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Month: May 2013

May 29, 2013

Vendors Love–Amy & Dan’s Wedding

Happy Wednesday!

I hope everyone had a safe & wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to all the veterans & soldiers for your service!

Now, I’m really back on track with my blogging after a little hiatus from it.  But, you know, its good to take a break to reflect, get inspired and see my couples get married!

Usually, I feature a Vendor that I recently met or interviewed, but I’m going to shake things up a bit and feature all the amazing new vendors I met a few weeks ago at Amy & Dan’s wedding!

I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of time at the Currier Museum of Art…oh wait, I really have been! I got work side by side again with the amazing venue coordinator, Lisa to see another one of my couples, Amy & Dan get married.

I, again, came into the planning process late in the game with Amy & Dan, but I knew when I met them, I couldn’t wait to be part of their day. They were just adorable & so sweet at our first meeting. Amy is just uber creative and when she was telling me about all the things she was making, I knew a crafty girl when I see one!

First, she made all of the escort cards, which were hanging by hand tied ribbons on this stunning fabric picture frame by pins! Did I mention she’s crafty?! 😉

They decided to use each of the table numbers as their guest book, so their guests could write their well wishes right at the table they were sitting at! And, look at the gorgeous centerpieces that Alida at Chailfours created!

I had the pleasure of working with some amazing vendors that night! Chris Saunders of Chris Saunders Photography is the genius behind all these beauties. When I saw this picture….

…I thought, he captured my three favorite things…SHOES, SPARKLYS & PURPLE! And, he didn’t even know it!! 🙂

Anyway, enough of my rambling, let’s get on to the good stuff! Amy kept it simple with her jewelry, but it was just perfect for her dress.

All I have to say is that Amy would look fabulous in a paper bag since she is just absolutely breathtaking no matter what she’s wearing….

But, this….well, I’ll let you be the judge…

And, don’t let me forget about Dan, who’s looking dapper too….

It doesn’t get any better than this, when you see your future wife walking towards you….

There was a lot of emotion & nerves during the ceremony…and some tears of joy as well!  Amy’s cousin, Matt officiated the ceremony and he had some heartfelt words for them….

“As Amy’s cousin, I am especially privileged and honored to be here with all of you today to perform this ceremony.  In the time that Amy and Dan have been together their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured.  Now they have decided to face the future together and to live their lives as husband and wife.”

Dan’s expression of pure elation says it all….

It was a great moment to witness two people, who absolutely adore each other, seal a new chapter in their lives with a kiss…

After, a quiet moment alone as husband & wife…they were ready to get the party started!!

Look at how adorable these two are!!!

Now, off to have a little fun, but first, let’s have some yummy cake from Chickadee Hill Cakes!

Garret at Get Down Tonight had the dance floor hopping all night and the amazing uplighting he created was incredible!

I think Amy & Dan were models in another life….

Thank you Amy & Dan for letting me be part of you’re wedding day!  It was a pleasure and honor to witness such love between you both & your families.  I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Hawaii!!

I leave you with one last photo & probably, one of my absolute favorites….

Want us to be part of you’re wedding day, so you can truly enjoy the day without worry? Call or email us to schedule an appointment!


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May 24, 2013

TGIF–Signature Cocktail

Happy Friday!!
I’m still playing catch up with my blogging & trying to get back on my very own little “track” I had with it.  You might have heard that a movie called “The Great Gatsby” came out a few weeks ago?! I’m pretty excited to see it (and yep, the hubs agreed to go with me too!), so what better way than for me to showcase a drink from that era.

Whiskey Smash

Sounds all daring & mysterious, doesn’t it. What I found out during my research was that during Prohibition, they had to disguise alcoholic drinks in order to enjoy them.  So, this is why it “looks” like your every day kind of drink.

Now, it sure does look pretty and boy, does it back a punch too! I’m certainly not a whiskey kind of girl by any stretch, but it was quite refreshing and even had a little kick to it. It had a spicy & zesty taste to it, but, surprisingly, it was very smooth going down.

Here’s how to make it if you are a whiskey kind of gal or guy….

  • 2 pieces lemons
  • 2-3 mint leaves
  • 3/4 oz simple syrup
  • 1 1/2 oz bourbon whiskey
  • 1 oz water
  • Muddle the lemon, mint, water and simple syrup in the bottom of a mixing glass
  • Add bourbon, shake and strain into an old fashioned glass filled with crushed ice
  • Garnish with a sprig of mine and serve

Having a “The Great Gatsby” party? Call or email us to help with you’re planning needs!


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May 22, 2013

Vendor Love — Wild Orchid Baking Company

Happy Wednesday!

First, I wanted to send our hearts & prayers to the people of Oklahoma during this time.

Now, back to the scheduled programing…since the writing juices are flowing and I’ve gotten back (well, maybe) into the swing of blogging again, I am very excited to share with you one of my all time (yes, I will say it) favorite cake designers/bakers….Erin Gardner at Wild Orchid Baking Company.

Why, you might ask, is the creative & jaw dropping talented, Erin Gardner, one of my favorites?  I’ll be happy to tell you….

