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Month: January 2014

January 22, 2014

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2014

Trends are part of every fashion & wedding season and are bound to be incorporated into you’re wedding day. I found a few in my research {to save you some time} that I wanted to share for the upcoming 2014 wedding season.

1. Unplugged Weddings
“Many couples don’t like the idea of guests attached to their phones throughout the ceremony and reception and are opting for unplugged weddings, a la Michael Jordan’s recent wedding in Palm Beach, Florida. From providing a phone check at the door to adding a note in their wedding websites or ceremony programs asking guests to refrain from taking photos or video, couples are stepping away from social media at their weddings.” ~Courtesy of TheKnot.com

I think this one is my all time favorite. I’ve noticed a lot of people being always connected with their social media & phones, that they are missing the celebration and the “moment”. I’ve made an effort at weddings, events & even sometime vacations to put my phone down and really take in the moments.

2. #SuperCharged Guests
“This is literally the opposite of the unplugged wedding. If brides want their guests capturing the entire wedding day via a custom hashtag, they’ll ensure their phones stay charged all night with charging stations at the reception. These chic charging stations don’t have to look like an airport kiosk; brides are dressing up tall cocktail tables with pretty linens and having florists create small flatbeds of roses or wheatgrass with little flowers and cords popping up.” ~Courtesy of TheKnot.com

Now, this one is a good idea if you or your guests really can’t put it away. Why not give them a place where they can recharge!

3. Patterns
“Pattern is making a new play but throw out the hard-edged looks. “Chevron was big last year,” says Tara, “but now I’m seeing trellis-patterns, bold stripes and florals.” ~Courtesy of Huffington Post

Yes, I love adding a little pattern or texture to an event to give it some dimension. I look forward to the stripes & trellis patterns! I’m definitely all done with the Chevron pattern.

4. Bright Colors
Besides Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid, there are other colors to choose from!
Color, color & more color! I love bright & dazzling colors that add a little something to your wedding colors.

Courtesy of CK Paper Designs for this lovely cheat sheet.

5. Dresses
Lace, plunging back line, romantic pink shades, classic style looks are definitely in. Images courtesy of Pinterest

I just love the classic look of this one. A little lace & some sparkle all rolled into one!

Definitely a plunging back line on this one!

Looking for a little color in this one if you really want to be different!

Simple, clean, very Audrey Hepburn look for this one.

I hope this gave you some ideas of whats trending this wedding season!

Want a fun, laid back, neurotically organized kind of gal to be ‘Your Coordinator Extraordinaire’? Email me here to see if your date is available. I look forward to hearing from you!


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January 20, 2014

New Crew Member Welcomed!

Happy Monday!

I’m excited to announce there’s a new Crew Member in the house! Samantha comes to the Inked Events family as our Intern. She’s a senior at Southern New Hampshire University, studying Business in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Event Management. 

Funny thing, I wasn’t even looking for an intern when she sent me her resume, but I’m always open to them. She has a lot of diverse event experience and now wants to take on the world of weddings!  When we met for her interview, she just had a great personality & I instantly liked her. She has the passion for working in the event industry, and “lives for the chaos and madness that goes along with it!” She’ll fit right in and going along with my gut feeling, I felt that she would be a good addition to the Crew. She attended the Styled Shoot Viewing Party last week and chatted away with my “dream team” of vendors like she already knew them.

In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, working out, shopping, and nights out with friends.

I look forward to helping her on her journey of learning the wedding industry.

Welcome to the “Crew” Sam!


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January 15, 2014

Newly Engaged Roller Coaster Ride

I found a great article from Two of Us. org about being newly engaged and the feelings that go along with it. Check it out below!

“Newly Engaged? Get Ready for an Emotional Roller Coaster Ride … Newlywed Rollercoaster”


“You may have been imagining the perfect wedding day since you were young, but what you probably aren’t prepared for is the onslaught of emotions you are sure to experience along the way. For most brides (and even grooms) being engaged can lead to the surfacing of difficult feelings, issues and family and/or relationship problems. Why? Your relationship to your family, your friends, your fiancé and even your own identity are all changing. Here are some tips to help you prepare for some of these emotions.

Realize that bridal stress is temporary and usually connected to deeper issues and challenges within the family.

These can be triggered by something practical such as shopping for bridesmaid dresses, and can escalate all the way to the altar.

Planning a wedding is like working a second job. You have to manage not only vendors but family demands as well. Most out-of-control brides are very nice people who have gotten sucked into the insanity of planning a wedding as well as the expectations of everyone around them.

Tip: Incorporate stress management as part of your wedding planning process. Go for a walk, get a massage, take a yoga class or get a manicure … just do something that’s not wedding related.

Accept that everyone is going to have something to say about your wedding.

Brace yourself. You will get congratulations and well-wishes, but at the same time you will receive unsolicited advice and wedding horror stories that you’d rather not hear about. There will also be those around you who will use your wedding as an opportunity to fulfill some need of their own. Your mom will want the wedding she never had or your sister or best friend wishes it were she getting married.

Tip: Clarify the wedding you want and set boundaries for yourself that cannot be penetrated with words or attitudes. Focus on what this marriage will mean for you and your partner, not everyone else.

Your emotions will catch you off-guard.

