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2016 Wedding Recap

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know, I’m about a week or so behind with recapping our 2016 wedding season….better late than never! And you know me, I always beat to my own drum anyways!

While 2016 was a quieter year with the number of weddings, we had a lot of internal growth as a business. I certainly cannot complain about it since we still had the pleasure of meeting and working with some truly amazing couples. We also were very selective on the couples we wanted to work with. For us, it’s never about quantity, it’s always about quality.

Now, enough of my blah, blah, blah … onto seeing some of my favorite images!


Sasha & Brian were married in June on the lovely Laudholm Farm, located in Wells, ME. We started off the day sunny and warm, but as the day progressed on, the fog rolled in and the chill along with it. Thankfully, we were fully prepared with heaters for the tent and the chilly weather didn’t stop them from having the time of their lives with their friends and families.

Sasha & Brian wanted a bohemian chic style wedding using a neutral color palette and lots of greenery. Sasha is super talented in calligraphy and created all the signs herself. You could feel the love that was just bursting out of them when you were around them. Brian is a fellow wedding musician and had secretly {I’m so good at keeping secrets!} planned to serenade Sasha with a song he wrote.

Images courtesy of Clara Rice Photography

Caitlyn & ReyDel were married in the middle of June at the gorgeous ViewPoint Hotel in York, ME. They had the added benefit of having the Nubble Lighthouse as their ceremony and reception backdrop. Sadly, the weather was not 100% in our favor on their wedding day, however, we were able to get the ceremony and some of the pictures done before the heavy rain fell. Despite the weather, the rain didn’t dampen their spirits and the dance floor was packed all night long. The rain let up later in the evening and the guests were able to enjoy the scenery and the lawn games.

One of the biggest highlights was their first dance… it had to be the most amazing choreographed first dance I’ve ever witnessed. It was also one of the biggest kept secrets {I’m very good at keeping secrets!} that had their guests surprised and in awe by it.

Caitlyn & Rey wanted a nautical themed wedding using navy, gray & yellow as their color palette. Everything looked gorgeous and the details they created were absolutely stunning.

Images courtesy of NH Images

Kristin & Brian were married at the end of June in a Catholic ceremony at St. John the Evangelist Church. The reception was held under a tent in the backyard of Kristin’s parents home. I couldn’t have ordered up better weather day for them if I tried! It was a nice, sunny day and some may say a bit warm since a few of the {younger} guests took a dip in the pool!

Kristin & Brian wanted a simple, yet fun wedding…they certainly had it. They used a light blue and ivory color palette and added burlap squares to the centerpieces to give that rustic feel. The guests enjoyed the simplicity of a backyard feeling with great food, great music and lots of laughter.

Images courtesy of Logan Miller

Meaghan & Justin were married in the middle of August on Lake Winnipesaukee at the Wolfeboro Inn. We definitely had the gorgeous, sunny weather on their wedding day unlike the day/night before where it rained heavily. What you don’t see in the pictures is that it was extremely humid on their wedding day! With the temperatures & heat index, I can honestly say it was about 100 degrees under that tent! You’d never have known it was that hot by the packed dance floor all day long! And boy, do I have to give a huge kudos to my friend over at Spinner Music Productions for that!

Meaghan & Justin wanted to keep the decor simple and focused on the relaxed, laid back feeling you have when you’re by the lake. They used navy, yellow and pink as their color palette. It was an emotional day for them in many ways with heartfelt speeches from Meaghan’s sister, Caitlin, Justin’s Dad and his Best Man, Alex plus one of Meaghan’s bridesmaids, Sarah played a special song to them on her acoustic guitar.

Images courtesy of Callan Photo

Caitlin & Cameron were married Labor Day weekend at the stunning Wentworth by the Sea. I couldn’t have ordered up any better of a day for them if I tried. We literally had a picture perfect day for their wedding. The flowers were in full bloom, the weather was cool & warm, the ceremony music was played by one of the groomsmen, the officiate was a close friend and to cap it off, the ceremony was extremely heartfelt and emotional…there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

Caitlin & Cam wanted a wedding with bright colors {navy, white and coral}, nautical elements and of course, that was fun for their guests. They had all three! The details were amazingly thought out…from the shells used as escort cards, having a presidential style served dinner {this by far is amazing to see}, changing the colors of the uplighting in the ballroom to create a romantic feel during dinner than using a bold color to create a party atmosphere for dancing…and boy, that dance floor was packed all night long!

Images courtesy of NH Images

LisaAnn & Matthew’s wedding was our last wedding of the season. They were married on a sunny, semi-warm late September day. LisaAnn is a fellow wedding professional, whom I had the pleasure of working with last season. So, when LisaAnn contacted me to help her with her wedding details, I was more than happy to say yes!

LisaAnn & Matthew wanted a simple, laid back, BBQ, elegant wedding that was surrounded by their friends and family …. and that’s exactly what they had. Good food, good music and creating heartfelt memories!

I say, it was the best way for us to end an amazing season full of love and laughter!

Images courtesy of Happy Gatherings


I truly am always excited to be part of someone’s wedding day, I do feel it’s a honor to be part of it. It’s one of the most important days in a couple’s life and when a couple trusts me enough to make sure they enjoy it, well, I take that very seriously. The day goes by so quickly, I don’t want them to have to worry about anything except having a great time.