~ First, she’s just a super sweet, very humbling & talented girl ~ 
~ Second, her cakes & cupcakes are TOO DIE FOR! ~
~ Third, she is the WINNER of the Food Network’s Competition”Sweet Genius” ~
The third is just the “icing on the cake”(I couldn’t resist!) in my eyes since she was awesome before she won that competition! But, boy, was I proud of her when I saw the episode air!
I had the pleasure of working with Erin on a Snow White styled shoot I did last year, when I was partnered up with JD Designs as Diamond & Pearl Affairs. 
Erin took time out of her very busy schedule to sit down for a little chat with me.
1. What was the most unusual cake you created?
I had a very funny cake request from a little boy for his birthday cake. He wanted a shark and a tiger sitting on the beach together with little crabs in bow ties serving them drinks. The kid designed cakes are always pretty funny.        
2. How long does it take you to create one, from idea conception to baking it?
This really depends on the size and the complexity of design. Design is usually determined months in advance for a wedding cake.
3. Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration comes from lots of places. For weddings, it can be the flowers, room decor, dress details, or accessory details. Sometimes, couples want the cake to be inspired by where they were engaged or where they’ll be honeymooning.
4. How did you get into baking?
I started as a restaurant pastry chef plating desserts at night. I worked my way up through the restaurant world and then went out on my own with cakes.
5. Do you have a favorite cake creation? Flavor?
A favorite cake would be tough to pick, it changes so frequently. I have some cakes that I remember more fondly than others, but it’s not always because of the design or flavor. Sometimes, it’s the couple or what else was going on at the time. Flavor wise, I couldn’t pick a favorite either! It really depends on the time of year or kind of event. I love gingerbread cake in the winter, and in the summer, I love strawberry cake plus anything with dulce de leche buttercream.
6. What are your price points?
Since I run a custom shop we don’t have a set price list. Pricing is determined mostly by size and design. Details that take longer to create will increase the price of the cake.
7. Who inspired you to get into baking & why?
I wouldn’t say it was anyone specific. I had always baked as a hobby growing up and through college. I had never thought that it could be a career until I was in my early 20’s.  
8. Do you remember baking your first wedding cake? Tell us about it.
I remember my first wedding cake very well! It was for a good friend of mine that I’d known since I was a kid. I was living in Boston at the time, working as a restaurant pastry chef. I baked the cake in my little apartment and drove it to NJ in July in 90 degree weather. It made it there safely and everyone was happy with it, but it completely stressed me out. I actually swore I’d never make another wedding cake again.**
**thank god she reconsidered!! 🙂
9. Tell us about your new location?
I love our new location! It’s in the mills at 1 Washington St. in Dover. The space is very open and bright with the large old mill windows. It’s also fantastic to be in a building with so many other vendors that I love working with.
10. Any suggestions for brides when they are looking for someone to create their wedding cake?
My suggestion is to have a general idea of what you want, but be open to new ideas. A good cake designer will be able to steer you in the right direction and show you things you might not have thought of. 

Thank you Erin for chatting with me! It’s always a pleasure to learn more about the vendors I love! 

Now, for you’re viewing pleasure, check out the awesomeness of her talents….
And, last but certainly not, least….
I wasn’t kidding when I said she was talented!

I haven’t had a chance to visit her new location yet, but I sure am looking forward to seeing it and more of her creations.

Want to make sure your one of a kind creation from Erin is showcased properly, call or email us for you’re planning needs!

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May 20, 2013

Kate & Dan’s Wedding – Currier Museum of Art

Happy Monday!

It feels like I haven’t blogged in a while…OH wait, I haven’t!  I’ve been a busy little bee for the last few weeks, but it’s all been fabulous!

We had our first wedding of the season with Kate & Dan on April 25th at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH!

Our new friends at M.Studios – RI took these crazy gorgeous pictures that captured the love between Kate & Dan, the creativity they both share and the absolute uniqueness of their wedding.

Even though I came into they’re planning stages late in the game, I immediately hit it off with them when we first met. I knew instantly, I couldn’t wait to be part of their wedding with all the personal & creative touches they told me about. It started with each of their guests receiving a different handmade invitation, in which they decided which invite best represented that guest to picking out each of the vessels for the floral centerpieces (that were absolutely breathtaking, I might add!) made by the amazingly talented Alyssa at Apotheca Flower Shoppe (who, let me tell you, was 8 months pregnant)!

Did I mention that Alyssa is amazingly talented with these stunning bouquets for Kate and her girls….
They wanted something different as their guestbook and really, it didn’t surprise me. They are super artistic, creative and have friends in many places, so they had this illustration done for their guests to sign each leaf.
Now, onto the other important details….if you haven’t figured out how much I love shoes yet (really? how could you not!), than me saying, I’m “swooning” over these stunners will come as a surprise…. 🙂
I was very excited when Dan told me that they decided to a “First Look”. It really does capture the expression on their faces when they see each other for the first time.  It’s such a private moment between a couple that is priceless.
Since they did a “First Look”, they also decided to take some of the formal pictures beforehand, so they could enjoy more time with their guests right after the ceremony.
Don’t think that by doing a “First Look” the emotion or anticipation won’t still be there for you as you’re walking down the aisle to marry your love…. 🙂
It was a short & very sweet ceremony officiated by Kate’s Uncle Bruce, so of course, it held a lot of special meaning to them. Sealing it with a kiss was just that much sweeter….
They entered the beautiful Winter Garden of the Currier Museum as husband and wife….
…that lead into their first dance to “The World Exploded into Love” by Bob Schneider…
Then, they snuck off to take some unique wedding pictures throughout the museum galleries…
After all that, they enjoyed their friends & family with some great music from DJ Dave and enjoyed the yummy cupcakes from The Bakeshop on Kelley Street.
Thanks Kate & Dan for letting us be part of you’re wedding day! It was an honor & pleasure to witness such love between two fantastic people. Congrats & wishing you many, many happy years!
Want us to be part of you’re wedding day? Call or email us to set up an appointment!

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