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You’ll Never Guess What Our Couples Have Been Saying About Us

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing couples to witness the love they have for each other and their families. We’re honored to be there and thankful for their kind words.

“If you are looking for the perfect person to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch-you found her!! Tracy at Inked Events is a master of her kind and you will NOT regret hiring this wonderful person. As a bride to be with a to-do list that continued to grow, I felt as though I was getting over my head. When I booked my wedding, I believed that the venue coordinator would be my go-to for helping me to plan my wedding. I was wrong. The venue coordinator is only there to answer questions regarding the venue itself, and does not act as an actual wedding planner. After realizing that I was on my own, I thought that I should start to look for a wedding planner to see what they can do to help me. I did not initially think I would need a wedding planner as I could just figure it all out on my own. I was so wrong! My first conversation with Tracy was so refreshing and seemed like I was talking to an old friend. I could feel the stress of planning my wedding seem to go away and I immediately stopped my search for a wedding planner. We had multiple meetings leading up to the big day and Tracy would arrive with her binder that contained everything relating to the wedding. She would go through what we needed to do moving forward and always ensured me that everything was going great. On the day of the wedding, Tracy and her team were setting up while I was able to enjoy getting ready knowing that Tracy had everything under control. The wedding itself could not have been more perfect and I truly give a lot of the credit to Tracy and her team. She had a detailed timeline at how the night would go and coordinated this with all of my vendors. Everyone was on the same page and I was able to relax and enjoy the day. After the wedding, I did not have to worry about a thing! Tracy took down the decorations and made sure everything was taken care of. It is obvious that she loves what she does and you are lucky if you can get Tracy to be a part of your big day.”

~Jackie & Dan Rivetts

“We wanted to thank Tracy and her team for their stellar work. At first we thought that we could do everything by ourselves. Sooner rather than later we realised that we would need professional help the day of in order to coordinate all the vendors and their specific needs. Tracy was flexible and let us plan with all the vendors prior to the event. But the day of she was there 110% in order to coordinate around 20 people including friends that were also helping in setup. Tracy and her team was one of the best investments that we made for our wedding. Her job is to makes sure everything goes smoothly so you and your guest can just sit back and enjoy this great day! I would definitely recommended Tracy for a wedding or any other large event. Pros : • Very detail oriented • She takes the time to understand your needs and remembers all the little details • Gave us great ideas for the ceremony and evening • Made great decisions the day of (there are always things that you simply cannot plan for) • Her team was proactive yet discreet.”

~Francesca & Bernard Christin

“We hired Tracy LATE into our wedding planning. We thought we had everything under control (and I really loved the decorating part), but Tracy made our day absolutely amazing. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. She coordinated with all of our vendors, and made it so we didn’t have to think about the timing of anything. We were like guests at our own wedding, enjoying every moment to the fullest. She had an amazing team, and was so much more than a day of coordinator.”

~Caitlin & Cameron Merrill

“I had worked with Tracy on another wedding where I was the officiant. I thought at that time that she was probably one of the best planners I had worked with. When it came time for my own wedding I called and hired her for my day of coordination…except that her day of coordination is more like 6 months! Tracy and her team are highly organized, professional and went above and beyond with unexpected issues that arose in the last days before our wedding. On the day of our wedding we did not think about anything other than enjoying ourselves. We can not speak highly enough of Tracy, her commitment to her clients as well as her work.”

~LisaAnn & Matthew Martin

“I’m truly overwhelmed by the thought of having to articulate how amazing Tracy is and how thankful I am that we had her on our team. We hired her as a “day-of coordinator,” which we quickly learned is not at all what she does. Tracy provides so much more than just “coordinating” on the wedding day. In the eight months before the wedding, Tracy quickly became our coordinator, therapist, friend, coach, peacemaker, and event planner extraordinaire. When we had our first meeting with Tracy, we were positive that all the details had been worked out with regard to our wedding – we just wanted help keeping the show running on the big day, especially because we were having a brunch wedding and would be running on a tight timeline in the morning. What we didn’t realize is just how many decisions go into a wedding – especially on the day of. However, Tracy kept us on track throughout the planning process – we never worried or felt the need to follow a planning book, we just answered her questions as they came in and let her work her magic, knowing that she would make sure all the pieces were in place on the big day. When we had a new idea or changed our minds on an old one, we just talked to Tracy and she coordinated with the rest of the vendors to make it happen and made sure everyone was on the same page. On the big day, Tracy was there before the sun was, dropping linens, unpacking our car, setting up decor, checking in with our family as well as our vendors, keeping us on schedule, and managing any curveballs that came her way with a smile. Throughout the wedding, she made sure everything went exactly as we wanted it to – even when we made major changes last minute. I could write a book about how incredible Tracy is, but the most important thing I can say is that Tracy allowed my husband and I, as well as our families, to not only create the perfect wedding day, but also to be in the moment with each other on our wedding and that feeling is truly priceless. (Image courtesy of Callan Photo)”