I am blessed by the couples I meet and now, can call them friends. Thank you to all my couples for being the best clients a girl could ask for. You make what I love to do so much better!

I’m looking forward to an amazing 2017 filled with more amazing couples and details.


Why You SHOULD Hire a Wedding Planner – from a Client’s Perspective

One our recent couples wanted to share their experience working with us and wrote this lovely post. I hope it helps you understand the importance of how a wedding planner can allow you to enjoy your day and what makes us stand out. Enjoy!

Written by Meaghan & Justin Williams

All images courtesy of their {fabulous, amazingly talented} photographer, Callan Photo


What made you choose to look for a wedding planner?

We didn’t start this process thinking we would need a wedding planner. We were confident and even excited to do all the planning on our own, so whenever the idea of a wedding planner came up we more or less brushed it off as an unnecessary expense. In addition, our venue came with a wedding coordinator, so we felt like we were well supported in terms of planning.

What we learned, however, is that wedding planners – or at least Tracy – provide so much more than just “planning.” Tracy describes herself as a Wedding Fairy Godmother, but what she doesn’t say is that she is a Fairy Godmother, therapist, friend, confidant, peacemaker, strategist, and event planner extraordinaire. We initially reached out to Tracy after spending a weekend talking through the details of the wedding. We had all the big pieces down – the vendors were hired, the venue set, the colors chosen, but it suddenly occurred to us that there were a million little details that built off of each other and tied the larger pieces together and someone had to be responsible for being the glue that held them all in place. We wanted to enjoy our day, not be worried about orchestrating it – so that’s when we started looking.


But if you already had a venue coordinator, why do you need a wedding planner?

Our venue coordinator ended up not being there on the day of our wedding, which, as it turns out, is a common situation at venues. If we hadn’t had Tracy with us, we would have been trusting the biggest day of our lives to someone whom we had never met. Hiring a wedding planner ensures that you have a consistent point of contact throughout the process – no matter what!

In addition, our venue coordinator’s priority was making sure that catering, bar, tent, tables and chairs were all in place. Tracy prioritized these things too, but her main priority was us. Our meetings with her were always full of personal details and she truly took the time to listen to our feelings and concerns and helped us build the best wedding for us. Tracy also has experience with multiple venues and vendors, so she isn’t stuck in the bubble of one venue and was able to provide suggestions that she had seen from multiple venues.

What were the most important factors to you when you were looking for a wedding planner?

Budget and availability were the initial eliminating factors, but most important to us was the reviews from prior clients, which we found via The Knot and Wedding Wire, and the initial interaction we had with them. We wanted someone who could empathize with the excitement and the nerves, while still being calm and in control of the big day. If you read Tracy’s reviews, you’ll see glowing after glowing review of the impact she has had on her couples and we can only echo those!


How did you decide on a wedding planner?

We reached out to a total of six planners and talked to four of them. We found that every wedding planner had a different personality and way of introducing themselves to us. What stood out to us about Tracy amongst all the others was how personalized her response was to us. Where other coordinators had an automated email response with pricing, Tracy had clearly written a personalized message in response to our inquiry. In addition, she was extremely transparent about her services and pricing and wanted to schedule a consultation call and meeting with us before either of us made a decision to move forward.

On our initial consultation call, Tracy truly took the time to just listen to us. She wasn’t interested in pushing our plans in any particular direction, she just wanted to know what our needs were, why were we reaching out, what we wanted to feel like on our wedding day and why. She explained her services but never pressured us and was the only wedding planner that made us feel like we were hiring a person – a person who could understand, listen, empathize, negotiate, and consult – and not just a “service” that would make sure the flowers were in place on the big day.

After our call, we agreed to meet Tracy for a drink to discuss further details. We were shocked when we got there to see that Tracy had a binder already made for us with every detail we had mentioned on our call. What we really loved, however, was that our meeting was a conversation. It was clear that Tracy knew what she was doing, she asked questions that we never would have thought of – and she truly listened to our answers. She didn’t run us through a checklist of standard questions, she took the time to let us tell our story and ramble about little things that we were anxious about, all the while taking notes on everything from what kind of water we like to drink to our plans for the honeymoon.

So you hired her?

Heck yes we hired her! We weren’t pressured or sold into her services – but rather by the time we were done with our in-person meeting with her, we were basically begging her to work with us. Since the day we hired her, she’s truly become our go-to when it comes to wedding planning and moreover, she’s become an incredible, thoughtful friend.

How often do you meet with Tracy?

Ultimately we will have five in-person meetings before the big day. However, we can’t even begin to count the emails and texts that have taken place in between those meetings. Our communication ranges from long, planning focused emails to quick panic texts “I can’t remember if I told you this, but…” Our communication with Tracy allowed us to sleep at night knowing that every detail was being managed by an expert.

What advice do you have for other couples in the planning stages?

Well, first, obviously hire Tracy – you’ll thank us later! Secondly, be willing to admit how you’re feeling and know that it’s okay to ask for help. Do you really want to spend an extra thousand dollars on chairs? Do it. Do you not care about flowers? Don’t have them. Are you stuck between two songs for your entrance? That’s okay! Tracy has made us realize that there are no rules, just plans. No matter how absurd our ideas have gotten, Tracy takes them in stride and works them into the plan. When we’re stuck on an idea, we email her and ask for her opinion because we know that it will be honest, unbiased, and coming from someone with experience.

