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Month: February 2014

February 26, 2014

{Guest Blog Post} 8 Traditions on Indian Weddings!

Happy Wednesday!

I’m excited to share another Guest Blog Post from Prerita Puri, who contacted me with a great topic about Indian Weddings & apparently has made me “international”!

Prerita Puri is a Marketing Specialist with LocalOye.com, it is a marketplace for event and venue planning in the Mumbai area. LocalOye specializes in wedding and reception venues and so much more. She is a digital geek and social media expert. Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.

All photos provided by Prerita and were taken by Karin Studios, Mumbai.

Check out what she had to say…..

Anyone who has ever attended an Indian wedding knows what a grand and awe-inspiring event it can be. The moniker ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ didn’t just come from a random thought, since weddings in India tend to be among the most lavish and complex that you will ever see!

The intricacies of an Indian wedding can take a long time to explain, especially since every region of the country has its own customs and traditions. Still, there are a number of rituals and aspects of traditional Indian weddings that can be a lot of fun to incorporate in your own ceremony. Let’s take a quick look at some of these:

1. Sangeet Ceremony – The wedding sangeet is one of the most fun-filled pre-wedding events in an Indian wedding, with Garba/Raas dancing or other regional styles. Originally meant just for the bride and her female relatives, today the sangeet includes male and female friends and family members of both the bride and the groom. It’s a good idea to plan a party like the Indian wedding sangeet before your big day, where everyone sings songs, feasts on delicious food and dances their hearts out with joy!

2. Mehendi Ceremony – Other than the fact that any woman feels extra-pretty with beautiful mehendi (henna designs) on her hands and feet, this ritual is believed to be powerful in many ways. Indian brides are adorned with intricate henna designs to invite grace and good fortune into their lives and their marriage. In fact, there is a charming tradition where the groom’s name is hidden in her henna, and he has to find it on the wedding night. Mehendi or henna has already become quite popular globally, so adding this ceremony to your nuptial celebrations is sure to be a hit!

3. Feeding Sweets – At any Indian party, special occasion or prayer meeting, sweets are passed around to everyone present. This is not just to ‘sweeten their mouth’, but is believed to bring good fortune and happiness into their lives. At an event as important as a wedding, the bride and groom feed each other sweets, symbolizing the sweetness of the union and joy in their new life. Of course, everyone else gets in the act too, feeding them a few bites or presenting them with a package of ‘mithai’ (sweetmeats)!

4. Groom Arriving in Style – Who doesn’t want to arrive at their wedding sitting on a horse or elephant, anyway? At any wedding in India, the bride and groom are treated like royalty, so while the bride steals the show in her finery and jewels, the groom is not left out either. Most wedding processions feature either a gorgeous white mare or an elephant adorned with fancy trappings, with the groom sitting on the animal’s back. If you want an Indian-inspired wedding or just create a splash with your arrival at the wedding venue, this is one way to do it!

5. Stealing the Groom’s Shoes – There is a wedding tradition in India that says the groom should leave the venue in the same shoes he arrived in. This belief lends itself to an unusual and hilarious custom, where the bride’s sisters and young female relatives steal the groom’s shoes and hide them. He then has to hand out money or gifts to these mischievous girls, so he can buy them back. The groom expects this to happen and doesn’t try very hard to prevent it, since the mirth and hilarity that ensues sets a nice emotional tone for the marriage!

6. Touching of Hearts – This is a beautiful tradition at Indian weddings, called the ‘Haridaya Sparsha’. While reciting their vows to each other, the bride and groom touch each other’s hearts to symbolize the depth and emotion behind their commitment. This ritual is normally accompanied by Vedic chants, but you could include the powerful effect at your wedding, by touching your partner’s heart during the wedding vows or after the ceremony. Including this symbolism in your wedding toast is sure to bring tears and smiles to everyone’s eyes!

7. Tying the Knot – Like many other cultures across the globe, there is a literal knot, which is part of the Indian wedding ceremony. During an Indian wedding, the priest ties the couple together with a length of fabric loosely draped over their shoulders. This wedding knot is symbolic of the commitment and permanent union of the twosome, and can be incorporated in your wedding ceremony as a sweet reminder of the original idea behind marriage in this age of separation and divorces.

8. Planting New Life – In a religious ritual called the ‘Ghari Puja’, prayers are offered at the homes of the bride and groom on the day before the wedding. After the prayers (which ask for blessings), the mother and female members plant a stalk in the ground. Even if you are non-religious, the idea of starting a new life by planting a seed or plant in the ground is a lovely ritual. The symbolism of new life and nurturing the plant together is a deeply spiritual connection to the Earth and is believed to bring blessings, good fortune and joy into your life together.