~Meaghan & Justin Williams

“My wife and I have been saying for months that Tracy was the best decision we made with regard to our wedding. However, what we didn’t expect was that this sentiment would be echoed by our family, friends, and vendors. Our entire wedding party, as well as our vendors, commented multiple times that their day was so much easier knowing that Tracy was there and running the show. No one worried about keeping to a schedule, no one worried about needing to “do anything,” no one worried about where they should stand or what would come next. We all simply looked to Tracy and knew that our big day was in the best possible hands. As a planner, Tracy is organized, creative, kind, fun, communicative, and has an incredible amount of experience with weddings so we always felt confident taking her advice. As a person, she is incredibly thoughtful and unbelievably hilarious. Every meeting we had with her was as fun as it was productive and we were always amazed by her ability to recall even the smallest details that we had mentioned in passing. Working with Tracy allowed my wife and I to have our dream wedding come to life and we could not be more thankful to have had her on our team. After a two year engagement, if we could provide one piece of advice to engaged couples: Hire Tracy. You’ll be so thankful you did!!”

~Justin & Meaghan Williams

“Like many women my age, I planned my own wedding close to 40 years ago with my mother’s help. When our youngest daughter became engaged, we set about the business of planning her wedding and recalling my own experience, I figured “no problem – we can do this!” I was so wrong. Hiring, Tracy and her company Inked Events was the decision that turned a memorable time and event into a magical, and lovely period of planning and day of event.

At our very first meeting 6 months before the wedding, we met to do a walk through of the venue and go over questions, I could feel the stress just leaving all of us having Tracy in charge. She had already met with my daughter and her fiance’ and had a good sense of what they were seeking for their experience, but when she met with us, as the parents of the couple, she was clearly interested in what we envisioned and what our concerns might be. She was charming, pleasant, friendly and completely organized, without making any of us feel like it was her job or that she was taking over. I know that both my daughter and her now husband felt very listened to by Tracy and we parents also felt valued and that our input was important.

On the day of the Rehearsal, Tracy met with us all and it was a somewhat tricky outside venue, in that it was on a steep hill. She came ready with a number of options to tackle it and she left it wide open for the bride and groom to choose what they felt would make they and their party be the most comfortable. Once it was decided how it would be done, she worked with us all in the timing, and any little nuances that came up as a result of the venue and I think she honestly would have stayed there all day until every question was answered, any nerves were calmed.

For the wedding day – Tracy and her assistant, Lisa, were amazing. There was nothing they could not do – and it was if they knew in advance any concern, issue, question – nothing rattled them at all. Now, the thing that is most amazing is that the wedding day turned out to have close to a 105 Degree heat index! Tracy and Lisa kept us all cool as cucumbers throughout the getting ready, the ceremony and the reception. Every moment of the entire day from start to finish ran smoothly. What amazed me the most was how they literally took every concern off the plate of the couple and their parents – we did not have to worry about a thing. They got the gifts safely put away at the end of the reception, they saw that every detail that the couple requested was done and went off on a timely basis. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that planning a wedding is as easy as planning any other party – it is not. Most other parties are around one person for a special event. A wedding is bringing two families together and their friends and family and the timeline on keeping things moving is important. There was not one lull, trip up or moment in that entire day that was not quite frankly, perfect and the reason was that the kids had a great vision that they presented to Tracy and Inked Events and they took that vision and ran with it like it was the last thing on earth they had to do.

I could not recommend more highly Inked Events for any event you may be having and in particular, your wedding.”