How do you think the planning process has changed now that you have a wedding planner?

It’s so much more enjoyable! Knowing that we have Tracy on our team allows us to let go of fretting over every detail and wondering if we’ve forgotten something. Tracy keeps us in check and reminds us what we still need to do and when we need to do it by. Having someone take the reins on the logistical pieces has allowed us to focus on the more meaningful pieces – we can think about writing our vows and practicing our first dance rather than trying to figure out a backup plan if we’re running late and it starts raining during the first look.

In addition, Tracy has provided multiple recommendations, she makes us laugh when we’re panicking, she keeps us organized, and she’s really been a neutral voice of reason that has helped us stay grounded during the planning process. Tracy is more than willing to help us incorporate anything into our wedding, but she’s also ready to give her honest opinion and the pros and cons of an idea when we ask her. We trust her judgment and experience more than anyone else in this process and she has yet to steer us wrong!


How do your vendors feel about having a wedding planner involved?

Everyone we’ve ever met that has worked with Tracy loves her. One of our vendors even emailed us to thank us for introducing him to Tracy because she’s been so great to work with. Ultimately, working with Tracy means that all of the vendors receive the same coordinated, perfected timeline, they all have a point of contact that is guaranteed not to be emotional that day, and they all have the opportunity to work with a professional, which allows them to focus on doing their best work as well.

What does a wedding planner do on the day of the wedding?

Apparently everything, but the most important thing that Tracy did was allow us to enjoy ourselves. Tracy was on site by the time we woke up making sure everything was in place. She unpacked our car, set up the décor, checked in with all of our vendors, made sure the venue looked exactly the way we envisioned, managed the timeline, kept our wedding party on schedule, and, most importantly, kept us calm! Throughout the wedding, she was remembered every small detail and managed every curve ball that came her way. When we wanted to make a change last minute, we simply told Tracy and she communicated with the rest of the vendors to make it happen so that we could get back to enjoying our day.

Are wedding planners really worth the money?

We literally laugh every time we hear this question. What’s the price you would pay to feel calm on your wedding day? How much would you spend to hear someone tell you, “you don’t need to wear a watch on your wedding day?” How much is your sleep worth? We can’t speak for every wedding planner, but we can speak for Tracy. She has made our engagement enjoyable, organized, and stress-free; that is worth every penny and so much more.

_20160814-0398 _20160814-0395

Thank you Meaghan & Justin for this heartfelt & informative post from your perspective on how I helped you enjoy your wedding. I truly put so much time, love & work into all my couples wedding day. This made me blush when I read how much it helped you both really enjoy your day and the months leading up to it. I was honored to be part of it and so happy to witness your love and the next chapter of your lives, but especially can now call you both friends.

Want us by your side at your wedding & enjoy your wedding? Visit our website to check us out.


Top 5 Wedding Planner Checklist

Hello there!

Trust me, when I tell you there will be many items on the wedding checklist you will be checking off throughout your planning process. In my experience, I find the ones below are the 5 most important on my wedding planner checklist.

Top 5

1. Set your wedding date

Honestly, you would think this would be the easy part and for some it is, but it also could be very daunting to a newly engaged couple. No need to fret over it, there are a few ways to help you determine the perfect date. Do you have a favorite month or number? Do you have an anniversary date of when you starting dating? Those are at least a good starting points.

A little story about when I was picking my own wedding date, I knew I wanted to get married on a Saturday and wanted to make it an “anniversary” weekend. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the actual date we started dating that fell on a Saturday for a few years, so I went for the next best thing, the following day! Both dates have a special meaning to me in different ways and now every year, I honor both and have an anniversary weekend.

Don’t be afraid to allow a number or month that has a special meaning to the two of you to be a factor.

2. Set a budget

Money is always hard to talk about, but this by far is the most important item on the wedding planner checklist. Determine what you can afford and how much you want to spend on your wedding. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have the wedding of your dreams and there are many ways to have the wedding of your dreams without the huge price tag.

Also, during the budget discussion, I’d advise to make priorities on certain areas and items that are important to you where you couldn’t imagine getting married without them. It will help you know where you want to spend higher and lower amounts of your budget.

3. Determine who’s paying what

After you’ve determined the budget, you need to decide whether any family members will be helping you out paying for the wedding. In this day and age, most couples are paying for the majority of the wedding themselves, but their parents do want to contribute something to help.

If the parents are making any type of contribution towards your wedding, its best to ask them what the specific amount is. The reason being, it will help you know the best areas to allocate that money towards. It’s always easier to know an exact amount you’re able to work with than wonder how much you have to spend.

4. Decide on what type of wedding you want

You’ve set the date, determined your budget and even who’s helping out, now let the planning fun begin! I’m sure you’ve looked at countless Pinterest boards for inspiration {it can be wonderful, but also overwhelming!} and now the time has come to decide what type of wedding you’re envisioning.

By deciding this, it will help set the tone of your wedding and will let you know which direction to go in. There are many options to consider, so do what makes you happy and works for you and your budget.

