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Wedding services, event design and detail coordination

The ring is on your finger, the date has been chosen and the venue booked. Now on to the details. What if someone else could handle those details so that you could enjoy being the “guest of honor” at your own wedding? Inked Events provides more than just “Day of Wedding” coordination services. From full wedding planning and execution, to the planning and deployment of your bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and wedding party gift bags. Our expertise can be your peace of mind.

Full Planning

From booking venues and caterers following your spectacular engagement to delivering payment to the final vendors as they pack up after an amazing reception (and everything in between) our full planning service leaves you free to dream and enjoy. We bring our ideas and experiences to help you to make the best selections for your big day. Th day is all about YOU, but the work of planning doesn’t have to be!

Partial Planning

You’ve booked the venue and met with a few vendors. The big stuff is out of the way – but wow, it’s way too much work to do alone! We assist with selecting the final vendors and making suggestions for detailed items, based on your preferences and vision for your special day.

Wedding “Day of” Coordination

The hard work of planning the wedding is taken care of, but all those pieces need to be pulled together on event day. Every couple should be able to enjoy the guests and activities, but coordinating vendor arrivals, last minute set-ups and the handful of snafus that are bound to occur can take away from the fun. Let us handle those headaches so you can be stress free.

Social Events & Celebrations

Maybe you are too focused on the wedding day to let the other tasks like engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, post wedding brunch, guest activities, welcome bags, or showers slow you down. Luckily, our willing and able staff can help with all of that. We’ll meet to share your vision then, based on your direction, create the perfect pairings to your wedding celebration.

Decorations, Décor and Giveaways

Looking for that special centerpiece or magical element to highlight your theme? We can help. Our vendor partners never let us down, and can make even the most unique bloom request a reality.  Tying it all together, our linen rental program will provide the perfect match.

That’s why you need us

Our mission is to provide you with a worry-free and enjoyable experience – from beginning to end. We get to know you personally, understand your vision and your needs, providing the wedding you dreamed up yourself, without all the work and preparation it takes to execute it alone. No two weddings are ever alike, and we pride ourselves on customizing our services to fit your needs.  Contact us to see if your wedding date is available.

TGIF Signature Cocktail

Happy Friday!

Blushing Diva

I had the pleasure of trying this yummy cocktail this past weekend at the I Do Brunch event I attended. And, boy let me tell you, it is one dangerous drink that can really sneak up on you!! But, it SO GOOD since it was very refreshing & smooth (see why I say it’s dangerous!). This could be my new favorite “go-to” drink for summertime.

It would be perfect for an outdoor summer wedding or event.  By taking out the liquor, it could also be made as a non-alcoholic drink for your guests that don’t drink.

Here are the details:

  • 1 part Vodka (preferably Ciroc)
  • 1 part Cranberry Juice
  • 1 part Sprite or Sierra Mist
  • Splash of Grenadine
  • Top with Cherries

Want to try it?  Call or email me to set up a meeting and we will!


WOW…”I Do Brunch” Weekend

Happy Monday!

Yeah, that title pretty much sums up the weekend.  It was such a wonderful trip to Baltimore, MD for the 5th Annual “I Do Brunch”.  I put my ‘big girl pants’ by attending this conference alone on top of flying  solo too!  It was well worth it! I ‘knew’ some ladies going on, so I wasn’t completely alone, but I didn’t have any friend from my comfort zone to hang with.  I had to get out of my comfort zone and really get to  met some other people and boy, am I glad I did.  I met some of the most amazing women!

It was held at the BWI Marriott and the hotel was amazing!  The staff was super friendly & accommodating and the rooms were amazing!  It was interesting to have the whole room to myself, that’s for sure.

As you know, I’m a big believer in “signs” and 2013 has been an amazing year for me so far.  So, when I looked at my room number, I knew I was supposed to be here.

Now, onto the rest of the room….

This is “Gram Bear”, who made his first trip with me.  The story behind this little guy is he belonged to my husband’s grandmother, who passed away last year.  Since she’s watching over us, we decided she’d travel with us to wherever we went as well!


I had a full day of events on Saturday and was amazed at what I walked into. We started off at our “Red Carpet”, that was awaiting us to strut our stuff!

I had nothing to compare it too, but even the ladies who have attended before were in awe too as we walked into pure magic….

These floral designs were created by Janet Flowers Wedding & Event Designs

I was swooning over this one & instantly thought of my friends over at Harrington Flowers, LLC to re-create it for me! (and that’s my new friend, Chanda making an appearance in the corner!)

There were some more amazing from flowers from another fabulous florist, but I didn’t get their card & can’t find their info! 🙁

It was a Hollywood Glamour theme & each table had an Academy Award motion picture name & the history behind that picture. This was my table!

The room was just so inviting & just breathtaking!

Each table also had an envelope with a question for the “Town Meeting” discussion of the event.  Our question posed, “With the internet making it easy for people to plan weddings, who is considered an ‘expert’ planner and what goes into being an expert.”

There are many people who consider themselves “wedding planners” because they planned their friends or family events before, but what they don’t understand, there’s so much more involved than that. It’s not all glamourous & easy, as some of the movies/tv shows have portrayed it.  It’s hard work & trust me when I say, a lot goes into becoming a planner. It’s a career that is not for the faint hearted or shy.

I’ve been in the industry for 6 years and when I first started, I made sure that I learned what I was doing before even calling myself a planner or a business owner.  A couple needs to be confident in the person they are hiring to make sure their event goes smoothly.  It’s one of the most important day’s in a couples life & our reputation is at stake.