~Joan Wall, Mother of the Bride

“Tracy and her team at Inked Events were amazing to work with and helped to make our wedding day so special and worry free. As a graduate student living out of state, my time was limited and trying to plan from a distance was challenging. Tracy was incredibly flexible and understanding with my schedule (as well as our budget!) and helped to make sure nothing fell through the cracks during our preparations. She and her team gave incredibly valuable advice, had wonderful working relationships with other vendors, and were committed to making sure that the wedding reflected our vision and our priorities to make the special day exactly what we were looking for and uniquely ours. The day of the wedding, Tracy and her team stepped in and took over all the details with full knowledge of what we wanted and needed. We could relax and enjoy the day knowing that everything would be handled beautifully – this was especially meaningful since the reception was at my parents’ property and it was priceless to see them feeling free to not worry about hosting and just enjoy the day. I would highly recommend Tracy and Inked Events for anyone looking for a wedding planner who cares deeply about her clients and partners with you to provide the level of support you need to achieve your unique, perfect wedding day!”

~Kristin & Brian Beil

“How do we even begin to sum up and thank you for everything you have done over the past thirteen months?! I have said it countless times and I will continue to say it – you were the best asset we have had during our entire planning process. From calming nerves to sharing advice and 3-hour meetings at the “office”…you do it all! ‘Thank You’ does not sum up what you have meant to us during this process! Forever Grateful!”

~Caitlyn & ReyDel Veenstra

“Tracy and her team at Inked Events were spectacular to work with and made our wedding weekend smooth sailing! About 2 months before our wedding day, my (now) husband and I decided we desperately needed a day-of coordinator to keep our sanity. Tracy jumped in and wasted no time getting to know every last detail of our plans. She visited the venue multiple times, was so easy and fast to communicate with, provided honest feedback, communicated with all of our vendors, and made a detailed timeline so that we could simply be the bride and groom on our big day. She was there to offer advice and a space to vent during my last minute bridal freak-outs, which I know my husband appreciated! She even stayed until the after party started on the night of! From start to finish, Tracy offered top notch service, professionalism, and friendliness and we can’t recommend her highly enough.”

~Sasha & Brian Bergerson

“I’m positive that I’ll be updating this review with even more wonderful feedback about Tracy after my actual wedding day. However, my fiancé and I felt that we had to put in a review now for how much Tracy has already done in helping us plan our wedding. Hiring Tracy was the best decision we have made with regard to our wedding. In the weeks since we’ve hired her, she has gotten us on track with planning, she has resolved questions for us that we were stuck on for months, and, perhaps most importantly, she has allowed us to feel relaxed and excited about our big day instead of stressed and overwhelmed. Tracy is professional, organized, responsive, energetic, understanding, and hilarious. She’s basically everything you could ask for and all that you need when you’re wedding planning. If you’re thinking about hiring a wedding planner, we could not recommend her more. Thanks for being the best, Tracy!!”

~Meaghan Wall & Justin Williams

“I cannot say enough about Tracy. However, let me try by starting at the beginning of our planning process. We were looking for a local planner to help plan our wedding, find vendors and coordinate the day of (as we are located on the other side of the country from where our wedding was going to be). After speaking to 5 different event/wedding planners Tracy stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Really listened to what we were looking for and got back to us the next day outlining everything we had talked about. The rest of the year, she helped us find vendors, reviewed the contracts, helped keep us on track and helped keep my sanity more than once! Then came the big day, I had told her from the start that the only thing I really wanted was to enjoy my wedding and not be running around doing things and that is exactly what she delivered. We met the day before to check in, but everything was in order, that we didn’t even need to talk about wedding specifics, which was just so perfect to me! There were so many small little details, but I really didn’t worry about anything getting done, as she is so on top of her game. Her assistant, Jason, also helped out with the wedding and he too had a very calming confident demeanor. The day of the wedding, we walked into the reception and it was exactly as I had imagined it being, which is very impressive (as I said there were so many small details). I heard from many of our vendors how smoothly the day ran and how great Tracy was to work with, which made me smile more. I cannot recommend Tracy enough. We are just coming back from our honeymoon and I still have the feeling like I have wedding homework items to complete and to check in with her about. She was truly invaluable to our wedding! Thanks again Tracy!”