  • Do you want a traditional, non-traditional, outdoor/indoor ceremony and reception?
  • Do you want formal, semi-formal, backyard or laid back kind of wedding?
  • What type of year feels right to you: fall, summer, spring or maybe even in winter {nothing wrong with a little snow for a New England wedding}.

I promise once you decide what type of wedding you want, it will ease your mind and let you determine whether you want a specific theme and color palette.

5. Select and book your vendors

The date and budget is set, you’ve set priorities based on what is important to you and your fiancé, now I would highly recommend you start looking at vendors that fit your budget, style and personality. There are vendors that do book out at least a year {or more} in advance, especially the ones who are incredibly talented at their craft. By setting priorities, it will help you determine where you want to spend more or less of your budget for those particular vendors.

During your research, keep a few thoughts in mind: do you admire their work, understand what value they bring to the table and most importantly, when you meet or talk with them, do you have a connection with them. Listen to your gut feeling. Trust me, you will be spending a lot of time with certain vendors, so you want to make sure you have a good connection with them.

I hope my Top 5 most important wedding planner checklist items helped you prioritized things. I leave you with a few parting words…
Have fun planning your wedding & make it your own!

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your wedding planning? Check out our services to see how we can help elevate some of that anxiety. I can’t wait to hear from you and talk weddings! 🙂


Recap of Our Amazing 2015 Weddings

As we approach the end of the year, I wanted to share some of the highlights from our 2015 wedding season. It’s sometimes hard to find the time to write a blog post during wedding season that showcases each of the fabulous weddings we are honored to be part of. This year I decided to take different approach and wait until the end of the season to write one post that shows some of the different elements from each our weddings.

There were food trucks, sparklers, retro items, homemade wooden coasters, an amazing singer paying tribute to the bride’s mother, best father of the bride speech, best father/daughter dance, best photo booth wall prop, personalized corn hole games, ice cream bar, colorful dresses and dueling pianos! Our couples focused on personalized details that reflected who they are, which is why it’s one of the many reasons we love them!

Best Clients Ever

That’s our motto! We are truly blessed to work with some pretty amazing people on one of the happiest day of their lives. I am truly honored to be part of it every time. It really is like watching one of my friends get married and as I always tell them, I’m the “other best friend”. I love what I do and blessed to be living my dream….

OK enough of the babble, let’s show you some stunning pictures from the some of the most talented photographers I had the pleasure to work with…

Images courtesy of Brea McDonald Photography ~ Liz & Scott

June church wedding

June outdoor wedding

June outdoor wedding

June outdoor wedding

June outdoor wedding
Images courtesy of Sootie Studios ~ Heidi & Rory

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

Images courtesy of Trenholm Photo ~ Rob & Michaela

August lake wedding

August lake wedding

August lake wedding

August lake wedding

August lake wedding

August lake wedding

August lake wedding

August lake wedding

Images courtesy of Erika Follansbee Photography ~ Samantha & Myles

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

August backyard wedding

Images courtesy of William Tangorra Photography ~ Darci & Kyle
{Please note: his website has music involved so if you’re at work, you may want to turn the volume down!}

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

September Seacoast wedding

Images courtesy of Tess Rollins Photography ~ Sarah & Rick

September classic wedding

September classic wedding

September classic wedding

September classic wedding

Images courtesy of Inked Events

September classic wedding

September classic wedding

September classic wedding

Images courtesy of Stovila Photography ~ Laura & Dax

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

October wedding Mountain View Grand

See I wasn’t lying when I said we had a pretty amazing season of personalized details, fabulous weather and the most amazing clients ever!

I would love to be part of your wedding day. I want you to fully be present and enjoy your wedding like they all did! Check out our services to see how you can be this relaxed too!


Jenn & Greg’s Elegant Country Wedding

What better way to start off the new year than reminisce about the last one especially when it has to do with weddings!

There’s nothing like ending the wedding season with an elegant country wedding on another perfect New England fall day! I swear I have the luckiest couples that seem to order up the perfect weather on their wedding day…Jenn & Greg were no different!


I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn & Greg almost a year before their wedding. She originally contacted me to just set up her reception since Jenn is a very Type A personality and felt she couldn’t do it herself. She felt she couldn’t get it done exactly the way she wanted & enjoy the pre-ceremony fun at the same time.

After getting to know Jenn via email & literally hitting it off before we even spoke a word to each other, we decided to schedule our initial meeting. We met on a winter night last January and that’s when the similarities between us really came out, to where Greg said, “if I wasn’t sitting here witnessing this, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Needless to say, our meeting went fabulous and I was very excited about their wedding. I did explain to them that if they decided to upgrade to our Day Of Coordination service, I would need to know beforehand since I was leaving for a bridal conference the next day. I didn’t want my flight arrangements to conflict with their wedding!

A few days later, I got an email from Jenn telling me that Greg couldn’t stop talking about me on the way home from our meeting, how crazy similar we are and how much help I could be for her. In other words, he was trying to convince her that they needed to find it in their budget to have me as their Day Of Coordinator {she already knew she wanted me there!}. As they say, the rest is history….



Jenn & Greg were married on a sunny, chilly November day in a Catholic ceremony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Claremont, NH.