As an ancient culture, India’s wedding rituals and traditions are older than most of us realize. The religious and cultural differences in the country combine to make it one giant melting pot of magic, history and tradition. In modern times, Indian weddings may have become large and grand-scale affairs, but the original intent remains the same.

At the heart of all the pomp and grandeur, any wedding is meant to celebrate a couple’s love and commitment to each other!

Thanks Prerita for a great article! It was so informative and interesting that I can’t wait to be part of an Indian Wedding!

Want to know how we can be your coordinator? Check out our Services here to see.


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February 21, 2014

Featured on Leise Jones Photography’s Blog

Happy Friday!

Today it’s going to….nope, not snow…but be in the 50’s! The joys of New England! It’s starting out to be a great day here, that’s for sure!

It’s always a pleasure for me when I can chat with my vendor friends, who I don’t see often enough. That happened a few weeks ago, when I had a nice, out of the blue conversation with my friend, Leise {pronounced Lisa} of Leise Jones Photography. She wanted to touch base on how things were going and how we can help each other in the upcoming wedding season. She’s an amazing photographer & super sweet! So, be sure you check her out!
Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t take compliments very well or likes to be the center of attention, so it always amazes me & makes me giddy like a kid, when someone wants to help me in my journey.  Makes me blush, really…

I must leave a very lasting impression with them and that just makes me smile. When you meet me, I’m just me. What you see, is what you get. You’ll always see my authentic self, always true to who I am & what I represent. I want to help couples on they’re wedding day, so they can enjoy it. Guess that comes through to the people I meet. 🙂

OK enough of that….Check out the kind words she had to say about me & what I do here.

Thank you my friend for the spreading the love about what I do and looking forward working with you and some your fabulous clients. It’s going to be awesome working with you!
Want to know more about what I do, check out my Services here


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February 18, 2014

5 Creative Ways To Put More “YOU” Into Your Wedding

Happy Tuesday!

There’s more snow on the way for New England today and I’m a rare one since I’m loving it all! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend with your sweetie! Did you get engaged?! Woo Hoo…Congrats!

Let the planning begin and here are a few tips to put a little “YOU” into your wedding.

1. Table Names
A great way to make your tables stand out from the rest is to change the traditional table numbers to something that is uniquely yours. For example, are you a fan of reading, use your favorite book titles and/or authors. Or, if you both like to travel, how about the different places you’ve been too? Are you a wine lover, use the many different types of wines. 
Check out this image from The Mountain Millers Dream Wedding that shows a special place this couple visited.

Or, how about these for the book lover…

2. Shoes
Nowadays, it’s all about the shoes! And, what a fabulous way to change it up. Your shoes could be you’re wedding colors instead of matching the white/ivory of your dress. For example, if your favorite color is purple & you’re wedding colors happen to be plum or eggplant, than picture a pair of gorgeous purple shoes peaking out from under your pretty dress!  

Thanks to my friends over at Black Thumb Studio for the picture of my pretty shoes.

Inked Events

Need your ‘something blue’ that everyone can see. Check out this stunning image from Milton Gil Photography. {FYI…there is music on this website, so turn your volume down if your at work.}

I couldn’t resist this one from Niki Rossi Photography. I LOVE the different colored shoes and the flowers matching them!

If heels aren’t your thing, wear sneakers, flip flops or even cowboy boots! The sky is the limit!

Image courtesy of Simply Southern Photography.

Image courtesy of  Daniel Doke Photography.

3. Centerpieces

Flowers are definitely the most popular centerpieces, but if you don’t want flowers to be the main focus of the table, add something that you both love. Going back to the suggestion of book titles/authors being your table names, you could have old books as your centerpiece with candles/tea lights surrounding them. To add a little more flair, you could add a couple of bud vases {tall or short} in between the candles/tea lights.  

Check out this stunner from Erin McFarland Photography.

If you’re a sports fan, especially a Boston one, use some memorabilia from any of the 4 Boston teams! Check out this one from Marrero Events for our Boston Red Sox!

4. Music
Music is certainly a great way to personalize your wedding and not just with your ceremony or first dance. When you’re being introduced into your reception for the first time, have something that represents you both. For example, one of my clients’ families both came from New York, the bride’s grandmother was a huge Sinatra fan, so to pay tribute to both their backgrounds and her grandmother, they entered into the reception with “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra. Are you huge Patriots fan? “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff would be right up your alley!
5. Signature Cocktail or Coffee Blend
Last, and definitely not the least, is to have a signature cocktail or coffee blend designed specifically for you’re wedding day. For your signature cocktail, take you’re wedding colors, a favorite or seasonal drink that flows or resembles your overall theme.