~Laura & Dax Lovett

“Tracy Dapp (Inked Events) is an outstanding Wedding Planner. I am in the restaurant and catering business and worked with Tracy as a caterer 2 years ago. I was so impressed that I hired her to be the Planner for our wedding. So I have worked with Tracy both professionally and as a customer. My wife, Kathleen, and I had a vision of what we wanted our wedding to be like. Tracy completely understood that vision and helped us to realize it through her winning combination of creativity, attention to detail and outstanding organizational skills. Our wedding went off without a hitch and was everything we had hoped for. We feel blessed to have had Tracy work with us and highly recommend her services.”

~Jasper & Kathleen White

“Tracy was a delight from the moment we first met. She listened and provided insight when needed and I could not imagine not having her there the day of the wedding. She has a wealth of experience and is very tactful in her approach. Tracy kept us on track the months before and the day of the wedding. It was a relief to have someone in charge of all of the little details. She coordinated with all of the vendors and formulated a detailed timeline for us. Because of Tracy, we were able to visit with guests and spend time on the dance floor with our friends and family. If you think you do not need a wedding planner, think again. Tracy is truly a wedding fairy godmother.”

~Judy Zappala, Mother of the Bride

“Tracy was very helpful and professional. I really appreciated that during the wedding she kept us on time and informed me and my groom/family where to be when. The morning of the wedding I did not feel one ounce of stress because I knew that Tracy was at the venue taking care of everything, unlike some brides I was able to actually enjoy the wedding I had been planning for 16 months!! During the year leading up to the wedding she was a valuable reference for simple questions to more complex needs. She is wonderful to work with, reasonably priced, and I would highly recommend her.”

~Sarah & Rick Rothman

“I cannot say enough about Tracy and her team at Inked Events. Planning a wedding to take place in NH from Chicago was no small feat. Hiring Tracy was the best decision we could have ever made. We hired her to be our day-of coordinator but she went above and beyond (and then a whole lot more!) to make sure our details were perfect, our vision was understood, and our lives were stress-free as we inched closer to our special day. Tracy told us at the beginning she’d become our friend and honestly, I was okay “okay, let’s just get through the wedding.” But it’s true — Tracy has become a dear friend to us. From Skype dates, to shared glasses of wine and cocktails, to her surprising me during my hair/makeup trial. Tracy was always checking in and making sure we were doing okay. We had a lot of surprises and …. well, we had a burnt hole through a bridesmaid dress and unfinished construction at the venue 3 days before the wedding — Tracy kept us calm and ensured everything would be fine. Our day was absolutely perfect and it was due in large part to Tracy and her team. We cannot thank her enough and every bride/groom need her for their special day!”

~Darci & Kyle Flynn

“Tracy has been absolutely amazing. From helping us afford our special day, to talking through each minute detail with us via skype, email, and texts, to surprising me at my hair/make up trial. She is so supportive, SO patient, and has such a knack for planning. Her binder is always organized and ready to talk over the next detail or item on the checklist. No task is too small for her and she is always going above and beyond. All while laughing with us along the way and making it as stress free as possible. I cannot recommend her enough!”

~Darci Jenkins

“Without any hesitation, I recommend Tracy as a Day of Coordinator. She was incredibly responsive, thoughtful, and always willing to problem solve whenever we needed her. She never had a wedding with food trucks before but miraculously worked with them to make sure everything ran as smoothly as it would with a traditional caterer (which is not an easy task, since we needed to set the tables, find waitstaff, think about clean up, etc.)… and she did it all with a smile. I’m a bit of a control freak, but I somehow woke up the day of my wedding and didn’t worry once – we knew she was going to get it all done, and she did! I had the wedding of my dreams without the stress, and I owe a huge portion of that to Tracy. If I could do it all again, I wouldn’t have her change a thing.”

~Samantha Clark & Myles Fish

From Rob: When we started working with Tracy, we thought we had everything all figured out, we just needed a day-of coordinator to implement everything. Boy were we wrong! From the start, even before we had officially hired her, Tracy pointed out some potential issues with our setup, and gave us plenty of other things to consider that we wouldn’t have thought of on our own. And of course, as we got closer to the wedding day, things kept changing, more and more decisions needed to be made, and Tracy guided us through it all without an issue. And again, this was all before the actual wedding day! On the day itself, there were a few issues with some of the vendors, as I’m sure happens at every wedding, but Tracy handled it like a pro. I didn’t hear a word about anything going wrong until the next day. Our wedding turned out perfectly, we got to focus our time and energy on enjoying the day, and we couldn’t have done it without Tracy and her team at Inked Events!