I finally had the pleasure of working with Steve Holmes Photography and he sure didn’t disappoint with his stunning photos! Thank you Steve for providing all the gorgeous eye candy!

Their reception was held at one of my {many} favorite venues, Stonewall Farm in Keene, NH. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I wasn’t worried about the 1-hour ride that was between the two locations during the planning process.

Thanks to my amazing team, I was able to literally be in two places at once! While I was with Jenn & Greg at the ceremony, my team took care of the last minute details at the reception location. It always helps when we are fortunate enough to be able to set up some of the reception room the day before too!

The wedding theme was based on the Damask pattern and their colors were black & white. Jenn wanted an elegant country wedding and Stonewall Farm was the perfect choice for that.
Jenn’s dress was absolutely stunning and she just glowed in it! I really couldn’t wait for Greg to see her in it!
Being huge baseball fans, it was only appropriate their cake topper reflected that part of their personalities.
We hung black & white lanterns across the main reception area to create a romantic feel to the room and it was the perfect setting to have the fire lit in the huge stone fireplace which again I’m kind of bummed I don’t have a picture to share of it!

My most enjoyable of many moment was to see Greg’s face when I told him he had “his” fire in the fireplace. He was under the impression he couldn’t have one which of course is what Jenn & I led him to believe. It was absolutely PRICELESS! He really did look like a kid getting the cool, new toy on Christmas morning. {Image taken by Inked Events}
Jenn is very creative and made the centerpieces herself. She brought the country in by using mason jars with diamond marbles to help display the table number & a photo of them that was surrounded with votive candles & soap. {Image taken by Inked Events}
They wanted their guests to have a little snack on their way back to the hotel or home, so they decided to have a candy bar. {Image taken by Inked Events}
They also had a unique guestbook that was a canvas picture of a tree and each guest used an ink stamp to leave a thumbprint on a branch of the tree to represent a leaf. I’m bummed I don’t have a picture of that to show you, it was pretty cool!

Stonewall is such a beautiful place for a wedding for so many reason, but this is one of them! It has this gorgeous stairway that is perfect for a photo op!
Plus, you just can’t go wrong with the outdoor pictures either…..

No matter how long or short we begin working together, I really do get so involved with my couples that when the wedding is over, I have withdrawals. Thankfully my couples are my friends even afterwards, so it’s not the “end” for us.

To see the love Jenn & Greg share was wondrous to witness and beyond words.
I developed such a wonderful relationship with Jenn, Greg and their son, Dominic over the last year that I was just so ecstatic to have been part of their wedding day. To have seen them both really enjoy their wedding was absolutely priceless for me.

Here are some of the kind words Jenn wrote about working with me:

“Tracy was absolutely amazing!!! I had the pleasure of working with Tracy for eleven months while planning my wedding and she was right there every step of the way, guiding me through every last detail. A million thank you’s will never amount to the thanks she truly deserves. I can go on and on about how grateful I am for choosing Inked Events. Bottom line, I can promise you…no one can do what this woman can do!!!”

Aww…shucks…thank you both for the kind words and for allowing me to share in your love & family! XO

Thinking about a Day Of Coordinator for your wedding? Want someone who really gets into your wedding? Get to know me a little better here to see if we’d be a good fit for you!


{Blog Series} The Day in the Life of a Coordinator — WEDDING DAY! – Desiree & Jacob

Oy-vey! It’s been a hectic, crazy, action packed few months with end of the season weddings, a bridal conference in Jamaica {yes, I know, rough!}, a local business conference, where I was inspired by my peers and witnessed a speaker swallow a sword then throw the holidays & life in general into the mix equals craziness and no time to write the final part of this series.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been LOVING every crazy minute of it, so don’t take it the wrong way! 🙂

Now, let’s get back to what you’re really here about….THE WEDDING!

Desiree & Jacob were married on a beautiful, sunny, cool September day at the Cambridge Boat Club. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect weather day! Of course, I ordered it up especially for them! 🙂  I’m so glad to finally have gotten the chance to work with Leise Jones Photography, who took some amazing photos throughout the day! Thanks to her, I got to meet this amazing couple and be part of their wedding!

The setup went smooth and beautifully because of my amazing team, but it also helps when vendors work together to create an amazing event where anyone will help out if needed! Without the last minute help from the amazing catering staff of Summer Shack those chair sashes might have looked differently! After the ceremony, we all worked seamlessly together to flip the ceremony area into the dining room in record time.

Desiree looked absolutely stunning in her dress and Jacob looked so handsome in his suit. They decided to do a “First Look”. They wanted a special moment when it is just the two of them to relish in seeing each other in the moments before the ceremony.
The ceremony was a mix of the Christian and Jewish religions to honor both sides of their families. The best man built the chuppah, which was made from a birch tree from Jacob’s parents backyard. It was quite amazing to see and to hear {you could hear the bark settling if you stood close enough to it.}.

The speeches from the maid & matron of honor, the best man and both sets of parents were so heartfelt, it brought Desiree to happy tears.
Desiree & Jacob’s wedding colors were navy, cream and touches of New England fall colors. We set up a Persian table to honor Desiree’s Parisian heritage and the escort cards were hanging from window shutters that she got from her favorite craft fair seller!
They had their favorite book about Maine as their guestbook, where the guests could sign a blank page throughout the book and it sat in front of the fireplace that hung a banner across it with their names.

