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Engage the Groomsmen – Providing More Groom Time for You

Moving away from the days when the bride handled all of the wedding details, more grooms are getting involved in the planning process. There are a variety of ways for involvement of, not only the groom, but the groomsmen as well. The best way to collaborate on the planning is by first sitting down with your groom and asking him which ways he might like to contribute, rather than randomly assigning him tasks.

When essential tasks can be completed by bridal attendants and groomsmen, the wedding couple is free to focus on the details of the day, and each other. Reducing the stress prior to marriage is a gift in itself.

Below are five suggested ways of engaging the guys – including the groom!

Family Matters

The best approach to building your guest list is working together. The first part of this can be done separately, however, by assigning the groom to take charge of his side of the family (creating the list, determining those needing a special role during the ceremony or reception, family needing special accommodations, etc.). Before you send him off on his own, work together to select the target number of guests and the parameters by which you will invite. Once the guidelines are set, the bride and groom can each take responsibility for their respective side of the family. Then you can then compare lists, strategize together and developing seating assignments.


The groom’s right-hand, the Best Man, can play a vital role in building a “team approach” to getting the groom down the aisle. This begins with building camaraderie between all of the groomsmen, so when the big day arrives each is working in coordination with the other. This can be accomplished through pre-wedding events, such as the bachelor party or other small group outings. When the big day finally comes, the team is ready to make sure that the “boys” are dressed, well groomed and on time for the ceremony! Other duties may apply!

Managing the Checklist

The best man can be a constant reminder to the groom, making sure that the marriage certificate is picked up and brought to the service or assigned to one of the groomsmen for safe keeping during preparation. Other logistical tasks that might be on the groomsmen’s to-do list is delivering the bride’s ring to the best man on the wedding day; ensuring the gratuity for the officiant has been prepared and ready to be handed off following the vows; equipping the wedding party with plenty of tissues for distribution in the event many happy tears are being shed; and transporting guests to and from the venue as needed.

Dressing the Part

Many modern grooms are very willing and interested in selecting their own wedding attire and that of their entourage. A special emphasis should be placed on the groom, as standing out apart from the rest of his groomsmen is particularly important for him. This can be achieved with embellishments to his dress including: pinning on a more sophisticated flower, displaying a more elaborate tie knot, or sporting bolder items such as shoes or vest. Additional accessories might also include patterned socks, glossy lapels, bright pocket squares, or personalized cuff-links. For ideas on non-traditional groomsmen attire click here.

Salute the Happy Couple

Most importantly, BEST MAN – make sure your speech is ready to go!

5 Very Cool Gifts to Give Your Best Man & Groomsmen

I recently had the opportunity to write a Guest Blog Post for Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and wanted to share. I love when I have the opportunity to meet some new amazing vendors and share with you! Hope you enjoy…

As most people who have ever been part of a wedding, the spotlight tends to focus more on the Bride and her Bridal Party than the Groom and his Groomsmen, but times are changing! My couples are focused on each other and the special people who are standing up for them.

When Tyler @ Groovy Groomsmen Gifts reached out to tell me about his amazing business that caters to the guys, I absolutely loved it! When I first started in the wedding industry, I felt the guys are sometimes forgotten in the midst of wedding planning. Now, I’m finding the Grooms are getting more involved with the planning and are also making sure their guys are properly honored too.

Tyler graciously allowed me to pick an item as an example to show off to my Grooms when they ask me for gift ideas for their Groomsmen.

So many options to select from… which one to choose!?

I decided on the…

1. Velocicaptor 

Who doesn’t love something practical and personalized with your name that reflects your personality?! Being that my hubby is a beer drinker, I decided to have it engraved with his name to really have the opportunity to experience the process first hand and of course, to be able to use it during our weekend cocktail hour instead of it sitting on a shelf in my office!

When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised on how well it was made. The wood was solid and very sturdy, as well as the bottle opener. The engraving was well done and it was also very cool to see the magnetic option {I missed that tidbit of information in the description!}, so we didn’t have to mount it in any particular spot and could use it anywhere. My hubby loved it and also agreed it was well made. Definitely gets high marks in my book!

Now, onto what I think are other cool ideas…

2. The Grand Pilsner or Macho Beer Mug

In my book you can never go wrong with a beer mug, no matter which style you choose, unless of course, your friends don’t drink beer than this may not be a good item for you. 😉 I showcased both styles since it really would be a personal preference on which one to choose. Remember, no one said you have to get all the same style either! I liked both of them for their classic, no fuss details.

3. The Metro Wallet/Money Clip

I know sometimes guys are finicky about their wallets and Groovy Groomsmen Gifts offers many different styles to the money clip, but this one stood out more to me because it allows the user to get the best of both worlds, a wallet & money clip. I really liked how both the money and credit cards are enclosed and secure while it keeps to the slimness of a money clip.

4. Classic Pocket Watch

Ah, the old fashion pocket watch. Being a wedding planner and time being a huge factor in what I do, I’m a sucker for a sharp looking pocket watch {I even have a tattoo of one!}. No matter what color or face style you choose, you really can’t go wrong with this item. My motto is “Be Present, Time is of the essence…”

5.  The Traveler Cooler

And last, but definitely not least, what guy doesn’t need or want a cooler for his favorite beverage?! As you might have noticed from my choices, I’m a person of practicality and who likes to give gifts that are also functional. I thought this cooler would be another great gift idea since it can be used for just about anything from bringing lunch to work and food to a cookout to heading to the beach or tailgating for the day.

Many Unique Gift Items

Being a wedding planner, I do tend to get a lot of requests from vendors who want me to tell my couples about their products. I’m always happy to share what I think my Grooms would like when I find products that are unique, good quality and authentic. I found Groovy Groomsmen Gifts offers so many different types of items to pick from and are well made that any Groom would be able to find the right gift for their Best Man and Groomsmen.

Want to get to know more of my vendor friends? Check out what services we offer to help you with your wedding planning needs!