From Michaela: We weren’t sure we wanted a wedding coordinator, but we are so glad we decided to find one – Tracy is awesome! She was so helpful and we felt totally taken care of from the beginning. We had a number of meetings via Skype (we live in NYC and the wedding was in NH) and it was clear from the beginning that she is SUPER organized! Right away she mentioned a bunch of potential concerns with our plan that we wouldn’t have even though of. She was essential to helping us put together our special day, even though we did not make it easy for her. Our wedding was at my grandparents’ lake house, with 160 guests, so we had a lot of vendors to deal with, but she handled them all. At no point did she seemed concerned about my minute decorative details or fitting everyone and their mom in that tiny yard! It was clear that she knows her stuff and is a real pro! Not to mention she’s sweet and fun, and her enthusiasm is contagious! Thank you, Tracy!”

~Rob Kovacs & Michaela Olsen

“As we were planning my daughter’s wedding reception, which was being held in our backyard, it became evident that there was much to be done that either myself or the bride would not be able to accomplish and still enjoy ourselves. We had already hired tent, tables, chairs, linens, caterer, cake, florist, and DJ. We had also planned how every table would look, and every other detail for the day. But how would we ever get it all set up? How would we be sure that the day ran smoothly and we could still enjoy this special day? Enter Tracy of Inked Events!! Our very own wedding fairy godmother! She met with myself and my daughter and fiancé on several occasions and was even involved in some secret performances that my husband planned, one that she kept secret from me!! She contacted and met with vendors, took detailed notes and even pictures of how we wanted everything to look. The wedding day could not have been better!!! It far exceeded our expectations and everyone that attended said it was the best wedding they had ever been to! I was relaxed, the bride was relaxed, and the day was wonderful! I would highly recommend Tracy and her team for your wedding or event!!”

~Susan Nelson, Mother of the Bride

“I always hear stories about how brides are stressed out on their wedding day or running around doing a million little things right before the ceremony… I was lucky enough to not experience these things, all thanks to my amazing planner Tracy!! We had our wedding in our backyard and realized that we wouldn’t be able to make sure everything was in order while we were getting ready and at the ceremony. Tracy stepped in and was not only there the day of, but was making sure months in advance that every vendor and odd puzzle piece was in order! I was completely relaxed the day of the wedding and everything went more perfectly than I could have ever imagined! I know Tracy was probably running around like a mad woman, but she made everything flow smoothly and seamlessly! I cannot thank her enough for making our big day absolutely amazing and will be giving her name and number to any and all newly engaged couples! You will not be disappointed with this planning fairy godmother!”

~Heidi & Rory Tedrick

“Hiring Tracy and her team at Inked Events was one of the best decisions we could have possibly made when planning our wedding. Tracy and her team at Inked Events were such an integral part of our wedding preparation and execution, that I don’t think we could have done it without them! She is one of the most organized people that I have ever met and she went above and beyond the duties of a wedding Coordinator. I met with Tracy several times over the past 12 months and her to-do lists and “homework” were so helpful to keep us on track. She put so much time and thought into our schedule of events and she worked flawlessly to keep us on track (early, even!) on our wedding day. Tracy has a knack for balancing the Bride and Groom’s requests while providing her own advice from her experience as a planner and she made sure the day was exactly how we wanted it. I created a lot of the decorations, centerpieces, signs, etc. myself and gave her team the challenge of setting them all up on our wedding day. I don’t trust many people to execute my “vision,” but I can honestly say that I trust Tracy. She did an excellent job and the venue looked exactly as I had envisioned. She also knows how to keep large groups in line and on time for these important events. Our wedding party was short on attention and big on fun so it was tough to corral us at times, but she made sure we got through the rehearsal, ceremony, pictures, and first dances on time and without feeling rushed. She was the perfect point person for all of our vendors and I found myself saying many times throughout the day: “I don’t know, just ask Tracy!” I can’t thank her and her team enough for making our day so special and run so smoothly. If you want to be worry-free and confident that your wedding day is in good hands, hire Inked Events, you won’t regret it and you won’t worry about a thing on your wedding day!”