Once you decide to get married you will begin to experience a number of unresolved emotions regarding your parents, family, former loves, and even concerns and doubts about the person you’ve chosen to marry. This is all very common and doesn’t mean you should call off the wedding. It simply means that you should do some work on yourself in addition to wedding preparations.

Tip: Trust that these emotions are natural and pay attention to any issues that might need further support. Stay on top of your emotions during this time. Don’t ignore them; address them head-on through counseling if needed.

Planning a wedding can be one crisis after another.

It’s easy to become weighed down in the details and lose track of why you are getting married. What began as an exciting and happy experience can turn into a battle to have the perfect wedding.

Tip: Remember why you’re getting married: You fell in love. A wedding is meant to be a celebration not an event that will strangle your spirit and turn you into a cranky bride or groom. Don’t sweat the small stuff and focus on your love for one another.

A happy, successful marriage does not hinge on your wedding day.

Unfortunately, our culture places a greater emphasis on the wedding than on preparing for a great marriage. Simply put, many individuals give the wedding day too much power.

Tip: Keep your eye on what’s truly important. The wedding day, while significant, is only one of many experiences and memories you will share together with your new partner. Spend time preparing for the marriage through educational opportunities and counseling.

It doesn’t matter if you are the bride or groom, you will find yourself experiencing a wide-variety of emotions leading up to you’re wedding day. However, if you deal with these emotions as a couple, you have an opportunity to make your relationship stronger. Regardless of whether you’re wedding day goes off without a hitch (or not), you will have built a strong foundation for a successful marriage.”

WOW…that really hit the nail on the head, doesn’t it. I hope this helped with the feelings that you may be feeling and now realize they are a normal part of the process.

When the planning process gets to be overwhelming in the months leading up to you’re wedding, you may want to consider having a Day of Coordinator {me, of course}. I will be there to take care of the details, logistics of the vendors and especially, be there for YOU.

I would love to be your anchor that takes away any unnecessary stress, so you can truly enjoy your wedding. Check out our services here to see how we can help you with your wedding planning needs.


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January 13, 2014

Featured on WellWed Magazine Blog

What a way to start the New Year off right!!!  I was so excited when I got this little gem in my inbox….

“I hope this message finds you well! I am excited to share the following links where your work was recently featured on our blog and social media pages…”

Yep, I was literally jumping up & down in the office that if someone saw me through the window, they’d think I was a crazy lady. Kate & Dan’s wedding was so much fun & so uniquely there’s. Exactly what I stand for here! All the personal elements they had were amazing and I was so excited to be a part of it.

Check out what WellWed said about it….


I’m still on Cloud 9 from the news & have been so excited that I nearly forgot to share it here! 🙂 Crazy how that could be, but better late than never!

OH…just in case you didn’t read it here at the time of they’re wedding, you can check out my account of their day and get some ideas for your own!



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January 7, 2014

Pantone 2014 Color of the Year–Radiant Orchid

Happy Tuesday!
The sun is shining and it’s a bit brisk outside today, so what better way for me to stay warm than to look at all the pretty ways the 2014 Pantone Color of the Year can be incorporated into a wedding. If purple is your favorite color {like me} you’ll be ecstatic about this year’s color & all the selections you’ll have!

Here a jumpstart for you to see just how you can use it.

Check out this gorgeous cake via Pinterest

Or this stunning ombre look from Maggie Austin Cakes via Pinterest

A pretty tea-length from dessy.com style 6687…

Or this full length halter/grecian looking one from dessy.com as well, Style 2908

Love these bouquets! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

I just love how the colors of this stunning bridal bouquet pop. Image courtesy via Pinterest es.weddbook.com

Can’t forget about the boutonniere’s…check out this radiant orchid colored hydrangea. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

And, who would I be if I didn’t include shoes….check out these beauties. Image courtesy of Megan Lynn Photography.

All good things have to come to an end, so what better than to look at these pretty Jimmy Choo’s.

Hope this gives you some inspiration! I can’t wait to see how this gorgeous color will be trending this year.


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January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!!

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a safe & happy New Year’s! I couldn’t image being outside in Times Square in the frigid cold weather for the ball to drop, that’s for sure. I’m sure it’s an experience that is unbelievable, but since I’m not a fan of being cold, I’ll stick to either a quiet night at home or a house party with friends & family! Hope yours was fun & exciting whatever you did…maybe got a little sparkly ring at the stroke of midnight?! 🙂 Don’t be shy…tell me about the details in the comments section!

My Facebook newsfeed was all about saying goodbye to a bad 2013, but not me, I had an amazing year of personal growth, friends, family, career & especially business. I have spent the last year building an amazing, fun, solid business here at Inked Events that I’m just going to keep on doing just that in 2014!

Thank you for the support & love as my dream continues to come true!  I had the opportunity to hear & meet Simon T. Bailey at a bridal conference I attended back in November and have been devouring his books since I got home, so while currently reading “Release Your Brilliance”, I came across this quote {among many} that struck home for me…

“When your motives are authentic, you attract what’s in your highest good.” 

So, with that, I will continue to be true to my authentic self and only be surrounded by those who will help me shine!

Like us out on Facebook page by clicking here, check out our Twitter page or see what we’re pinning on Pinterest!

I’m excited to see what 2014 brings! Hope you’ll be along for the ride too!


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