The food for thought that I received from the questions & discussions was invaluable. It will help me continue to strive to be a better & more educated planner.  Any client of mine will never have to think that they are getting a “random chick”! There’s a lot to learn, but there is also some fun with attending these conferences!

During the Brunch, there were presents for different things…. One was for being the first 25 Early Birds to register….and boy, was I surprised when MY name was called for this gorgeous tote bag!!

It’s a hand-painted, personalized tote from Just Me Totes!  Each one was different and each adjective represented how Setena “felt” about us.  Let me tell you, she didn’t know who any of us were and didn’t get any information about us from the I Do Brunch team. She is very in tune with her inner self and got each of our adjectives correct (it was eery really, but awesome too!).

I also won a magazine subscription to Wedding Planner Magazine, which I kindly gave to one of the many new friends I made, since I already receive it. I was hoping for one of the trips they were giving away, but I couldn’t get too greedy! 🙂

After the brunch, we got to hang out for a little while before getting a “Back of House” Tour with the Executive Chef & Director of Banquets. We got an inside look at how the food service works, how everything comes together, how it’s all stored & where the prep locations are.  Also, why it’s so important for a planner & the banquet staff to be on the same page when it relates to the timeline. Any change in the timeline will effect the food service.

Later that night we enjoyed a “Spirited” Pajama Party, where we got to wear our pj’s or comfy clothes, hang out, get your nails done, enjoy some sweets, mingle, play games all while enjoying some very dangerous “spirits” from Sugar Rim Bar. We also learned how to create a perfect nightcap & the basics of setting up a bar from Corey, the Owner of Sugar Rim Bar.

These were my cute pj’s & socks…

Let the games begin…we all remembered that Twister game board being A LOT bigger when we were kids!! There were a lot of laughs and some great photos that I’m sure will make their way to the virtual world, but I’ll leave those to the professional who took them! 😉

I tried the Red Velvet Cupcake from Ooh La La Cupcakery…OMG, it was PURE heaven in a wrapper!!

Than, to top of the evening we got ANOTHER bag of goodies!!!  I was VERY excited to see this in my swag bag….

….because, I was eyeing this glass earlier to purchase when I stopped at the vendor table of Ten 23 Designs! Check them out, they are so incredibly talented with their creations!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had, what I learned and the amazing connections I made by attending this. I plan on making I Do Brunch a yearly trip, to learn & to re-connect with now, my friends. I’m still reeling from it and just got to relive it by telling you.

Stay tuned for Friday’s blog to see one of the many “signature cocktails” we had!


‘I Do” Brunch Conference

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter & Passover weekend! Monday blogs are pretty much set aside to tell you what’s going on in the office, what inspires me, helpful tips and just about anything wedding related that strikes me.

For the next two weeks, I’ll be talking about the wedding conference I’ll be attending in Baltimore, MD. I’m SO EXCITED, I can barely contain myself!! It seems like I’ve been planning this trip for months and now it’s finally here … or at least it will be in a few days! I’m looking forward to meeting some great new contacts and finally, physically meeting the ones I’ve known for many years via Facebook and other online forums!

The “I Do Brunch” turns “5” this year and to celebrate it, they’ve transformed a one day seminar into a two day event!

It’s an opportunity for wedding planners to network, learn, relax and be a guest at an event.  The theme of the event is “Lights, Camera, Action: Hollywood Glamour!” I have my party shoes & outfit, ready to strut my stuff down the red carpet! The BWI Marriott is the host venue and just completed their renovation. I’m looking forward to seeing it transformed into a magical place for us.

I’ll be a busy little bee for two days…look at what’s in store for me!

5th Annual “I DO BRUNCH”
Saturday April 6th 
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

The highlight of the weekend!!  This annual event melds amazing cuisine with fabulous decor for a one-of-a-kind experience!  The theme of this year’s Brunch is:”Lights, Camera, Action: Hollywood Glamour”!

“Back Of The House” Tour

Saturday April 6th
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
The Marriott’s Executive Chef and Director Of Banquets will give Brunch attendees an “insider” look at how food service works, how all of the components come together, storage and prep locations, and why it is vital for the planner and F&B staff to be on the same page as it relates to food service and timing.
“NIGHTCAP: A Spirited Pajama Party”
Saturday, April 6th
8:00 – 11:00 p.m.
A fun, relaxing pajama party where Brunch attendees can lounge in their favorite ‘jammies, while enjoying savory & sweet snacks, playing card and board games and sharing “war” stories. We will also have a demo from the CEO of SugarRim Bar, Mr. Cory Brim, on how to make the perfect “nightcap”, not only for yourself…but for your clients as a revenue-generator to the services already provided. Guests will also learn a few bar “basics” to increase their knowledge.
“Celebrations Showcase”
Sunday, April 7th
11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Weddings, corporate events, social soirees – professional planners create them all to perfection for their clients!  This year, the “I DO Brunch” is pleased to offer complimentary admittance to the BWI Marriott’s luxurious Celebration Showcase..a gathering of the area’s top wedding & event providers who will be profiling their unique good and services to brides, grooms and potential party makers from across the state!
More than a bridal show, the Showcase is a great way to see the many facets needed to create a sparkling event!  Add in delectable cuisine, sparkling libations, beautiful decor along with the opportunity to speak face-to-face with the “movers & shakers” who know how to “make the magic happen”, and you’ve got a wonderful morning on tap for the professional AND the consumer!!!!

I love presents!!! I’m looking forward to seeing what’s inside my LUXETote!!

Here’s a little teaser about a few of my items that will be making an appearance during the “I Do Brunch” weekend!

Stay tuned for next week’s post for the reveal of the fabulous shoes, the jammies and the rocking outfit!