Thanks to Daisies & Pearls Merry Making for this great idea.

If you’re not a cocktail kind of person, but love coffee or tea, create a coffee or tea blend {yes, there is a place that does just that…The Cozy Tea Cart!} that is uniquely yours.

I hope these tips gave you some inspiration on how to add a little more “YOU” into you’re wedding.

Want to know more about our Services? Check them out here.


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February 14, 2014

LOVE is in the air!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”- Lao Tzu

I’m sure most people think today is about chocolates, flowers & presents, but there’s a bit of “history” behind the day.

Thanks to the History Channel who summed it up quite nicely…

“Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.”
And, who knew there were different meanings to the different colors of roses! I saw on my fellow planner/friend’s Facebook yesterday some information about it which gave me the idea to dig a little deeper into it.  
While I was at it, I found out that JUNE is National Rose Month!

Planning a wedding on Valentine’s Day? We love when a bride thinks outside the box…here’s a little inspiration…

Inked Events
I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating your love.
Want to know more about what we do? Check out our Services

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February 7, 2014

Sneak Peak–Styled Photo Shoot

Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday to me!! What better way for me than to give you a sneak peak of the photo shoot I did in December that I’ve been dying to show off!

I collaborated with a “dream team”of vendors and honestly, I couldn’t have done it without any of them.…. the amazingly talented photographer, Brendan of Brendan Coughlin Productions, my gorgeous & super sweet models, Sarah Maillet & Dan Haggerty, the out of the box floral designer, Jason of Outbloom Floral, stationery genius, Celeste of Impress Me Designs, the linen extraordinaire, Jennifer at Perfect Party Linens, the stunning chivari chairs rentals provided by Ashley at Exeter Events & Tents , Scott at Entertainment by Scott Sica, who is the uplight guru that adds that little extra something to any event, and I especially couldn’t have done it without meeting Patty at Seaglass Events, who is the Functions Director at the exquisitely, unique venue of the Blue Ocean Music Hall located at The Pavilion in Salisbury, MA.

That day, when I saw it all come together, the vision in my head catapulted to exceed my expectations. The energy in the room was electrifying! I felt without even seeing any of the photos, they were going to be unbelievable…. I wasn’t wrong, if I do say so myself.



I designed this shoot with Sarah specifically in mind and I hadn’t even met her yet! I was lucky she said yes when I reached out to her on Facebook about doing it. She’s such a peach, one of my biggest cheerleaders, not to mention STUNNING and now, I’m blessed to call her a friend.

I was attending a bridal conference in Baltimore when I was sitting at the hotel restaurant bar having lunch & of course, a glass of wine when the ideas came flowing out. I couldn’t write them down fast enough.


I knew I wanted her in a red dress and showing off her gorgeous tattoos. I wanted to show that a bride can wear something other than white on they’re wedding day and still have a classy, edgy look to it.

I can’t thank my friend Tasha over at Deja Veil enough for keeping her eyes out for the perfect dress. I think she thought I was nuts when I first approached her about the idea of dying a white one red {of course, didn’t tell me that, she just said, sure why not!}. Thank god we didn’t have to go that route because this beauty came strolling into her shop. It was exactly what I wanted!



I’m still flying high every time I see these pictures & we’re already in the works to do another one!

Want to see more of my work? Head over to our Gallery here.


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February 4, 2014

It’s MY Birthday….and YOU get a present!

Happy Tuesday!
3 days till MY birthday!!

Yes, I am one of “those” people who makes a big deal out of it, no matter how old I’m going to be! It’s really not about getting presents, it’s more that I’m surrounded by awesome people who want to celebrate me being around which is why I happen to celebrate it ALL month long! Feel free to have a yummy cocktail in my honor & let me know you did {that’ll sure bring a smile to my face}.

So…what does mean for you, you ask? PRESENTS!!!

While I might not a get a ton of presents anymore {not like I did as a kid!}, I do love to give rather than to receive.

During the month of February, I will give 10% off to any new client that mentions this post when they contact me to book me as ‘Your Coordinator Extraordinaire’. To sum it up, we’ve talked, met, hit it off, secured the date and signed on the dotted line to have me be part of you’re wedding day. Simple, right!

Sorry, I have to be fair, this doesn’t apply to my couples that have already signed with me. I know, I know, bummer.

Want to know more about the Coordination Services we offer…check them out here.


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