The guestbook table and fireplace was adorned with pictures of them and their loved ones who are no longer with them.

The centerpieces were simple floral arrangements by OUTBloom Floral on a burlap runner. The table numbers sat in granny green apples.

To give the rooms a romantic feel, we hung twinkle lights along the center poles and around the upstairs indoor balcony.
After the first dance, pie cutting, parent dances, the dance floor was rocking after the Hora until the last dance thanks to DJ Sara!

I was so happy to have been part of their wedding and to see everything come together beautifully after all the months of planning and spending time with them.

Yes, while you may have wedding planning withdrawals, I have withdrawals from not talking, seeing or emailing with my couples after the wedding. I miss them, so I’m always excited when we can finally catch up! I’m looking forward to seeing them soon to catch up and hear about the honeymoon!

Here’s a little what Desiree had to say about working with us:

“Tracy was absolutely incredible to work with and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her! She was the fairy godmother of our wedding. She went above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways, and she was there for us during every step of the process….”

Thank you Desiree & Jacob for the kind words & allowing me the honor of being part of your wedding day! XO

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{Blog Series} The Day in the Life of a Coordinator — Part 2 – Desiree & Jacob

Behind the Scenes …. Look at Working with Inked Events as Your Day of Coordinator 

Wondering what happens behind the scenes when you work with a Day of Coordinator like Inked Events? In our last blog post, I shared the process of finding a Day of Coordinator to help plan a wedding. I left off with the exciting news I received that I’d be part of Desiree & Jacob’s wedding! I really do get all giddy with excitement when I have the honor of working with amazing people on one of the happiest days of their lives! 🙂

Now it’s crunch time for Desiree & Jacob’s upcoming September wedding. Their wedding is less than a week away now, so this is a great time to see what we’re up to!

The next step in the process of working with Inked Events is actually meeting. I try to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule and negotiate the contract via email and phone. When the couple is ready to move forward signing us on as one of their vendors, we coordinate a time and place to physically meet to chat.

Our meeting was scheduled for a Sunday afternoon in March. It was a rainy day, but that didn’t dampen our mood or take away from the cute, little cafe we met at. In preparation for that meeting, I asked Desiree and Jacob to fill out a client profile which provides the finer details of who’s who, contact information, vendors and all other types of information a Day of Coordinator needs to know. For my preparation, I researched the venue to see if there are any pictures of it or if there’s a downloadable floor plan to work with.

I was so excited to finally meet Desiree and Jacob in person! She and I had chatted a bit over email and text messaging beforehand, so when we finally met each other in person, I felt I was meeting an old friend.

During our first meeting with couples like Desiree and Jacob, we review everything, and I mean everything. This helps me get an idea of how the couple sees the day and how they want things to feel.

Next, as a Day of Coordinator, I create a timeline based upon everything we discuss. I always start with a draft based on how the couple envisions the wedding and reception, then, when I consult with the other vendors involved, I adjust the timeline to fit their time allowance and needs. I continually fine-tune the timeline over the course of the planning process.

After the couple reviews the timeline, we discuss any concerns, thoughts and ideas they have. During the course of our planning process, Desiree and Jacob expressed an interest in a few last minute vendors, so I recommended a few reliable, creative professionals I knew would fit their style and budget.

Desiree planned to create her centerpieces and bouquets herself. I’m all about DIY, but when it comes to floral arrangements, I highly recommend hiring a professional florist.

Why? As a Day of Coordinator, my role is to not only help with any last minute planning of the Big Day, but ultimately to relieve stress and worry for the couple on their Big Day. So, I asked her, “Do you really want to worry about making the centerpieces and bouquets days before your wedding and then have to worry about where to store them until the day of the wedding?”

I’m happy to report that Desiree took my advice and booked my florist after that brief conversation.

After meeting Desiree & Jacob, I sent out my introductory email to the vendors they had booked. This way all vendors would understand that I would be the point-of-contact on their wedding day and executing the timeline as the day’s playbook.

Since they brought me on early on in the planning process, Desiree and I have communicated over the last few months via email. It provided me an opportunity to answer questions, address any detail or updates, or just to touch base. She had a bridal shower back in June with her family and friends in Texas, {where she’s originally from} and then had an I Do BBQ Jack & Jill at Jacob’s family home for local family and friends. It warmed my heart to be invited to the Jack & Jill, but I could not attend.

On a beautiful summer day, back in July, we enjoyed our venue walk-thru. The walk-thru is key since it’s a time we’re all able to discuss the room set up, to ensure the day will flow properly. Based on our walk-thru, we adjusted the rooms set up, with particular attention to where certain personalized items will be better suited for the guests to see and have access. After the walk-thru, we went to Harvard Square for lunch and continued to review a few more details to be certain the day would flow seamlessly.

We’re just a week to go! As the Day of Coordinator, the last few weeks have been spent finalizing details. I can’t believe their wedding day is just about here! I’ll be in full wedding mode this week!

I’m so excited to see everything come together, but I’m especially excited to see two of the sweetest people—and the most adorable couple—get married.

