in groups adds a new social element to this modern tradition.

As couples prepare for their wedding day they rely on traditions, particularly family based customs, which provide a sense of romanticism, comfort and familiarity. Luckily those traditions can be made more modern through the introduction of elements which highlight the couple’s interests, allow for their unique sense of style to shine through and provide a vehicle for personal connections with guests. The bottom line is that the idea of tradition will not be lost on the newlyweds anytime soon.

2013 here I come!!

So, you may be wondering why a picture of Snoopy & Charlie Brown would be on a blog for a wedding & event planner? Well, this is just about as good as I can show you of how I am feeling right now! I’ve certainly been doing the “happy dance” with all the amazing opportunities that have been coming my way lately. 2013 has started out to be an amazing year so far and it’s not even the end of January! I’ll explain all the good stuff that’s happening in future posts, so stay tuned!

If you’re reading this, than we’ve JUST launched the website and all the goodies that go along with it! I hope you go over and take a look at it. We’ve been working hard to get it just right and I’m pretty proud of what we created. My web guy is a ROCKSTAR! That’s all for now! Have a fantastic weekend! ~Cheers!