~Liz & Scott Conley

“Tracy was absolutely amazing!!! I had the pleasure of working with Tracy for eleven months while planning my wedding and she was right there every step of the way, guiding me through every last detail. I was never left waiting for a response, wondering when I would hear back. She knew exactly what I wanted, sometimes before I even knew. Tracy and her staff made my dream wedding a reality, a day I will NEVER forget! A million thank you’s will never amount to the thanks she truly deserves. I can go on and on about how grateful I am for choosing Inked Events. Bottom line, I can promise you…no one can do what this woman can do!!!”

~Jenn & Greg St. Pierre

“Tracy was absolutely incredible to work with and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her! She was the fairy godmother of our wedding. She went above and beyond the call of duty in so many ways, and she was there for us during every step of the process. She was so patient with us and she was a huge resource during the wedding planning process. (She refereed us to our florist, and he was also phenomenal!) I would recommend Tracy to anyone planing a wedding! She will make sure your day is completely stress free and beautiful. Her team is amazing and they executed an absolutely flawless day for my husband and I. Our parents were also very impressed with how Tracy managed the entire day and wedding process. Tracy is AMAZING at what she does and you will love having her by your side as you plan your wedding!!!”

~Desiree & Jacob Barry

“Tracy was such an amazing person to have before and during the wedding! She helped me and my mom when we had no clue how to go about certain things (having never planned a wedding before ☺) She was always there to vent to, chat with, and eager to do anything possible to help! She is literally prepared to help you with things that you don’t even realize you need. I hope to stay friends with her a long time from now! She is such a sweetheart, and so organized; this job is perfect for her!”

~Nicole & Wade Wallace

“I know that my daughter already gave a glowing review of Inked Events, but as the mother-of-the-bride, I just must chime in! Tracy, owner of Inked Events is certainly THE person your family should hire for your wedding! She is caring, funny, super-organized, very knowledgeable about everything wedding, and you truly feel that you are the only wedding that she is working on! I really feel she went above and beyond for us and took care of things I never imagined a Wedding Coordinator does! (Including the MOB breaking down in tears in the hallway at the hotel moments before needing to head to the ceremony! lol) She guided us along when we needed it and has some super ideas that you may have never thought of. To say she is your right arm wouldn’t do it justice, she is your right, your left, both your legs-we couldn’t imagine not having her to help us through. She is an excellent business woman and really one of the best people we have ever met, very genuine! We LOVE Tracy and Inked Events, and you will too!”

~Penny Bennett, Mother of the Bride

“Tracy was wonderful! I felt I could relax the day of my wedding and know things were getting done in the way I wanted. Tracy even went to the trouble of making a Pinterest page just so I could share my ideas with her. I was so glad to have her apart of my day.”

~Amy & Dan Lawn

“Tracy was completely professional and was a welcome partner in planning and executing our wedding. She joined us late in the process, but did everything we needed her to do in a professional and timely manner. We threw TONS of curve balls at her and tested the limits of her stress levels by putting her in ridiculously last minute situations, but she handled every one of them.”

~Kate & Dan Larson

“I cannot even begin to thank you for everything. Having you there, every step of the way, but especially the day of was the best decision we made in the all the wedding planning. You were the biggest help especially zipping me into my second dress while I freaked out! We will always be indebted to you for making it the greatest day of our lives. Tracy and her team were a godsend on the day of my wedding. She was always one step ahead of me, anticipating my needs, keeping to the timeline and making sure everyone was where they needed to be when they needed to be. They were kind and professional and I was free to enjoy my wedding. Everything ran perfectly smoothly with none of the day of catastrophes that all brides to be dread. I had an amazing, beautiful and special day that I will never forget and I thank Tracy and her team for helping it be that spectacular memory for me and my family. Thank you!”

~Chris & Kate Wann

“Working with Tracy before and on my wedding day was a huge comfort to me. She was meticulous in executing all the details I had planned for my reception. She also was quick and professional to deal with some potentially stressful snags that occurred at the reception. So glad I had her there that day!”

~Kristine & Marc Soares

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