Here are a few inspiration ideas that will be at their wedding:

Sofreh Aghd {Persian Table}

Pie Table

Twinkle Lights

Are you just as excited as I am? Stay tuned for Part 3….THE WEDDING!

Are you considering, or interested in, hiring a Day Of Coordinator? Contact me via our Inked Events website form to find out if your date is available and how I can help you during the planning process.


{Blog Series} The Day in the Life of a Coordinator — Part 1 Desiree & Jacob

Happy Wednesday!

Now, that summer is officially over, our blogging summer vacation must come to an end too! I hope you enjoy the first of our new blog series. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy….

Ever wonder what the process is when working with a Day of Coordinator?

I’m here to tell you I had an epiphany the other day. How about I take you along for the ride while I’m working with my clients before, during & after their wedding? You’ll see the process of working with a coordinator through my eyes.  And at the end of it, you’ll see the wonderful result and what the couple said about working with us.

There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding, and if you’re in the planning process right now, you can certainly relate. I wanted to give you a little insight when you become one of our clients and how it is when you work with a Day of Coordinator at Inked Events. You are more than a client to me— you become a friend. I want to know what’s going on beyond wedding-related things, I want to know what’s happening with you, your family, work, what you did over the weekend and anything else that’s going on.

I hope you enjoy the story of our soon-to-be-wed-in-September clients Desiree & Jacob! Thanks to Leise Jones Photography for these gorgeous engagement pictures!

Beginning the Process of Working with a Day of Coordinator

It was back in March when Desiree sent me an email to inquire about her wedding date availability. Desiree contacted me based on a recommendation from her photographer; Leise Jones Photography’s when she inquired about working with a Day Of Coordinator. Leise had just published a wonderful blog post about us & sent it along to her to read. {Leise & I met last year at a networking event and totally hit it off. We’ve been looking forward to working together ever since.}

After a few emails to get better acquainted, we found a Friday night to sit down & have a phone chat. We talked about her wedding, what she & Jacob do for a living, how they met, how he proposed and just a whole lot of other things.

During our conversation, I took notes about the wedding details and especially listened to what her concerns were. One of her biggest worries was regarding a rehearsal. Their venue isn’t available the day before their wedding due to another event, so she mentioned that she was going to have it on the day OF the wedding!

Now, picture this: you’re getting ready; hair and makeup is being done; it’s the middle of the afternoon on your wedding day and you stop and all leave to go to the rehearsal!

The Process of Working with a Day of Coordinator Eliminates Worries

I listened to her concerns, then suggested a few options:

  1. Scheduling the rehearsal on another day at their venue
  2. Holding a rehearsal at a completely different location the day before, or even a few days before
  3. Eliminating the rehearsal completely

I recommend #3 when a couple is working with a Day of Coordinator. I mentioned that if she were to hire us as their Day of Coordinator, we wouldn’t have to do a rehearsal. I’m confident in my abilities to get the wedding party down the aisle with no issues.

Let’s just say, she felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. 

I was happy to give her that peace of mind and that was before she even decided to work with us!

During our conversation, I instantly felt a great connection with Desiree. We chatted for just over an hour and I was so excited about her wedding details that I couldn’t wait to meet her and of course, work with her & fiancé Jacob. I sent off the proposal outlining what we discussed & what my services would entail.

A few days later, she contacted me to let me know they wanted to move forward. Excitement was in the air!!! 🙂 Love is in the air!

Want to hear what happens next? Stay tuned for the Part 2 in our series…..

Are you considering or interested in hiring a Day Of Coordinator? Contact me via our Inked Events website form to find out if your date is available and how I can help you during the planning process.


Nicole & Wade’s Rustic Wedding

Happy Thursday!

Nicole & Wade’s wedding kicked off our wedding season & it was an all around beautiful day. We couldn’t have asked for a better picture perfect weather day if we tried! It was a sunny, warm June day with NO humidity! The temperature was warm during the day, but the night cooled off perfectly.

I originally met Nicole & her mom back in October at a bridal show I participated in. They were so cute when they came to my table to ask questions about what I was about, then came back after visiting the other vendor tables to see exactly how I could help them on the day of the wedding. It was faith that Nicole ended up winning one of the gifts I was giving away! I was excited to tell her and ready to notify her, when there was an email in my inbox the next day inquiring about her wedding date and our Day Of Coordination services. And, that got the ball rolling.

On a Saturday night back in November, I met with Nicole & Wade to sit down, meet Wade and have a chat about the details of their June wedding. They were just so adorable together & I couldn’t wait to be part of their day! I was truly excited to be part of their wedding and as the months during the planning process went on, I became closer to Nicole & her Mom.

Armed with the binder I create for my clients which holds everything related to their wedding, I met with them a few times over the next few months prior the wedding to see the venue, discuss how the day will flow, answer any questions or concerns they had and just about anything else they needed.

Here’s the team of Vendors that made their day come together:

Venue: Stonewall Farm, Keene, NH
Planner: Inked Events
Florist: Outbloom Floral
Photographer: A Photographic Memory
DJ: Get Down Tonight –Nick Kafejelis
Caterer: Special Events Catering
Cake {cupcakes}: Family friend
Officiant: Rev. Bonnie McCarthy @ Ceremonies from the Heart

I’m excited to share after all the months of planning, the pictures of  their beautiful, stress free day. Thanks to the talented photographers, Katie & Nicole of A Photographic Memory for the stunning pictures!


Theme: Rustic & Country
Flowers: Mason jars as centerpieces with miniature sunflowers & gerber daisies
Colors: Blush Pink, Gray & Yellow

And, if you know anything about me, you know that I LOVE shoes!  So, when I saw these beauties on our private Pinterest board {yep, my clients each have their own to pin too!}, I was giddy with excitement.

I love how the colors looked together and the fact the girls wore different style dresses. The guys looked so handsome in their suits! You can’t tell from the pictures, but the guys had polka dots on their ties!




And, because it really is about them, here are some great shots of the newlyweds!


And, my absolute FAVORITE!!!

Thank you Nicole & Wade for the honor of being part of your wedding day and witnessing the sweet love between the two of you.

I’m still very humbled by the kind words both you & your Mom wrote about your experience with us.

Because they wrote such beautiful words and were just so sweet to do so, I have to share:

From Nicole:
“Tracy was such an amazing person to have before and during the wedding! She helped me and my mom when we had no clue how to go about certain things (having never planned a wedding before ☺) She was always there to vent to, chat with, and eager to do anything possible to help! She is literally prepared to help you with things that you don’t even realize you need. I hope to stay friends with her a long time from now! She is such a sweetheart, and so organized; this job is perfect for her!”

From Mom, Penny:
“I know that my daughter already gave a glowing review of Inked Events, but as the mother-of-the-bride, I just must chime in! Tracy, owner of Inked Events is certainly THE person your family should hire for your wedding! She is caring, funny, super-organized, very knowledgeable about everything wedding, and you truly feel that you are the only wedding that she is working on! I really feel she went above and beyond for us and took care of things I never imagined a Wedding Coordinator does! (Including the MOB breaking down in tears in the hallway at the hotel moments before needing to head to the ceremony! lol) She guided us along when we needed it and has some super ideas that you may have never thought of. To say she is your right arm wouldn’t do it justice, she is your right, your left, both your legs-we couldn’t imagine not having her to help us through. She is an excellent business woman and really one of the best people we have ever met, very genuine! We LOVE Tracy and Inked Events, and you will too!”

It doesn’t happen often that I’m rendered speechless, but I certainly was when I received these.

Do you want to have the same experience during your planning process & on your wedding day? Contact us via our website form to inquire about your wedding date. I look forward to hearing from you.


What is a ‘Day Of’ Coordinator?

Happy Tuesday!

It’s been a crazy few weeks and when I get into “wedding mode” that is my main focus which was the case in the last few weeks since I last posted a blog. The schedule got a little wacky since my couple Nicole & Wade got married on Saturday June 29th and it was such a beautiful day for a wedding, then it was the 4th of July holiday was last week.

Now, I’m back on track and ready to share my thoughts, knowledge & pictures from my weddings.

I thought it was appropriate to start off the week with a little tidbit about Day Of Coordination. Nicole & Wade hired me to help them be able to enjoy their wedding day, take care of the details and relieve the stress of the day and from the way they were all day & night, mission was accomplished. 🙂

I will say straight off …. I LOVE Day Of Coordination!

Why do you ask is that a big deal? There are wedding planners that do not and will not take on those types of clients.

Here are a few reasons why I love it:

  1. I love seeing how my clients create a personalized wedding that fits them.
  2. I get the chance to work and meet with some new amazing vendors that I might not have met.
  3. It allows me to see different & unique venues all around New England.

There are so many misconceptions of what a ‘Day Of’ Coordinator is, that it can be confusing at times to a newly engaged couple when seeking one out. Coordinators do not just show up on the day of the wedding and take over the reigns.

After an initial meeting with Inked Events to make sure we’re a good fit, I will meet my couple a few times over the course of the planning process to go over the details of how they envision it to be. I will reach out to all the vendors you have chosen to introduce myself & let them know I will be the point of contact that day. I will create a timeline for both the couple & the vendors to make sure that we’re all on the same page.

Logistically, it helps vendors to know someone is there that knows how the couple wants their wedding to be, let’s them do the job they were hired to do, has the confidence in making a split decision and is putting out any fires if need be.

You wouldn’t want to have to make any type of difficult decision that day, would you?!

We all do it differently, so find a Day Of Coordinator that fits your personality, needs & budget. Yes, our pricing will be different for a few reasons; geographical location, experience & quality. This is not a hobby for a true wedding professional, but a job that we love!

We have honed our skills, educated ourselves & networked with vendors that we trust, so when your in need of a last minute vendor recommendation or if god forbid, one doesn’t show up, we know just who to call. We give our clients the kind of day they dream of.

It’s what I love, so I wanted to make it the focus of my business. I specialize in Day Of Coordination because I just love spreadsheets, a bit obsessed with time & I’m a rockstar with those timelines plus I want to help my couples enjoy the fruits of their planning labor.

Are you considering or interested in hiring a Day Of Coordinator? Check out what we’re all about and the Day Of Coordination Service we offer and give me a call to set up a meeting!

I look forward to chatting with you about you’re wedding day!